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Sorcerer's Skull - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 11:00

Jim "Flashback Blog" Shelley and I are working on a comic (and possibly a related rpg project) with artist Chris Malgrain. Here's a DC Who's Who style entry for Negastar, the first of the character designs completed. The text is semi-accurate, semi-placeholder, and as such is subject to alteration.

There will be game stats at some point for this guy, but not today!

Here's the character in color:

The Terror And the Ice-Gripped Sandbox

Sorcerer's Skull - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 04:00

The AMC drama The Terror is based on the novel by Dan Simmons which in turn is a fictionalization of the lost expedition of Sir John Franklin. The events in the show and the novel have light supernatural element, but most it's a tale of the typical things that would befall ships stuck in the arctic ice for years.

I've been thinking the ice pack could replace the Sargasso Sea in the film The Lost Continent. It could hold the descendants of people marooned their years ago. Their could be a frozen graveyard of ship with weird micro-societies and weird monsters.

Wednesday Comics: X-men Grand Design Treasury Edition

Sorcerer's Skull - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 11:00

I've mentioned X-Men: Grand Design by Ed Piskor before. It's a retelling and synthesis of the history of the X-Men into a single narrative. If you haven't picked up either of the issues in the first chapter in another format, let me suggest you get the Treasury Edition that recently came out. It's an attractive packing (see above) and oversized (over 9 in. wide and over 13 inches tall) size that compliments Piskor's dense page layout.


First Comics News - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 06:11

Evan Dorkin Brings Fans New Hackles-Raising Horror!

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 17, 2018)—Dark Horse Comics is proud to welcome fans back to Burden Hill as the one and only Evan Dorkin (Blackwood, Milk and Cheese, The Eltingville Club, Dork) joins forces with artist Benjamin Dewey (The Autumnlands) and letterer Nate Piekos for a thrilling new series, Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men. Co-created by Dorkin and Jill Thompson, Beasts of Burden has been a staple at Dark Horse since it debuted in 2009 and we are thrilled to bring readers a new story starring Beasts of Burden’s Wise Dogs.

Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men follows the heroic pack of canines known as the Wise Dogs as they take on a series of new horrors and find a link among a variety of seemingly unrelated occult disturbances plaguing Burden Hill and the surrounding areas. Their discovery leads them to mountain village inhabited by a survivalist witch-cult who have uncovered the existence of a “Blood Lure” attracting occult forces, creatures, and many more terrors to Burden Hill!

Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #1 (of 4) goes on sale August 22, 2018, and is available for preorder at your local comic shop. Issue #1 also offers a variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

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First Comics News - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 06:08


J.T. Krul ; Michael Turner – Story / Michael Turner ; various – Art


Celebrate Aspen’s 15 Year Anniversary with 25-cent Primer issues!


New readers and fans alike can find everything they need to know about Aspen’s flagship title in this new Michael Turner’s Soulfire 15 Year Anniversary Primer issue! Join in on the battle between Magic and Technology, and one young orphan’s quest as the “Bearer of the Light” to usher in a new era of magic! Check out never-before-seen commentary, art and creator secrets in anticipation of Volume 7 and more…All for only a quarter! These Aspen Anniversary edition primer issues are the perfect compliment to discover more about Aspen’s upcoming slate of new and returning titles!


The SOULFIRE PRIMER 2018 is in stores July 18th, 2018!

FC                            24 pages                              .25c




SOULFIRE vol 7 #1

J.T. Krul – Story  / Chahine Ladjouze – Art / Wes Hartman – Colors


Celebrating the 15th anniversary of its creation, Michael Turner’s incredible vision of magic and wonder returns for an all-new volume!


As the new age of magic continues in the shadows of this future landscape, Malikai and his friends try to enjoy a little down time, but such plans never seem to last. Grace continues to serve as a protector for all things magic, more specifically the dragons, but she is growing tired of having to keep the true power of the world a secret. And, there is a new danger on the horizon, a new figure in the Soulfire universe who may be the greatest threat to the fragile balance between magic and technology yet!


Michael Turner and Aspen Comics’ flagship title commemorates its landmark fifteenth year and the creative team of long time Soulfire writer J.T. Krul (Teen Titans, Jirni), newcomer Chahine Ladjouze, and colorist Wes Hartman have joined forces to bring new readers as well as loyal fans alike a Soulfire story for the next generation!


SOULFIRE vol 7 #1 is in stores July 18th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99



Siya Oum ; Jordan Gunderson ; Alex Konat ; Various – Art


Aspen’s popular swimsuit issue has returned for a 15-Year Anniversary Special!


Join Aspen Comics’ top talent as they have fun in the sun and offer a playful look at our most popular characters! Industry talents and Aspen veterans such as Siya Oum, Jordan Gunderson, Alex Konat, Talent Caldwell, Marco Renna and more grace the pages of this gorgeous pinup book! Don’t miss the return of the HOTTEST book of the summer!


ASPEN SPLASH 2018 is in stores July 18th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99




Jordan Gunderson ; Christopher Fielder – Story  / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Luis Guerrero – Colors


In the not so distant future…

The U.S. has spent several years embroiled in a conflict with the invading forces of China. In the war zone of the American Southwest, small bands of freedom fighters have formed to help guide refugees away from the destruction. Isabel Vasquez, known to her squad as “Delphi”, has been leading rescue missions inside the combat zone for years. Escorting those displaced from the war has fueled her faith that she is making a difference. But now that faith is increasingly tested by reoccurring nightmares of a coming apocalypse. She fears the war is only the beginning of a great threat…one that promises to bring humanity to the brink of extinction!


Unbeknownst to Delphi, a band of renegade angels has fled Heaven seeking a new refuge. The Earth has become their new home, where they view humanity as a plague that must be purged. As their path forges ahead toward global genocide, it is yet to be decided if Delphi and her growing visions of a global Armageddon can help stop them in time.


From artist and creator Jordan Gunderson comes Aspen’s most thrilling new series of the summer, DISSENSION: WAR ETERNAL!


