Categorically Drinking

Things change with time.....
The last time I did this was May 20, 2009 -

Winter/Relaxing Soft Drink: Diet Caffeine Free Great Value Cola (was Diet Mugs Root Beer but it's unavailable here now)
Refreshing Summer Soft Drink: Diet Tonic Water (was Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale, which is still awesome)

Powdered: Tang (same but it's been awhile)
Decadent Drink: Vanilla Malt (same but unavailable here)

Hot: Ovaltine, India Nespresso, Gourmet Gold Martello (India and Gourmet Gold replace Sleepytime Tea - Tea is too much work)

All Time Beer: Guinness Draught or any German dark wheat beer (Germans replaced Blackwych stout which became unreliable in taste and in availability)
Summer Beer: Erdinger Wheat Beer (replaced Bohemian and Sleeman Clear)
Winter Beer: Old Vienna (replaced Laker Ale)
Cider: Strongbow Ginger (replaced Magners which is still better than Strongbow original but I don't much like alcoholic cider anymore)

Rum: Anything not Canadian (was Wray & Nephew but I don't really drink rum anymore)
Gin: Ungava or other small batch yellow gins (was Plymouth)
Whiskey: Macallan or Tullamore Dew (special occasions only and I never drink Canadian whiskey or rum - new category)
Mixed: Gin & Tonic (was Zombie)

Shooter: Nope. (was Polar Bear)
Schnapps: I can't remember the last time I had some. (was Apple)
Liqueur: (pretty much steer clear of. (was Maple)

Sparkling Wine: Dom Perignon (same)
Wine: Anything dark red and bitter but this is a very rare thing (was Pelee Island Shiraz)



Let's see...

Winter/Relaxing Soft Drink: Perrier
Refreshing Summer Soft Drink: Cranberry juice and club soda
Powdered: Tasters choice instant decaf coffee
Decadent Drink: Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
Hot: Kazaar Nespresso, Most Teas

All Time Beer: Not much of a beer person but I'd say Molson 67 IPA
Summer Beer: Steamwhistle
Winter Beer: Dark wheaty beers Kersus makes me try.
Cider: Most ciders are way too sweet for me, blech.

Rum: Not sure the last time I even had rum
Gin: Ungava the urine coloured gin.
Whiskey: Whichever one we have at the time.
Mixed: Beer and diet gingerale.

Shooter: Goldschlager (mmm cinnamon hearts)
Schnapps: I'm not sure I know what this one is.
Liqueur: Too sweet and strong for me for the most part.

Sparkling Wine: Henkel, spumante, baby duck, any weak tasting carbonated wine really.
Wine: if it's not carbonated I probably wont like it.
Aperitif: Lillet.

Kersus's picture

You added an important category! Aperitif! Indeed white Kina Lillet is easily the best I've had as well. It goes well with most meals. For those who don't know, an Aperitif is a drink that stimulates your appetite and readies your palate.