2015-11-03 [Marvel] Post Battleworld Spiderverse

After Secret Wars, after Battleworld......

Amazing Spider-Man (cross posted at ).

Mockingbird was a good addition and some of the humour worked but overall it was underwhelming and very expensive. The intros for the other Spidey books were uninspiring.

That said, excepting the overwhelming number of webby titles, it does seem to have more potential than it has since the Clone Saga ruined Spider-Man.

While I'm mildly interested in Spider- Gwen, I doubt I'll read it.

Overall I hope this pass works and lasts but I won't go back. Collected from late 70s through to the Clone Saga and just can't get back into it.

The Spiderverse:

The Amazing Spider-Man (saving the world with Parker Industries)
Spider-Woman (pregnant feminist)
Spider-Man 2099 (no idea where this one is going)
Silk (the Black Cat conspiracy centred around Parker Industries)
Web Warriors (unlimited universe travelling yahoos; continuing showing alternate versions of Spidey and his Rogues)
Spider-Gwen (popular because she died but now on Earth-65......)
Carnage (dark)
Spidey (reinventing his youth)
Spider-Man/Deadpool (jumping on the trendy-train)
Spider-Man (some other dude)

Is this enough Spidey for you?