DISSENSION: WAR ETERNAL #1 is in stores July 25th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99





J.T. Krul – Story  / Alex Konat – Art / John Starr- Colors


In the future, technology continues to dominate every aspect of civilization, and nowhere is it more on display than the city of New Sheng, a vast metropolis where those with means live high amongst the lights and those without wallow in the shadows below. In his desperate struggle to reach a better life, a young fighter named Zihao has sacrificed his body in the ring and now prepares to pay an even bigger price in order to battle in the main arena with the elite cybernetically-enhanced warriors. But will seeing another lost soul from his past make his climb easier or harder?


Don’t miss the first chapter of an electrifying story in a bold new world. Aspen is proud to partner with ZMX Entertainment on their landmark project created by J.T. Krul, Yuyan Song, and Dinna Wu, and featuring the stellar creative team of Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, John Starr, and Sal Cipriano.


NU WAY #1 is in stores July 11th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99



FATHOM vol 7 #2

Ron Marz – Story  / Siya Oum – Art / Peter Steigerwald – Colors


1998’s Best-Selling Title of the Year Celebrates 20 Years in 2018!


This all-new adventure for Aspen’s preeminent hero sees her attempt to navigate an ever-changing world where The Blue are not only present above the surface—but exploited in new and dangerous ways. With her brother Finn suddenly missing, Aspen Matthews takes a deep dive to look for help, arriving in a majestic undersea city. Will she find the allies she so desperately needs, or enemies looking for vengeance? Meanwhile, the mysterious agents who have kidnapped Finn begin a series of unholy experiments to unlock the secrets of his powers!


Michael Turner and Aspen Comics’ flagship title commemorates its landmark twenty years since its debut in grand fashion! The superstar creative team of Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade) and Siya Oum (Lola XOXO) are on board to deliver Fathom, and the iconic heroine, Aspen Matthews, to a new generation of readers as well as loyal fans alike!


FATHOM vol 7 #2 is in stores July 18th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99



Blake Northcott – Story  / Donny Tran – Art / Omi Remalante – Colors


Aspen Comics’ hit action-adventure assassin series marks its 10-Year Anniversary with a brand new pulse-pounding volume!


Iris’ journey to Rome ends in murder and mayhem, and a game-changing discovery that reveals Magni Global Security’s true intentions. When Iris confronts Alexander with her findings, she’s given an ultimatum…and an assignment that she never saw coming!


Brought to you by acclaimed author Blake Northcott (Michael Turner’s Fathom) with art by newcomer Donny Tran, this newest pulse-pounding 10 year anniversary chapter of Executive Assistant: Iris is sure to be the greatest volume yet!


EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS vol 5 #3 is in stores July 25th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99




Mark Roslan; Gabe Carrasco – Story  / Alex Arizmendi – Art / Wes Hartman – Colors


Their Future Depends on Each Other as Aspen’s newest hit series continues!


Sybil has abandoned her friends! As she makes her way to face her father alone, an unexpected but familiar face lies in wait, but are they friend, or foe? Meanwhile Emperor Atilus has all but completed his plan to return Havos to the war-world it was in the glory days, and the Portal Bound crew faces it’s biggest challenge yet… Brett?


Aspen’s brand new action-adventure saga continues from writers Mark Roslan (BubbleGun, Broken Pieces) and newcomer Gabe Carrasco, with artist Alex Arizmendi (Edge of Venomverse: War StoriesSecret Empire: Brave New World) as they bring us a tale of two earths in need of two heroes!


PORTAL BOUND #4 is in stores July 4th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99




J.T. Krul – Story  / Michael Santamaria – Art / John Starr – Colors


Aspen’s popular fantasy adventure series, JIRNI, reaches the final issue of its epic third volume!


Ara has once again come face-to-face with the evil sorcerer Torinthal as she tries to free her mother. But, she never imagined where her search would lead her and what life-changing results might befall her. If she’s survives. Don’t miss the climatic finale to the biggest Jirni story yet. The Fall of the D’jinn!


Created by New York Times Best-Selling author J.T. Krul (Michael Turner’s Soulfire, Green Arrow) with art by newcomer Michael Santamaria, this next exciting chapter of Jirni will once again return readers to a land of untapped wonder!


JIRNI VOL 3 #5 is in stores July 11th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99




Vince Hernandez – Story  / Joey Vazquez – Art /  – Colors


The forces of magic have returned—and this time no magical being is safe!


All bets are off as the Magic Harvester’s plan to eliminate all magical beings– and humans in the process—and start over with a new civilization is set into motion. Only Hank, Sudana and their allies hold a fighting chance to save the world of magic from imminent doom in this epic finale to Charismagic volume three!


CHARISMAGIC VOL 3 #6 is in stores July 11th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99




Frank Mastromauro – Story  / Andre Risso – Art / Valentina Taddeo – Colors


Volume three of Aspen’s hit series’ Shrugged reaches its final issue!


A storyline over 12 years in the making, the finale of Shrugged volume 3 will set the stage for the future of the series, in ways you’d never expect! As Theo, Kiori, Ange, Dev and one unexpected ally make one last attempt to save both Earth and Perspecta, relations between the humans, Elysians and Nefarians will never be the same again!


SHRUGGED VOL 3 #6 is in stores July 25th, 2018!

FC                            32 pages                              $3.99


J.T. Krul – Story  / Giuseppe Cafaro – Art / Wes Hartman – Colors


Return to the world of magic with MICHAEL TURNER’S SOULFIRE in this great jumping-on point for new readers!


Following the events of ASPEN UNIVERSE: REVELATIONS, the world of SOULFIRE has a new status quo, as magic and technology have intertwined as never before! Meanwhile, Soulfire’s Grace, Malikai and friends now must also discover that things are not as they seem in the year 2211—including new—and old—dangers that seek to eliminate them!


Please join longtime Soulfire writer J.T. Krul, artist Giuseppe Cafaro and colorist Wes Hartman, as they bring readers back to the wonder and everything you loved about SOULFIRE! Collecting together the entire sixth volume and including a complete cover gallery, this newest SOULFIRE Vol 6 TPB is not to be missed!


SOULFIRE VOL 6 TPB: FUTURE SHOCK is in stores JULY 18th, 2018!

