Volume 1: Tarnsman of Gor

I picked up this book to see what all the fuss was about (re: Gorean lifestyle) to be blithely surprised.

The Chronicles of Counter-Earth Volume 1 was one of the very few books I simply could not put down. Thus I read it very quickly, falling in love with John Norman's prose. It was not only easy to read but thankfully not dumbed down. In the least, it felt unique.

I find this book to be an excellent example of old-school fantasy in the vein of Jack Vance's The Dragonmasters. A little sci-fi mixed with fantasy which some call Sword & Planet.

I will not spoil this little gem for you. It's good and has little to do with this Gorean lifestyle. Tarnsman is just a chimerical jaunt through the world of Gor with dynamic characters.

I ordered the second and third volumes through Amazon already and couldn't wait for them and thus snagged the Kobobooks version to read while the are shipped. Note: I'm reading versions that predate Norman's revisions (1973 printing of Volume 1 and the rest of the same publisher's series).


Tarnsman 5/5



Sounds like it was a good find, you've gotten me interested now, I've been slacking with my reading because of a lack of enjoyment.

Maybe I'll buy the whole series at once ;)

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I might be convinced to lend you a copy....

Once I got halfway through I had a hard time putting it down. It was very 'adventure on the high seas' combined with a bit of 'old school action movies'.