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Injury frustration comes good

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 06:29
So more rambling nonsense thoughts.

I started this blog with the intention of filling it and look where that got me. Not very far.

So I recently had a very minor injury of a torn ligament at the end of one of my fingers, no big deal rest it up and it will be fine. Oh no splint for 4 weeks to keep it straight and then no contact sports for 2 more weeks or it might end up in the splint again or bent for life. My job is in healthcare of eyes so I have to be pretty dexterous and can’t afford to lose that.

So here we are 4 weeks of hell is over and the splint is off and I can finally do things again! But not aikido. It is driving me some what insane. I am practising weapons at home and trying foot work drills and some Qi gong but it’s not the same as being on the mats. I have missed our weekly summer school of training. Felt very frustrated and angry at the unfairness of it all.

It is however what it is and once I have come through it with the help and support of my aikido family I have come to realise that there can be more to training than the physical act of training and as such I have tried to begin the journey of mental and spiritual training with aikido. I began reading more, listening to more podcasts and generally reflecting more on my thoughts and attitude to aikido, those I train with and myself. I ha e no real firm thoughts or conclusions yet and doubt I ever will as things are always in flux, but I will try to broaden how and what I study, and try to record here thoughts as they occur to me.

If you happen to have read this, firstly sorry for wasting your time. Secondly happy training.
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3 Things to Expect as a Beginner in Aikido

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 14:37
Just finished uploading my latest vlog to YouTube. It's about the 3 things you can expect as a beginner in Aikido.

Click Here and Please take a look, comment, share and subscribe to my channel!

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beginners mindset

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 11:50
Recently I had the honour to help out 2 training partners to obtain an official teaching certificate from one of our national organisations.

Now I don't have a special love for organisations. To me it seems they often don't contribute a lot and have a tendency to grow into institutions that mainly seem to hold people back and limit what one is doing. Just the sheer amount of organisations is already a sign of something fishy going on. Why does Aikido have the reputation of being the martial art with almost more organisations than dojos?

As for teaching, I do see the benefits of having a program where aikidoka learn how to teach. Having some kind of obstacle preventing just everybody from teaching is not a bad thing. Shifting the perspective of what you are doing is also very important and can contribute to further growth and development.

Having said that, I do think there are several major pitfalls when people become teachers. The first and obvious one is that they lose Shoshin, the mindset that is open, eager and free of preconceptions wants to learn. In most people's training shoshin is under constant attack. Simply they idea of already knowing a technique closes the door to further learning and development.
A teacher should not lose shoshin. A teacher should pull open the closed doors in the mind of his students. Always, whether they are nage or uke.

How can organisations contribute to the development of Shoshin?

Erik doesn't matter.
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Tea Time After Aikido

Sun, 06/09/2019 - 02:04
Tea Time After Aikido

After Aikido class
We all go to a coffee shop
(Some have tea!)
We are mostly too old to
Care to go to a bar…
And, sweat cooling
We all discuss the class
Techniques, successes, failures
General pain and suffering
And then usually move
On to other subjects
(Religion, Politics, War, Logic,
Math, Science, Stupidity, etc.
all the common ailments
of Humankind)
A long-time class tradition
An open invitation
Sometimes outsiders join us
Old café denizens creeping out
Of the dark recesses of the coffee shop
Drawn to our charisma!
Calling us Sensei, Ninja Master…-
Who are we to disabuse them
And crush their souls?
But, then, Joseph starts talking
And we are all brought down to Earth
Still, we miss him when
He is gone and like him
So, we smile and nod our heads
(Sometimes slapping his)
And let the Aikido universe spin on
With cup o'tea in hand

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Tue, 05/21/2019 - 21:36

I exist in a world that
Is not as it seems
It is so easy to get lost
I long to see past the illusion
Past misleading thoughts
I seek the hidden principles
The true reality behind it all
To find my true self
And finally become conscious
I fart and stand up, stretching
From my lotus position
Am I conscious, yet?
How would I know?

The greatest barrier to consciousness is the belief
that one is already conscious.

~ P.D. Ouspensky
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Conversing In Silence

Mon, 05/06/2019 - 00:46
Conversing In Silence

How many times are you going
to read all this stuff?
I mean, you always read stuff.
When does it end?
Are you that much smarter, now?

Well, I could say it is a process.
I am ignorant.
I am trying to learn how to BE
So, I read and read.
I study.

Yeah, I get that.
But, when does it end?

Think of it as a ladder, or,
if you are older, like me, an escalator.
One day I will no longer need to climb.
I will just sit
Just sit and be still
Bypassing all the learning
Bypassing all the processes
Actually trying to unlearn all my learning
To be unwise, as it were
And, BE there -- actually, be HERE

That's it?
That's what all this is about?

Well, yes and no.

Don't give me that mystical mumbo-jumbo.

I'm not trying to, but it's hard to explain.
Being-in-the-world is just the beginning.

To what?

Well, I'm sure when I reach that place
I will not have the words to explain it.

But, but….

Perhaps then, we both could just sit
and converse in silence, and be unwise

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