FC                            216 pages                            $19.99                       TPB




Vince Hernandez – Story  / Sana Takeda – Art


Discover the early years of Soulfire’s heroine Grace in this acclaimed mini-series!


The seeds of conflict have grown into a deadly battle for territory as the winged races of Rahtumi and Sethoru enter into an all-out war. Amidst the chaos, two Rahtumi lovers, Grace and Kelsyn, share their own pending engagement, that of marriage. But the reaches of war soon envelops them both, and their life together will be forever compromised! While high in the snowy mountain passes of the Sethoren realm of Ontiria, the dark wizard Azar, using his own horrid creation of a powerful new form of magic, plans to overshadow both kingdoms of Rahtumi and Sethoru in death and despair.


Written by Vince Hernandez (Charismagic, Fathom: Kiani) with stunning art by Sana Takeda (Monstress), this brand new SOULFIRE trade paperback collects together the entire sold out SHADOW MAGIC mini-series and includes a complete cover gallery!


SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC TPB is in stores July 11th, 2018!

FC                            152 pages                            $14.99                       TPB


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THE BOOK CAVE: Abominations of The Dire Planet By Joel Jenkins

First Comics News - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 05:49


Once again, we have the pleasure of traveling through the imagination of Joel Jenkins mind. I’ve mentioned before that Joel Jenkins is the master of all the different genres. In this book, we travel to The Dire Planet, Joel Jenkins version of Mars. This is the sixth book in the series and I for one, enjoy the series.

While Garvey Dire is the main character in the series, he isn’t always the main character in the book. Joel has populated the series with many characters that Garvey Dire has encountered in his life on Ancient Mars. One character explained that Garvey Dire has the ability to make his enemies into his allies and some of them into heroes in the books.

Also, make sure you don’t become too attached to every character you meet and like. You never know who will survive at the end. For every character that dies, at least two new characters appear or one you may have forgotten from a previous book.

In this book we are introduced to a new enemy, that is pictured on the cover. A good-looking (not) being in a mechanical armor. Who are they? What do they want? Where in time and space are they from? These questions and many more are asked by Garvey Dire and his friends, family and their enemies along with us, the readers.

While this is the main story, it isn’t the only story. The other stories in the book, while they appear to lead in other directions are in reality taking the characters on a path to find what they need to fight the main enemy. It’s like having several books packed into one.

While you can read this book on its own, it is best to read the series from beginning to present to feel the buildup in the series and to discover how Joel introduces each new character. One of my favorites is Naegrik, who is from a not a very pleasant group of people. His growth through the series makes him easily seen to become a main character in a book of his own. Yes, he is in this book and plays an important role both in this book and the future of his people.

As much as I would like to give you more details, I don’t want to spoil anything you will read. What I will say is, if you think you know where the story is leading you, expect to be surprised.

One last thing before I go. I hope that Joel gives us a reference book for The Dire Planet. Maps, people, animals, religions and more. Plus, all the footnotes he uses to help explain everything.

Be sure and buy all of his Dire Planet series and all of his other books.

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First Comics News - Tue, 04/17/2018 - 14:28


While Jughead confronts Reggie and his pack, the Coopers are done fooling around and send in the big guns for Jug. Will he—and his sister Jellybean—survive the chaos? Plus, a member of the Riverdale gang makes a startling decision that will change EVERYTHING!
Script: Frank Tieri
Art: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Joe Eisma, Bob Smith, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Jughead: The Hunger #7 CVR A Reg: Adam Gorham
Jughead: The Hunger #7 CVR B Var: Tyler Boss
Jughead: The Hunger #7 CVR C Var: Michael Walsh
Ship Date: 6/27
On Sale Date: 7/11
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


Jughead Jones has always had an insatiable appetite… but what if his hunger came from a sinister place? When a murderous menace is on the prowl, taking the lives of some of the most well-known and esteemed inhabitants of Riverdale, Jughead and his family’s dark legacy comes to light in this horrifying collection for TEEN+ readers.
Script: Frank Tieri
Art: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Joe Eisma, Bob Smith, Jim Amash, Matt Herms
Cover: Michael Walsh
$17.99 US/$19.99 CAN
6 5/8 x 10 3/16”
144 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 7/18


NEW ONGOING SERIES! The vampire siege of Riverdale begins! Will Veronica lead the town towards salvation… or doom?
Script: Greg and Megan Smallwood
Art: Greg Smallwood, Jack Morelli
Vampironica #4 CVR A Reg: Greg Smallwood
Vampironica #4 CVR B Var: Francesco Francavilla
Vampironica #4 CVR C Var: Fiona Staples
Ship Date: 7/4
On Sale Date: 7/18
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


It all comes down to this! The Riverdale gang—held hostage by Cheryl Blossom’s father! Reggie—at last paying for his crimes! And when all is said and done, Riverdale is turned upside down once more!
Script: Mark Waid, Ian Flynn
Art: Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli
ARCHIE #32 CVR A Reg: Audrey Mok
ARCHIE #32 CVR B Var: Robert Hack, Kelly Fitzpatrick
ARCHIE #32 CVR C Var: Peter Krause, Rosario “Tito” Peña
Ship Date: 6/20
On Sale Date: 7/4
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


Two iconic comic book characters meet up for the FIRST TIME in this historic crossover mini-series! A battle in Gotham City extends its reach into Riverdale—with Mr. Lodge becoming enemy #1 of the dynamic duo! Now it’s up to Veronica to recruit some help and place a call… to the Batcave!
Script: Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci
Art: Dan Parent, J. Bone, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli
ARCHIE/BATMAN 66 #1 CVR A Reg: Michael Allred, Laura Allred
ARCHIE/BATMAN 66 #1 CVR B Var: Derek Charm
ARCHIE/BATMAN 66 #1 CVR C Var: Francesco Francavilla
ARCHIE/BATMAN 66 #1 CVR D Var: Sandy Jarrell, Kelly Fitzpatrick
ARCHIE/BATMAN 66 #1 CVR E Var: Dan Parent, J. Bone, Rosario “Tito” Peña
ARCHIE/BATMAN 66 #1 CVR F Var: Ty Templeton
Ship Date: 7/4
On Sale Date: 7/18
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


