Falling into Fandom

My wife had always been a fan and collector of comics. Super hero,  horror, romance, funny animal, independent you name it. She was in love with comics. While I had an understanding of them and I did like some of them I wasn't a die hard fan. I tried to follow In her passion by collecting a lot of Thor comics and paraphernalia but I wasn't truly smitten. I decided one fine day that I did prefer the magazine comics format like judge dread, heavy metal etc. I collected heavy metal magazine for quite a while during an especially good run of stories both weird and wonderful. The art was amazing and the format once again was appealing. After quite a few months I started to find the stories too violent for my tastes and began my search for something else to intrigue me. Out of boredom one day sitting beside the magazine rack I chanced upon a copy  of  doctor who magazine. I remembered the odd episode from pbs years ago particularly one with the curly haired guy and a doomsday type machine in the middle of a room that needed seeing too (later to be realized as episode 6 of the Armageddon factor.) as I leafed through the magazine I found to my amazement, a comic in the middle of it. 8 or so glorious pages of Sci Fi like I remembered Sci Fi should be from when I was a kid. I was excited. I took the magazine home and read it cover to cover finding the very Britishness of it to suit my sensibilities. I went to the computer and searched the show on you tube. I was able to find a bad version of the three doctors. I say bad because it took forever to download. I think we were on dialup at the time in about 2000. That's when I got bit by the collector bug and his friend the fandom bug. I watched and re watched the three doctors. I eventually received the Tomb of the Cybermen and the Mind Robber from eBay. I watched those over and over until my boxed set of the Key to Time arrived. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that amazing season.  I have since bought every dvd I can find. Been to conventions. Met Colin Baker the 6th Doctor (yes, that really IS a big deal!) bought toys, mugs, cds, T-shirts  etc. I have fallen into fandom with Dr who. Yes that really is  like love and a fan I will remain.



Interesting to see how it started!