2015-11-03 [Marvel] New Avengers 1

The group looks okay. They're trying to add humour which is good. They have to deal with SHIELD which is tiresome for the reader.

The first issue gives you a taste of what to expect but falls a little flat.

The Justice League International, er, I mean the New Avengers;

Sunspot (boss, Max Lord, whatever)
Songbird (underused Firestorm character with tons of potential)
White Tiger (it don't matter if you're black Or white)
Power Man (not THE Power Man, just A power man, Wonderpower Man)
Hulkling (Yes, it's Klone from Blackstar, or Beast Boy with a trendy name)
Wiccan (not Dr. Strange or Doctor Druid, maybe a politically correct Brother Voodoo?)
Pod (thing that will destroy us later)
Squirrel Girl (showing us the finer points of humour and with Avengers experience, albeit Great Lakes Avengers)
Tippy Toe (chitter)
Hawkeye (no, not the cool West Coast Hawkeye with his affirming wife Mockingbird but a bland movie-version who's been demoted)

Perhaps the JLI joke was a bit much but they do seem similar except they don't have any heavyweights. Merge the JLI with the Teen Titans and poof! Great Lake, er, New Avengers.

If they can pull off what Justice League Europe did back in it's heyday, they'll do fine.