Archie Comics’ two superhero teams THE SUPERTEENS and THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS face off against the evil Dr. Zardox in the conclusion to this epic to-issue crossover event!
Script: Ian Flynn, David Williams, Gary Martin
Art: Kelsey Shannon, David Williams, Gary Martin, Jack Morelli
ST/MC #2 CVR A Reg: David Williams, Gary Martin, Kelsey Shannon – Connecting Cover 1
ST/MC #2 CVR B Var: David Williams, Gary Martin – B&W Cover
Ship Date: 7/11
On Sale Date: 7/25
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


NEW STORY ARC! “Hunted,” Pt 3: As more women go missing in Riverdale, the Vixens worry that they may have been used as a pawn in someone’s evil scheme. They need to come up with a plan to save the missing ladies—but is it too late?
Script: Jamie Lee Rotante
Art: Sanya Anwar, Elaina Unger, Rachel Deering
B&V: Vixens #8 CVR A Reg: Sanya Anwar
B&V: Vixens #8 CVR B Var: Veronica Fish
B&V: Vixens #8 CVR C Var: Sandra Lanz
Ship Date: 7/4
On Sale Date: 7/25
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


Betty and Veronica assemble the Vixens: a squad brought together to take out the dangerous Southside Serpents gang. These aren’t “Archie’s Girls”—they’re starting a revolution in Riverdale!

Script: Jamie L. Rotante
Art: Eva Cabrera, Elaina Unger, Rachel Deering
Cover: Fiona Staples
$14.99 US/$15.99 CAN
6 5/8 x 10 3/16”
136 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 7/4


BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: “Hot or NOT!” Riverdale is having a heat wave, and the gang is just trying to stay cool—Veronica’s mansion is the only option for a cool retreat, but she’s away on vacation. What will they do?
Script: Dan Parent
Art: Bill Galvan, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Bill Galvan, Rosario “Tito” Peña
Ship Date: 7/11
On Sale Date: 7/25
128-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.


BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: “Lost & Confounded” Archie, Betty, and Kevin have jobs as counselors at summer camp. When a little girl loses her teddy bear, it becomes a mad dash to find it. What lengths will the counselors go to save the day for a homesick kid?
Script: Dan Parent
Art: Bill Golliher, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Bill Galvan, Rosario “Tito” Peña
Ship Date: 6/20
On Sale Date: 7/4
192-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.


Take a magical trip down Storybook Lane with this collection of the best fairy tale stories ever told in Riverdale! From glass slippers to giant beanstalks and yellow brick roads to tales from under the seas, this classic collection will have you entertained for hours!

Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Dan Parent
$19.99 US/$11.99 CAN
6 5/8 x 10”
224 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 7/25


Classic Betty and Veronica-style stories are back with this collection of fun tales that see the two iconic BFFs travel the world and get into all kinds of international adventures!
Script: Bill Golliher
Art: Dan Parent
BV FF: Travel Tales #2 CVR A Reg: Dan Parent
Ship Date: 6/27
On Sale Date: 7/11
24-page, full color comic
$2.99 U.S.


BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: “The Empress’s New Clothes!” Queen Veronica has it all… yet she still wants more! Tired of Veronica’s spoiled ways, handmaiden Betty promises the Queen a new dress that’s invisible to all those beneath her. Will Queen Veronica’s new wardrobe suit her needs or will she be in for a surprise?
Script: Bill Golliher
Art: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Jeff Shultz, Rosario “Tito” Peña
Ship Date: 7/4
On Sale Date: 7/18
192-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.


BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: “We Can Work it Out!” Pop Tate opens a snack bar on the beach and hires Archie and Betty to work there. But when Betty gets sick, Jughead fills in and things go awry—especially when they run out of food and have to improvise!
Script: Dan Parent
Art: Jeff Shultz, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Bill Golliher, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña
Ship Date: 6/27
On Sale Date: 7/11
192-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.

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First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 19:04

PORTLAND, OR, 04/16/2018 — Writer Bryan Hill (POSTAL, BONEHEAD) and artist Jeff Spokes will launch APHRODITE V this July from Image/Top Cow.

In the near future, Los Angeles is a city on the brink of evolution, struggling with a new wave of terror fueled by black-market technology. Enter Aphrodite V: a fugitive from her masters, seeking individuality and purpose. She is the bleeding edge of biomechanics, and L.A.’s best hope against a new enemy—one that seeks to become a god among machines.

“This is a great way for people unfamiliar with this side of the Top Cow universe to jump into a story about the intersection of technology, humanity, and justice,” said Hill.

One machine wants to destroy the city. Another has come to save it. Only one will survive.

APHRODITE V #1 (Diamond code: MAY180030) hits comic book shops Wednesday, July 18th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, June 25th.

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First Look: BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 Travels to the 41st Century with Jeff Lemire & Doug Braithwaite!

First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 18:54

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – the FIRST ISSUE of “THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS,” A SHOCK-INDUCING JUMPING-ON POINT from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Animal Man) and dazzling artist Doug Braithwaite (X-O MANOWAR, Journey into Mystery)! On June 13th, the creative team that brought the Bloodshot of 4001 A.D. to life returns to the 41st century once again, as Ray Garrison’s salvation-seeking odyssey to secure his daughter’s safety reaches forward – and past the point of no return!

Two thousand years in the future – in the year 4002 A.D. – the man once known as Ray Garrison is no more…but the microscopic nanites inside him live on. Enter Bloodshot 4001 – a strange, gunslinging echo of Bloodshot’s mind, body, and soul that is now more machine than man. But when our century’s Bloodshot finds himself delivered to the dawn of the 41st century with one last mission to fulfill, two Valiant legends will finally come face to face…just as the secret revelation that binds them together across the ages will forever reshape Bloodshot’s place at the center of the Valiant Universe!

On June 13th, Jeff Lemire’s Eisner Award-nominated superhero saga journeys through millennia for the ultimate meeting of man and machine at the crossroads of tomorrow and today! The next stunning chapter starts here as Bloodshot’s past, present, and future collide with superstar creators Jeff Lemire and Doug Braithwaite for “THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS” in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – featuring covers by Kenneth Rocafort (Sideways), Renato Guedes (Wolverine), and Kim Jung Gi (Hit-Girl)!

