Volume 2: Outlaw of Gor

Perhaps not as quickly as the first book in the series, I blew through the second volume. I guess I see how people lambaste the author with.... You know, I really don't. It takes a lot of reach to rip these two books apart. I keep waiting for the problems that supposedly drag this series through the mud. This is adventure.

What can I criticise? Well, in this volume there is some repetition, explanation, and description. Much of it is interesting however you could probably abridge ten pages without much loss to the adventure seeker. For the world seeker, it's all fairly pertinent except the repetition which might be helpful only to those who read slowly or forget things easily. As it's only the second book, I feel as though the protagonist has actually grown too much and knows a little too much but this is a small point.

The prose is smooth and fine tuned. The adventure is fun and the climax tense and well... climactic! I was even moved to tears at one point.

I really felt as if these were the memoirs of the protagonist and have already moved on and become immersed into the third volume called Priest Kings of Gor.

Tarnsman 5/5
Outlaw 4/5



I really enjoyed this one, even more so then the first actually. I think it's because I found Tharna intriguing. Some of the things that happened were a bit too coincidental, but overall I loved it. Lara became a great character,and I enjoyed the back and forth she had with Tarl.