Ə - Bag of Luck

(Most likely needs some cleaning up, but here's a new magic item.)

Bag of Luck

This small, leather bag contains a between 5 and 22 pea-sized stones, all indistinguishable from each other. Each stone represents a Rank of Luck, randomly determined at the time of discovery: 1st Rank has a range of 0 to 1 while 11th Rank's is 0 to 29 (roll a die of the appropriate Rank and subtract 1 from the result). When a stone is swallowed, it confers a bonus to every Aspect roll for the character until the stone passes, let's say the next morning regardless of when it was consumed. Swallowing multiple stones combines the Ranks of the stones, so swallowing third and fifth Rank stones is equivalent to an eighth Rank stone.

(Here's where it gets fun.) As stated, the stones are indistinguishable from each other, so the character never knows which stone is which, and luck comes in two flavors: good and bad. A 1st Rank good luck stone combined with a 6th Rank bad luck stone means the character will have 0 to 7 points subtracted from every Aspect roll until the following morning.

Stones can be reused, but only after being placed back in the Bag. (And, presumably, cleaned.) Or the character could decide not to replace a stone, possibly because he determined the stone was bad luck. If the Bag goes an entire day without any bad luck stones, or any stones at all, in it, it disappears.



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I like the idea of good or bad luck, especially if they don't know until the next Aspect roll.
0-7 ranks deducted or pips deducted?

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Pips. Think of the stones as gut explosions. Or not. Let's try a different analogy. Think about a two-person chain-casting. Now imagine the other person was working against you instead of with you. That's what a net bad luck is doing. Trust me, adding/subtracting pips will be powerful/punishing enough. No need to go into full-on Wild Mage craziness.

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Works for me. This article is at 437 reads, just an FYI.