But first: Witness the fateful tale of a good boy gone bad in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #9! On May 16th, New York Times best-seller Jeff Lemire (The Terrifics), Eisner and Harvey Award nominee Ray Fawkes (Batman: Eternal), and astonishing artist Renato Guedes (X-O MANOWAR) combine their talents for a one-shot issue witnessing the birth of Project Rising Spirit’s Bloodshot program – and the canine weapon of untold destruction they unleashed upon the war to end all wars!

In the wire-strewn trenches of World War I, witness the true story of a good boy gone bad… Before he found his place at Ray Garrison’s side, Bloodshot’s loyal companion learned the depths of mankind’s inhumanity toward brother and beast alike on the battlefields of France. Now, as the Kaiser’s war machine approaches, find out firsthand how a beloved comrade with four legs and a soul full of fury inspired a legacy that still stands after more than a century!

On May 16th, Bloodshot’s die-hard sidekick finally gets his due as all-star creators Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, and Renato Guedes weave a wreckage-laden story of heartbreak and havoc to let loose the ultimate dog of war in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #9 – featuring covers by Kenneth Rocafort (The Ultimates), Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT SALVATION), Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man), Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA), and Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One)!


Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (MAR182013)
Variant Cover by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (MAR182015)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by SHANE DAVIS (MAR182016)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MAY 16th (FOC – 4/23/18)

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (APR181860)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by KIM JUNG GI (APR181861)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JUNE 13th (FOC – 5/21/18)

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Cover A by Kenneth Rocafort

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Cover B by Renato Guedes

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Interior Art by Doug Braithwaite

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Interior Art by Doug Braithwaite

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Interior Art by Doug Braithwaite

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Interior Art by Doug Braithwaite

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #10 – Bloodshot Icon Variant by Kim Jung Gi

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First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 16:40

PORTLAND, OR, 04/16/2018 — Image/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce one last job for THIEF OF THIEVES, the ongoing heist series created by Robert Kirkman in 2012. Series artists Shawn Martinbrough and Adriano Lucas are joined by new writer Brett Lewis (The Winter Men).

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, James Asmus, Andy Diggle over the various arcs of this series. Having the freedom to visually create the world of Thief of Thieves and fill it with such an eclectic cast of characters has truly been a blast,” said Martinbrough. “For the final chapter, I welcome my School of Visual Arts college buddy and amazingly talented writer Brett Lewis to our crime family here at Skybound Entertainment. Together, with our superb colorist Adriano Lucas, letterer Rus Wooten, assistant editor Arielle Basich and our ever vigilant and very understanding editor Jon Mosian, we’ve been working hard to take our fans on one hell of a ride on this last job!”

Previously in THIEF OF THIEVES, readers saw master thief, Conrad Paulson, racing across Europe to be crown the greatest thief in the world… only to be taken out by his enemies. Now, Conrad Paulson is dead—or is he? And what does a notorious Russian prison have to do with it?

Find out in THIEF OF THIEVES #38, when the entire crew returns to kick off its final heist!

THIEF OF THIEVES #38 (Diamond Code MAY180273) hits stores on Wednesday, July 4. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, June 11.

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First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 15:40

Written by JC Lacek and Illustrated by Vincent Dubourg
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
UPC: 85999000253800311
Motocity’s jazz phenom Martin Comity has reached a tipping point with a mysterious new street drug aptly named New Blue. After a batched performance at the War Room which left Martin humiliated and tarnished the venues reputation, the club’s owner, Sweety, has no choice but to set an example of Martin. Realizing she has lost her star performer, Sweety sets her sights on compensation, be it blood or money. Unfortunately for the peculiar writer Benjamin Way, Sweety is convinced blame rests solely on his shoulders. JAZZ LEGEND is a neo-noir meets cosmic fantasy inspired by the lives and works of jazz great Miles Davis and the father of beat literature, Mr. William S Burroughs.

Written by James Haick III and Illustrated by Branko Jovanovic
Full Color, 32pages, $3.99
UPC:  85999000257600011
Evan Dandy is a former pro wrestler turned talk show host who has transcended the wrestling business and has become a huge pop culture superstar. On the eve of his talk show’s network premiere, Evan’s integrity and former profession come under fire. Will Evan be able to control his temper or will he lash out and put his network deal in jeopardy? Find out in the premiere episode of Scout’s new BINGE imprint!


Written by Matthew Erman and Illustrated by Lisa Sterle
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
UPC: 85999000247700711
The second chapter of LONG LOST begins here. After venturing to their southern mountain home and learning some shocking news concerning their mother, Piper and Frances have gone missing and are now lost and alone in a place unknowable. Together, they must struggle and survive as they make their way back to Hazel Patch from where ever it is that they are. Join Scout Comics in the final six chapters of the critically acclaimed series, LONG LOST.


Written by Don Handfield and James Haick III and Illustrated by Rafael Loureiro
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
UPC: 85999000256900111
Fresh from the pages of Scout Presents: The Mall Free Comic Book Day, the MALL is set in everyone’s favorite decade, the 1980’s. This coming of age crime story takes place in a small Florida town at the height of the popularity of indoor malls. Whenthe head of the Cardini Mob Family mysteriously dies, his three illegitimate children each inherit a store in the mall. While the stores front as legal businesses, the real money is in the illegal businesses. The kids are thrust into a world of crime, all the while just trying to survive normal high school life.  It’s a John Hughes movie set in the Godfather universe. Co-written by History Channel’s Knightfall writer Don Handfield and Solar Flare’s James Haick III.
Retailer Incentives: Retailers purchasing 10 copies of the Cover A will unlock unlimited orders of Cover B.Please reach out to your CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.


Written and Illustrated by Walter Ostlie
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
UPC: 85999000250700611
Sherlock Holmesmeets Ghostbusters in SHIVER BUREAU. The old horror movie adage says to “never split up”. However, when Pickle and Trish face down a shadow monster, an evil mastermind, shivers, a giant snake, and a really scary little old lady, they have no choice but to multitask. Pickle’s in a real pickle this time and Trish may not be around to berate him for his overuse of puns.


