2016-01-21 [Marvel] Last Days of Silver Surfer #015

The Last Days of The Doctor.... er... Silver Surfer.

I picked up the of this series when it came out and while I didn't hate it, I really didn't much like it. SIlver Surfer is one of those characters I always enjoyed in general and while the art of the series sings "old-school" I found the writing of to be dull.

This seems unfortunate as after reading 015, I now want to get the 3 issues before it. Regrettably this is all mixed up with that ridiculous redo of Secret Wars but Surfer and his gal pal really don't have much to directly do with it.... Well, not really anyway.

This comic struck me to review because of how it felt. It could have been written with a TARDIS flying around and The Doctor along with any companion doing what the Surfer and his companion were doing. It had that European kids show feel.

First off, the colour artwork of Laura Allred is fascinating. It feels enough like the original Surfer by Kirby and yet is so colourful and fun as well. VC's Joe Sabino smacks some appropriately fun lettering in there while Dan Slot and Michael Allred tell a story.

This story is great. I don't like giving too much in the way of spoilers but to round it up quickly, they outrun the silly Marvel Battleworld crap and create their own universe. Along the way they have to make some hard decisions and realize that fixing their mistakes is not always for the best. In the end they have to make some serious choices about what to pick. This, boys and girls, is an adventure!

It has sold me on subscribing to the new series starting yesterday at another . Give it a whirl. It may not be something you want to keep reading however you may just enjoy it.