[EHM 2018-10-07] Final Exhibition Jets 0 @ Habs 4

"So Mikko, we had high hopes and believe that you are an excellent hockey player and person. After an exciting camp and with the new season about to begin it appears our initial thoughts are not working out. Depending on your wishes, we can mutually disolve the contract, put you on waivers, or pay out a release. It's completely up to you."

Mikko Koivu was put on waivers.

OOC: In real life, I don't see this as a viable option. Hockey isn't just a business. Mikko Koivu is a real person that was given expectations to play out the season despite a poor camp. IRL I'd keep giving him the opportunity and at worst ask him what he thinks and go with that. I believe that IRL NHL franchises that treat people the way that the Habs treated Andrei Markov and Mark Streit has the consequence of not being an attractive place when great Free Agents like John tavares pops up. There was zero chance he'd come to Montreal and risk being treated like a commodity. He's a person. he knows it. Montreal management does not. Since this is a Sim, I'm excited to try Pezzetta or Bozak.


Scratches: Domi, Rychel, Hischier, Dadanov
Try-out Scratches: Jokinen, Baun

Bozak is still on try-out fighting for fourth centreman with Michael Pezzetta.

This was the first reunion since Drouin was traded from the Habs to the Jets for draft picks. He ended up with a hip-flexor strain and is expected to be out for three weeks despite playing 18 minutes. Laine also went day-to-day having played only 7 minutes.

Bozak was tested heavily and topped the forwards with ice-time. Weber for D. Valiev looks extra shaky and someone else may get a chance. Tatar surprised a bit on the powerplay.

Starting Day lineup is undecided but from the outside it looks like:

Shipachyov-Rychel-Lehkonen or Byron
Scratches: Bozak, Deslauriers, Byron, Ritchie, Valiev

This lineup means that Bozak possibly doesn't get signed and/or Deslauriers is demoted and/or another defenceman from St. John's comes up which also might mean Valiev is waived. There are a lot of hard choices.

Hard hitting, 27 year-old defenseman Jakub Jerabek is traded to the Ottawa Senators for signed Centre prospect Logan Brown. A Czech for a Yankee.

Koivu clears waivers.

Tier 2

St. John's has a couple exhibition games and readies for some shinny against the Habs. It should be a treat.

The IceCaps see newcomer C Christopher Paquette playing well along with D Brett Kulak. Many games has shown Hyman, Reilly, Reway, Bowen and Danault as exceptional. McCarron, Goldobin, Nygren and Chaput are also playing very well.

McNiven, DeSimone, Bindulis, Mete, Lindgren, Cedarholm have all been disappointing,

This leaves a question on goaltending. The IceCaps will likely start newcomer Ryan Ruck with Lars Haugen as the backup but one of McNiven or Lindgren will alternate with Ruck unless Frey gets signed. One or both of McNivena nd Lindgren could see themselves with the Beast to start the season while the Beast have Raaymakers already excelling.

Tier 3

Beast's fan-favourite Chase Nieuwendyk suffered an injury in practice that will have him out about ten days. Chase is a fringe talent and may only be on the roster because the fans seem to love him.

The Beast were also shocked at losing a shinny game to the SPHL team, Peoria. It was meant to help both teams but by no means did the Beast expect to be challenged. Etienne Brodeur looked very excellent and Raaymakers made some fantastic saves but the rest of the Beast fell apart with Verbeek having an absolutely terrible game.