STABBITY BUNNY Volume 1 Trade Paperback
Written by Richard Rivera and Illustrated by Dwayne Biddix
Full Color, 176 pages, $19.99
ISBN: 9781635353716
Scout’s break-out hit for 2018! From the kidnapping of seven-year-old Grace to the terrifying reveal in issue six, this volume collects the first 6 issues of Stabbity Bunny!  A supernatural force has been pursuing her family for generations and Grace is now the target of this ancient evil.  Fortunately, an unexpected protector intervenes, her plush bunny, Stabbity, handed down through the family for almost 100 years.  Horror and mystery combine in this captivating, best-selling series.


Written by A.C. Medina and Illustrated by Morgan Kendrick Sawyer
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
UPC: 85999000251400411
The final stage is set for Bett, Gunnar and Manny as our three “heroes” make their last stand with the fate of the entire Bunk in their hands. It’s an epic climactic last issue for Scout Comics’ latest action, post-apocalyptic thriller, WELCOME TO PARADISE! See you all on the other side of the door…if there’s anything left! WELCOME TO PARIDISE is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly set in an underground bunker the size of California, 300 years after the Apocalypse.


Written by Ralf Singh and Thorsten Brochhaus and Illustrated by Ralf Singh
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
UPC: 85999000255200211
After their far-reaching run-in with a cult of dragon worshipers, Claire, James, and its newest addition Andrew, make their way back from the long-winding tunnels of London’s subway system to the surface to take care of some unfinished dangerous business at Piccadilly Circus. Dangerous business, that is. As Claire and Andrew grow closer, much to the discomfort of James, the curious young scientist hatches a plan with the potential to turn the war on dragons in their favor. But is he telling the truth? And what plan does a mysterious cult member have in store for James? All this, plus a glimpse into the tragic past of our main heroes, in another action packed adventure in ZINNOBERs apocalyptic dragon-ruled wasteland.

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First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 15:09

Italian hit series “Contro Natura” gets English translation for American market this July

PORTLAND, OR, 04/16/2018 — Writer/artist Mirka Andolfo (Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, DC Comics Bombshells) will bring her gorgeous sensual fantasy UNNATURAL—originally published in Italian as Contro Natura—to Image Comics this July.

In UNNATURAL, a totalitarian government patrols the personal lives of its citizens, punishing transgressors who engage in “unnatural” relationships. According to this regime, individuals may only enter into relationships with those of the same race, and different gender, as themselves.

Sweet, unassuming pig girl Leslie dreams of something different for herself. But her dreams are becoming dangerous—they’ve begun to involve a mysterious wolf, for starters. And when she wakes, she could swear she’s being watched…

“This is my first time as a creator in the American comic world, and I can’t describe how thrilled I am!” said Andolfo. “UNNATURAL is a series I worked on with passion for the last three years, and I’m happy that readers in the U.S., who’re used to seeing my art on comics written by other people, will be able to find a book I wrote, illustrated, and colored—because, to me, ‘Mirka the Creator’ is as important as ‘Mirka the Artist.’ And in addition, to improve everything, I’m so excited to have the chance to be published by Image Comics. It could not have been better.”

UNNATURAL #1, Cover A by Andolfo (Diamond code: MAY180023) and Cover B by Milo Manara (Diamond code: MAY180024), hits comic book stores Wednesday, July 4th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, June 11th.

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Submarine Shenanigans

Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 11:00

Our 5e Land of Azurth game continued last night, with the party trying to find Kully's father, Cory Keenstep, and figure out how to get him out from under the Sea King, who was holding Keenstep until he won back all the money he had lost. After some exploring of the Sea King's nautiloid manse, they discover Cory is keeping the Sea King's ex-wife, Cecaelia, company in the upstairs sitting room.

It turns out the Cecaelia is a self-absorbed, former (or at least so she claims) starlet. She's keeping Cory busy fetching her drinks, thereby frustrating her ex in two ways: by keeping sea ladies from getting up to him, and by keeping Cory from gambling with him

Cory, an old swindler, is unhelpful in collaborating with the party to make his escape. He wants them to kill (or at least suitably wound) the Sea King so they can get out with the money. This does not strike his son or any of the rest of them as a good plan. Instead, they go to talk to the Sea King, sulking in his penthouse.

The Sea King is willing to let them take Cory--if the royal treasury's gambling debt to him is cancelled and the party smuggles up some young ladies from the party past Cecaelia. The party agrees, but rather than forfeit the funds, they hatch another scheme: they'll sell Cecaelia on headlining a touring stage show in the Land of Under Sea and take her off the Sea King's hands. He'll presumably be grateful enough to let them keep the money.

A natural 20 Persuades the ex-Sea Queen of this plan. The Sea King is incredulous that anyone would want to take the high maintenance Cecaelia with them, but he agrees, tentatively. Cory suggests this is a bad plan and they should just make a break for it.

In this, the party soon begins to realize, he may be right. Logistics of supplying Cecaelia the staff she needs and taking her with them prove daunting, and the Sea King is stingy with extra funds. Ultimately, they decide to stick Cory with her and deal with all this later--only to to find he's slunk off to the submarine and left them holding the bag!

The party takes off too, and makes it to the submarine where they resume there voyage, but they don't get far. The Sea King, grown to giant size, grabs the submarine and flings it through the water a great distance. When they finally right themselves and are able to take bearings. Cog announces that they are lost!

RICH INTERVIEWS: Bin Lee Co-Creator/Co-Writer for Delegates

First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 02:17

First Comics News: How did you and Tina Cesa Ward come up with the idea for “Delegates”?

Bin Lee: I don’t recall the exact thing that gave me the idea, but I think as automation and machine learning became adopted in everyday life, I wondered what would happen if it blended with the government.

1st: Who are the main characters in “Delegates” and what are they like?

Bin: Marla Drake is our main character. She’s our kind of like the reader’s avatar, but definitely not passive. She has a sense of duty as a bodyguard but also conflicted while processing the revelations about Aminah. Aminah is the president that Marla is protecting, but we soon discover she’s an android created by Marla’s employers. Other important characters are Saito (Aminah’s creator), Victoria (Saito and Marla’s boss), and Osi (Aminah’s head of security).

