2015-12-29 [IDW] Jem and the Holograms #1-7

This comic hits the nail on the head for being in the spirit of the source material. The only real way it deviates is by shoving homosexuality down your throat but that's our culture speaking. There's no need for it in the story but it's there to make us more LBGT friendly (which people generally are or are not - neither of which is a pressing issue for a fun little comic book). Notably, the letters page does contain various reader comments praising the inclusion of homosexuals.

If you set aside the writer's political agenda, you'll feel like you're not only reliving the cartoon in this comic but may realize it's improved some in this new format. The same feel is brought forward into our current time period and is solidified while retaining the light fun fans want to see.

This is of course, after reading seven issues. It starts off slow and a little more political while speeding up each issue. There are signs it may focus on Jem and the Holograms instead of the lesbians.

The starting premise is a small band trying to make it with a lead singer too shy to be the lead. Each band member has their own intricate woven tapestry design and they fit well together.

The big band of the time is The Misfits who are like the evil chicks in MLP Rainbow Rocks. They rule the airwaves and take on the best in a "."

Our protagonists want to get into the battle and see it as their chance to 'make it.'

From there it takes off and spins around like a fun thrill ride of near family-friendly goodness.

"Battle, battle, battle, battle of the bands!"



I read last night so I can finally read and respond to this!

I'm enjoying the story so far, I can't help but love Pizzazz, she's such a basket-case. I've also become attached to Jerrica and Kimber, haven't seen enough from the other girls yet. I'm not a fan of Rio's character design and haven't really become attached to him yet, he's very whiny right now.

The art is very pretty and I like how they try to make the music come off the page in the band scenes, it's very reminiscent of the show.

I love the hairstyles, they are absolutely outrageous!

Looking forward to reading more, I do hope it picks up a bit story-wise.