[EHM 2018-10-09] Beastly Decisions

Brampton has some decisions to make this week and will need to make space for some players from St. John's soon.

Will Logan Brown come down to play Centre now that he cleared waivers? Scherbak is most certainly coming. Potential opening day lineup:

McNiven or Lindgren
Scratches: Petti, Verbeek or J.McCarron

Etienne Brodeur has been impressing along with Kuhn and Raaymakers in net. Hare will likely be loaned out and kept just for injury emergencies.

Castonuguay is leading the team as a Captain should and things look good on that front including Alternate Captain Mike Vernace who had a terrible camp with scouts and other management whispering about releasing him. Vernace has played well during exhibition games but something may be wrong behind closed doors. The other Alternate Captain Valcourt is playing well enough however he's having trouble with his endurance.

At centre, Castonguay may even top the lines when player's come down from St. John's. No one else has stepped up with Verbeek not transitioning to Centre well and Petti really playing himself into an 'extra' position.

The injury to fan-favourite Nieuwendyk has probably cost him a place in the roster for a month or so. There are quite a few options on that LW with few if no players coming from above to play there. Already signed Valcourt, Gabrielle, Verbeek (who's been playing Centre) are having mixed results while try-out Brodeur is most certainly prized. Verbeek, Gabrielle and Shirley have not played up to expectations.

Chouinard has outplayed John McCarron on RW and with Addison already there and Scherbak coming down, at best he'll be a healthy scratch.

There are tons of options on LD however the team also knows at least a couple players will come down from the IceCaps in this position leaving at best one spot open that Vernace will likely take if he continues to pick his game up. If not, Trey Phillips will take the spot. Julseth-White, Ripley, Kyle and even highly-touted Carroll have done very little to convince anyone they belong. Brennan Evans may surprise though.

RD is weak throughout the organization as far as depth is concerned although it's the more skilled side. Weber, Green, Honka, Juulsen, Hicketts, Nygren are solidly in the top two Tiers and even here in Tier 3, Baker is a sho-in for the top line. The next two spots are open and likely will go to LD players who will need to transition over like Phillips, Evans or it may well keep someone like Ripley around - but St. Johns has a huge glut of LD that may also take those spots.

Raaymakers has secured his position making it hard to take more than one higher tier goalie. Kuhn was also pushed down and has played equally well. Hare was never more than a extra backup in case of injury. He'll be loaned out.

    Americans 4 @ Beast 5 OT


Petti and Shirley showed some chemistry this game. Both players are on the verge of being let go, so it was a timely show of quality. Almost half the goals this game were from special teams with three of the four by Brampton.

Vernace and Ripley were both walked around for the firs Allen goal. Carroll couldn't hold off his man for Allen's second goal just as the 5 on 3 against the Beast ended. Petti and Shirley did a few give and go plays before scoring Petti's first of the game. Kyle blew it for two of the following goals. Chouinard held onto the puck for the perfect play to Verbeek ending the game in an overtime win.

Tier 1 News
Habs sign Bryan Little to a one-way one-year contract worth 3.32 Mil. They now must either demote or waive someone before opening night on Thursday. Reaves will be carrying out a one-game suspension for fighting in the pre-season. Ridiculous suspension.