1st: What genre would you consider the “Delegates” comic?

Bin: We describe it as a science-fiction political drama. The themes and characters are serious, but we also make sure the artists inject a bit of fun and excitement.

1st: Why is Marla important to the story in “Delegates”?

Bin: I guess you can say she’s our moral compass. Most of the story is told through her eyes, but her reactions to the events and revelations does the heavy lifting in giving the story heart and brains. We hope to challenge the reader constantly, and that they’ll ask themselves “how do I feel about this?” or “what would I do differently in this situation?”.

1st: Why have the “Delegates” take place in Africa?

Bin: A few reasons. Mainly because I thought it was a setting not portrayed very often/fairly in mainstream media. Usually, you only see stories about famine, blood diamonds, civil war, or historical slavery. And usually, the characters are helpless, needing the help of foreign (white) saviors. I wanted to see stories that take place in Africa with regular citizens having initiative. While most of our main characters are foreign, we wanted to make sure we surround them with minor characters were diverse, distinct and relatable.

1st: What did you enjoy most about making “Office Ninja”?

Bin: The camaraderie. I loved the collaborative atmosphere we created, in which we used teamwork to make the shoot go super-smooth, yet we also didn’t forget the joy of making art and savoring each other’s company.

1st: Why do you like working in the entertainment industry?

Bin: I’m not sure I’m technically working since I haven’t found a sustainable financial lifestyle yet, LOL. But I enjoy the ability to create unique stories, the challenge of making something memorable, and I’m constantly humbled by the collaborations with folks more talented and hard-working than me.

1st: On “Delegates” who are the artists and what do you think of their work?

Bin: Sabrina Deigert and Leigh Walls were instrumental in creating the template for our characters and the fictional country of Fulawodaabe for Issue #1. But Felipe Cunha and Doug Garbark did a lot of heavy lifting as well, taking the story to the next level as the story progresses in the next 5 issues.

1st: Which character in “Delegates” are you most like?

Bin: Heh, I think I see a little bit of me in each character. Saito and I have similar backgrounds, being Asian-Americans working in software. But I would have to say, Marla. Like her, my views on technology in society are constantly evolving with every new development and asking “is this the right direction?”.

1st: What can we look forward to in future issues of “Delegates”?

Bin: As the story expands, our characters will encounter larger challenges, some external, some internal. We dig deeper into how Aminah’s programming affects her and those around her, which raises more questions for Marla (and hopefully the readers).

1st: Do you have any ideas for more comics?

Bin: Currently, we’re spit-balling on an adventure sci-fi story taking place on the clouds of Venus.

1st: Would you like to be President of Africa, what would you do if you were?

Bin: Co-writing this story has definitely made me think harder about what it takes to be a leader and what government’s role in American society. I don’t think I have the personality to accept responsibility for an entire nation, let alone a continent of over 50 countries, LOL.

1st: Any words for the readers of “Delegates”?

Bin: Well, I definitely want to thank the readers for taking a chance on us. We hope they’ll find the story worth sticking around for 30 issues, and that they’ll find the themes as thought-provoking and the characters as memorable as we found them to be on this journey.

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RICH INTERVIEWS: Tina Cesa Ward Co-Creator/Co-Writer for Delegates

First Comics News - Mon, 04/16/2018 - 02:17

First Comics News: How did you and Bin Lee get together to work on “Delegates”?

Tina Cesa Ward : Bin and I both come from live action production and both used the same producer on our projects, Allison Vanore. She had mentioned to me that Bin was looking for a co-writer and I was really excited about the idea of working in comics and getting the opportunity to work in a genre I had been wanting to for some time. Bin and I met, we got on well, and then the rest is history.

1st: Can you tell us the storyline in “Delegates”?

Tina: The fictional African nation of Fulawodaabe. President Aminah Kokumo and her undercover African-American bodyguard, Marla Drake, are forced out of the capital when there is a coup. A secret is revealed about the nature of Aminah, as she flees to safety. And Marla, as well as other Aminah supporters along the way, are forced into deciding whether they still support Aminah once her secret is revealed. And not only support Aminah but also support the circumstances in which she’s been created.

1st: Why do you and Bin Lee switch off writing duties with each issue?

Tina: Beginning of each arc Bin and I would sit down for three weeks and work out the storylines for that arc, as well as what needs to happen in each issue. So once we had that done we would go off and write the issues. Writing an issue solo worked for us better than writing together. We always knew what was going into each issue but writing solo gave us a chance to also explore some things that didn’t come out in the brainstorming session. And doing every other issue kept us moving along pretty efficiently.

1st: What makes Madame President stand out?

Tina: I think she has the ability to make you feel comforted and taken care of and at the same time she can decide that maybe your life isn’t as valuable as the big picture. It’s a fascinating combination. She also has the ability to learn from every action and every situation so her abilities to be a great leader is limitless.

1st: For you which character do you most like in “Delegates”?

Tina: It’s hard for me to chose, it’s like picking your favorite child. I don’t think that’s something you ever want to reveal.

1st: How is writing for film different than writing for a comic?

Tina: Budget. It’s not the only difference but as an indie producer, the biggest advantage of writing comic books is that I can write whatever I want and not worry about if it’s physically or monetarily possible. It frees you up so creatively, it’s a wonderful thing.

1st: What is your comic “Guards of Dagmar” about?

Tina: “It’s lunchtime. Stand guard.” Tom has given up his dreams to be a star chef and takes a job as a cafeteria cook in a residency for the developmentally and intellectually disabled. There he’s met by Daniel, a lifelong resident of Dagmar who witnessed the choking death of his friend during lunchtime. Daniel is convinced monsters killed his friend and now stands guard at lunchtime trying to prevent the same fate from happening to anyone else. Tom’s arrival and his insistence to change the residency’s menu has Daniel convinced Tom is actually a new guard sent to Dagmar to help protect them. And when Tom witnesses some unexplained events followed by the appearance of a mysterious woman, his skepticism about the monsters of Dagmar starts to turn to fear of the possibility Daniel may be right.

