[EHM 2018-10-03] Affiliate Intermission

AHL/ECHL Exhibition & TC

The Beast whomped the Swamp Rabbits 6-3 with Flanagan leaving the ice with an injury and Brodeur, Brine, Vermeersch and Chouinard excelling.

The Beast training camp was a whirlwind.

Off the bat, Etiene Brodeur and Luke Ripley impressed in the early drills while Ryan Kyle and Tim Cavar looked slack, needing improvement.

Matt Boudens suffered a major injury in the first scrimmage. Cichy, Tipoff were injured later. Castonguay, Vernace and Caron(2) played poorly while Vasaturo, Cichy, Verbeek, Miceli, Brown, Ferriero, Wolframe(2), Shirley, Brodeur, Chouinard, Lloyd and J. McCarron(2) had exceptional games with Vermeersch playing one with perfection. Samuel had hit and miss games.

Stridemakers: John McCarron(2), Garrett Vermeesch, Wolframe
Head-turning: Collin Shirley(2), Banfield, Domin
Disappointing Efforts: Vernace(3)

Potential further try-out players: LD/W Trey Phillips?, D Noah Carroll, D Luke Ripley, LD Brennan Evans(fighter), LD Ryan Kyle, W Etienne Brodeur, LW Collin Shirley, LW Chase Nieuwendyk, LW Jared Domin, RW John McCarron, RW Garrett Vermeersch, RW Nicholas Chouinard*, C Cody Ferriero*, C/LW Brandon Wolframe?, C Niki Petti

Attempts will be made to sign: C Cody Ferriero, D Luke Ripley

The IceCaps lost in a shootout to Bingahmton. Despite losing and being slightly outrshone by Kielly, Lindgren was solid. No one excelled although Goldobin received second star (Lindgren third) and Hudon, Reway, D'Agostini played well enough.

In camp: Ruck, Smith and Ebbing have been flashing their talent to the coaching staff. Assistant Coach Adam Graves has warned that cuts need to be made.

The last scrimmages saw Broll struggle while Ruck, Haugen, Lindgren, Frey, Reilly, Bourque, Mete, Bereglazov, Goldobin, Hudon, Ebbing, Scherbak, McCarron performed adequately and no one stole the limelight.

Choices have to be made. From the tryouts, the IceCaps wnat to sign one goalie and one or two defensemen in case of injuries as well as checking out some talent long-term. GM Guay has seen Beast GM Guiness find some diamonds in the rough and would like to try her hand at it.

Overall the camp was frustrating in that many of the expected regulars performed poorly while they did quite well in exhibition games.

As for the try-outs, Guay wants to see more from these players:

Forward - Beauregard, Pacan (injured for much of the camp), Vigneault
Defense - Emond, Perry, Baker (contracted to the Beast)
Goalie - Frey, Kuhn

Final exhibition of training camp gave us these details (there will be more exhibition games but all training camp try-outs will be gone after this hwoever normal try-outs may return):

IceCaps: Garbowsky and Vigneault may have playeds themselves out of a future opportunity, both playing poorly. Kuhn also didn't have a good showing. Perry and Gazzola however did show us a decent performance that may get them another looksee. As for those already signed, Goldobin and Danault excelled with Reway and Hicketts not far behind. DeSimone was the only disappointment of the signed players.

Beast: Chouinard handedly won a fight with Brassard that set the tone for a blowout game by the Beast. Chouinard may have gotten himself a serious look by management. Brassard yapped at Chouinard and paid the price. Ferriero was the top performer with Shirley, Domin and Meland hot on his heels. Everyon except Smith and Phillips played well and they didn't really play poorly.