[AD&D1e] 2020-07-28 Tiwesdæg Myrgþ | The Seven Mirths

July 28, 2020 Mirthful AD&D1e

Ongoing Cast of Miscreants:
(Kitty) Aerya/Aeryn the greedy Elf F/MU/Th
(Evan) Raven the Zen Human Monk
(Chase) Kruger the Artillery Elf F/MU
( Kurt) Gorlim The Hooded Half-Orc F/C
(Clay) Dockery/D'Corry the Ladyslayer Dwarf Cleric

New this episode!
(Dwight) Hælen Whelmette the Human Ranger

As all grand adventures do, this one begins with the entrance of a star character. One of no regard who may or may not prove useful. I'll let you decide who it is!

Patron Valerius introduces fledgling wildling Hælen to the party. He's told of Aerya's greediness, Raven's search for zen and to beware the Dockery. Hælen considers a prophecy he heard in training about a mouse and a clock.

The group was tabled at Spiders, an Inn with many myths about it within the municipality of Restilue (municipality of 500-1000 people with two Inns and an apothecary; the nearby larger city of Gardain is more than three times the size of Restilue).

Hælen listens to the tale of the group's previous escapade where they saved a kidnapped Dwarf (named after a Ghoul princess) defeating and impressive seven Wights (finding out 6 were Turned and they only battled one). Some Paladin was in the story. Hælen speaks to the bartender, Mike. The Dwarf serving girl sings a song.

Three men approach the group talking of a hundred bandits raiding their village of 40 people annually after harvest. The bandits come from the mountains on horseback. They're next visit should be in two weeks.

If only there was seven of us.

Raven barters for a lifetime supply of soy from the poor villagers and we undertake the half a day journey to their 'Magnificent' village in the valley after Gorlim visits the Apothecary to order two potions of sleep and then doesn't but we find out the Apoth needs a Rook egg. Maybe a later quest? Oh, and the infamous Dockery shows up to break a date with the Ghoul-Dwarf Princess 'Harela.'

End Act 1

Upon arrival at the village of Magnificent the church bell rings and we find no women. Gorlim speaks with the local lay priest. The church is a single room with a rectory tacked on the back. We're in a flatlands valley surrounded by mountains with only a single pass through them and a river that crosses one side of Magnificent. Three or four men are willing to help fight.

The bandits are expected from the North side where they will have to cross the river to enter the village and we came from the South. The Soy crop is ready for harvest.

Haelen and Areya scout the North while Kruger and Gorlim go see the local hermit and Dockery and Raven consume the village's supply of sake.

Mountain is steep with multiple treacherous paths and an outcropping. River flows from nearby into the South (10' deep at village). It would take four days to reach the top of the mountain. Areya and Hælen talk about attacking the bandits from behind after they enter the valley and even find a cave to hide in but the plan doesn't seem quite right.

The hermit reveals that the bandits have an enforcer in the way of an Ogre Mage. He believes there are thirty bandits in total. The bandits usually arrive, cause havoc with arrows and proceed to clean out the storehouse.

Someone hears a voice saying that lances or spears do double damage from horseback. No one listens.

We talk about having a divine Blessing before combat however it is instead decided to Bless the villagers during their combat training. We demand ten villagers step up for training. Two of these men flee our brutal training tactics. Haelen fears the worst but his focus is on slaying the giantkin.

Day 8, four men on horses followed by an Ogre arrive to parley. They know of all our traps, plans and training. I wonder who told them. It certainly couldn't have been Benedict nor Brutus. The negotiations fall apart and the bandits go to the hermit's house and take him away.

End of Act 2

All would be lost except for Hælen finding their trail and following them back to their hideout. The whole group follows him with D'Corry and Gorlim playing tennis (they made a lot of racket). Hælen points out a hole in the wall with many tents and about thirty bandits along with an Ogre surrounded by mountainsides and no trees.

We discuss various plans without taking any of the terrain into consideration and end up Leeroy Jenkinsing the hideout.

Raven fails at being silent however both Clerics pound their armour and distract the somewhat surprised enemies. D'Corry rushes in to attack. No one was in place from the plans previously mentioned yet. Realizing his impetuousness he turns around and flees taking an arrow in the bum for his trouble.

Raven goes for the horses. Areyn attempts to position herself behind the enemy combatants. Hælen meanders down hiding among the tents. Kruger shoots the Ogre and ticks him off. Seeing combat turning against the heroes, Hælen leans against a tentpole and lowers his bow into position and ticks off a bandit with an arrow. This pulls some of the menacing army toward him and away from the two Clerics. Hælen attempts to use tent city to his advantage and play hide and seek with the bandits but they catch him.

Kruger believing the Clerics to be lost causes mesmerizes fifteen of the bandits to sleep with a quick incantation leaving three after Hælen but twelve after the Holy Men.

Before going down himself, D'Corry hits the Ogre with a massive blow. Hælen takes a hit. Areyn stabs the Ogre in the back and everyone hears her manic laughter as she pushes the now headless giant to the dirt.

Raven runs toward Hælen throwing three war darts at his attackers while Hælen whiffs with his sword. Kruger misses. Areyn casts Sleep on bandits while both Hælen and Kruger execute them. The rest flee and Raven chases. Gorlim binds D'Corry's wounds.

Save the old man, get loot.

30 x Ring Mail; 29 x swords/bows; small vial of liquid; 3 gems; tents.

Gave a horse to the hermit and some items were distributed among the group.

Final Loot:

22 horses x 12.5gp = 275
27 Ring Mail x 15gp = 405
30 shortswords x 4gp = 120
3 gems x 300gp = 900
Total gp of loot = 1700



and some good ole Leeroy jenkins, cant ask for much more!