“Dagmar” started as a live-action series that I pitched around town that no one really understood, but I loved the story so much I wanted to get it out there and then perhaps I would go re-pitch with the comic in hand.

1st: Why did you get into writing comics?

Tina: I always had interest in comics and started years ago writing scripts for comic books as submission pieces, and then finally, with the digital age we now have our chance to get our work out into the world without gatekeepers. So here I am.

1st: Which super-hero would you most like to write a comic book about?

Tina: I’ve always had a love for Batgirl. But I would really have to find a story that has not yet been explored in order to take that on.

1st: Which superpower would you most like to have and why?

Tina: Probably flying. You could probably get places faster and to just be able to rise up above the noise seems like heaven.

1st: Why should people watch “Producing Juliet”?

Tina: If you’re interested in the independent theater scene and all the drama that goes on and off stage, this series is for you.

1st: What is next in your career?

Tina: Generally just hoping to get more opportunities to tell unique stories with unique characters whether that is on the web, tv or with comic books.

1st: Do you like to play or watch baseball?

Tina: Both. Although it’s hard to get a game of baseball together. However, I do have a game of catch with a friend whenever we can spare the time. Playing catch is actually a fun way to catch up with your friends.

1st: Any words to say to the fans of “Delegates”?

Tina: Thank you. Thank you. Without you, we’re nothing. Keep reading.

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The Crossover That Will Change the Universe Forever … Auroraman Annual #1

First Comics News - Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:44

Crossovers. A sales tool employed but the Big Two comic book publishers. Always hyped and almost always a transparent vehicle to shake-up the status quo. We have seen so many of them in recent years that “event fatigue” is a real thing. But every so often a crossover comes along that shines with the wonderful nostalgia of the old Justice League of America and Justice Society of America team-ups. The Adventures of Auroraman Annual #1 is one of those bright lights.

Auroraman Annual 1 Cover

Full disclosure time. I am involved with a group called The Canadian Comic Book Alliance with my own fledgeling character, Kaptain Polska. I have also edited several Auroraman issues. And while this book features all three I had almost no involvement in the production of this comic book except a quick proofread of a near-final review copy.

“Breaking the world record for largest collection of independent Canadian Super-Heroes teaming up in a single issue!” That’s how the press release for The Adventures of Auroraman Annual #1 starts. Independently verified by one of the top Canadian comic book historians this issue features over twenty characters from independent Canadian comic book creators.

The creative team of Donovan Yaciuk, James Zintel, Justin Shauf, & Andrew Thomas put together a silly and fun nostalgia trip that should bring a smile to your face. In typical Canadian humour ridiculousness, an ancient demon called Proto-Master Psykorr has landed in Auroraman’s reality. Hell-bent on destroying everything in his path.

“From a secret base in Canada, the bravest and most heroic individuals of all time prepare to launch their desperate, last-ditch attempt to save all of existence, and it all rests on the shoulders on Humboldt’s own….. AURORAMAN!”

Auroraman Annual 1 Splash page

Donovan Yaciuk’s trip down memory lane story is enhanced by the witty scripting of James Zintel. I don’t know who is responsible for what line but the off-beat humour is filled with so many genuine “laugh out loud” moments. The story is told in two parts with a framing sequence featuring all the characters and their epic battle. But the best bits are the centre part featuring a side-lined Auroraman, Spacepig Hamadeaus (I giggle every time I have to write down that name, so good) and Spacesquatch.

Justin Schaf’s art on the framing sequences is stylish but approachable. A strong superhero look but still very unique. Easily my favourite Canadian independent artist out there today. James Zindel handles the centre story’s art and James is no slouch either. If Justin’s work rates a 9.9/10 James is a 9.8999. A nice clean cartoonist style that works great with the fun tone of the comic. Donovan Yaciuk also handles colouring chores on the book and if you are looking for a lesson in colour theory and professional, top-notch colouring, Donovan is your man. Every shade, every highlight is perfect. He even changes his lighting technique between the two segments perfectly. A master class in colouring. Andrew Thomas displays his usual high-quality letter on the book. Panels seem intuitively placed, clean and never obstructive or distracting.

This is one heck of a fun ride if you have the right sense of humour and a love for quirky comics. Available for preorder on Gumroad

Issue: Adventures of Auroraman Annual #1 | Publisher: Minijeff Productions
Writers: Donovan Yaciuk & James Zintel | Artists: Justin Shauf, James Zintel & Donovan Yaciuk
Lettering: Andrew Thomas | Editor: Donovan Yaciuk
Price: $4.50 – 28 pages

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Underground Comics is Almost Here

Sorcerer's Skull - Sun, 04/15/2018 - 14:00

First mentioned six months ago, Underground Comics #1 is now nearing completion! It will be 36-pages and 6 black and white features of dungeon-related stuff. Jeff Call debuts that delvers best friend, "Dungeon Dog." James V. West uncovers a lost poem of Barrowstain Goodly, Great of the Brownie poets in "The Ballad of the Doomed Delvers." Karl Stjernberg gives us a glimpse of the dungeoneer "Before and After."

A veritable treasure trove, right? But we're not done. There's also OSR art luminaries like Jason Sholtis, Luka Rejec, and the legendary Stefan Poag!

Look for it in POD and digital in June.


First Comics News - Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:30

A short fan film in tribute of the rarely used Superhero, Captain Marvel, or as he’s sometimes called “Shazam”. CREDITS: Music – Shazam TV series theme song, Epic Superhero Theme Music by Mikhael Bureau, A Superhero Theme by Scott Ampleford. Video images are from the Shazam TV series, Touch TV series, Legends of the Superheroes TV Special, Clash of the Titans, and Conan the Barbarian.

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First Comics News - Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:26

This week’s cosplay girl of the week Taty Feres

If you would like to be the Cosplay Girl of the Week!
Please send your photo to and you will be considered for inclusion in a future edition of Superhero Girls!

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First Comics News - Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:23

This week’s Cosplay Dude of the Week

If you would like to be the Cosplay Dude of the Week!
Please send your photo to and you will be considered for inclusion in a future edition of Superhero Dudes!

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