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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 21:26
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo—Cover A: Stan Sakai—GEM OF THE MONTH
  • Stan Sakai (w & a & c)
  • The TMNT are teleported to a world of talking animals—the world of Usagi Yojimbo! When the samarai rabbit embarks on a quest to save Japan and the deadly Jei blocks his path, a Turtle team-up may be the only chance for survival!
  • FC • 48 pages • $7.99
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo—Cover B: Sergio Aragonés
  • Stan Sakai (w & a) • Sergio Aragonés (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $7.99
  • The crossover YOU demanded!
  • Written and illustrated by Usagi Yojimbo creator and comics legend Stan Sakai!
  • Variant cover by David Petersen!
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo—Hardcover Edition
  • Stan Sakai (w & a & c)
  • The TMNT are teleported to a world of talking animals—the world of Usagi Yojimbo! When the samarai rabbit embarks on a quest to save Japan and the deadly Jei blocks his path, a Turtle team-up may be the only chance for survival!
  • FC • HC • 72 pages • $14.99
  • Special collector’s hardcover edition!
  • Packed with extras like layouts, pin-ups, character studies and more!
TMNT Amazing Adventures: Robotanimals! #2—Cover A: Chad Thomas
  • Caleb Goellner (w) • Chad Thomas (a & c)
  • Baxter Stockman seeks to turn all mutants into robots… that he can control, of course! The TMNT must work together like never before if they are to overcome the Robotanimals, and Baxter’s next surprise!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
TMNT Amazing Adventures: Robotanimals! #2—Cover B: Billy Martin
  • Caleb Goellner (w) • Chad Thomas (a) • Billy Martin (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Mecha-danger and mega laughs!
  • Variant cover by Ryan Jampole!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #72—Cover A: Dave Wachter
  • Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) • Dave Wachter (a & c)
  • “Pantheon Family Reunion,” Part 2 of 2. A group of powerful and mysterious beings who decide the course of history can’t seem to stop arguing with each other. What happens when they realize that mutants may threaten their world order?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #72—Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) • Dave Wachter (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • New allies and enemies emerge!
  • Only 3 more issues until the landmark 75th issue!
  • Variant cover by Kevin Eastman!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #12—Cover A: Freddie Williams II
  • Erik Burnham (w) • Sophie Campbell (a) • Freddie Williams II (c)
  • “Karai’s Path,” part 1 of 4. Karai has always embodied the Foot Clan. With the Clan under the control of Splinter, what path will Karai take during her travels in Japan? Danger and intrigue await Karai, Koya, and Bludgeon!
  • FC • 32 pages • $4.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #12—Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Erik Burnham (w) • Sophie Campbell (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $4.99
  • An exciting new story arc that will have serious ramifications for the TMNT!
  • From TMNT fan-favorite creators Erik Burnham and Sophie Campbell!
  • Don’t miss the Shredder cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Sophie Campbell!
Rom Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor #1—Cover A: Alex Milne—SPOTLIGHT
  • John Barber & Christos Gage (w) • Alex Milne (a & c)
  • Meet the universe’s only Cybertronian Solstar Knight! Hundreds of years ago, Rom discovered Stardrive, the sole survivor of a doomed space probe. Stardrive committed herself to protecting the galaxy from the Dire Wraiths… but when the Decepticon called Starscream makes a deadly deal, Rom and the Transformers are forced into a collision course… with Stardrive caught between two worlds!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Rom Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor #1—Cover B: Nick Roche
  • John Barber & Christos Gage (w) • Alex Milne (a) • Nick Roche (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Rom Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor #1—Cover C: Paolo Villanelli
  • John Barber & Christos Gage (w) • Alex Milne (a) • Paolo Villanelli (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • An all-star lineup of Christos Gage (Rom), John Barber (Optimus Prime), and Alex Milne (More Than Meets the Eye) tell the never-before-revealed secret history of Rom and the Transformers!
  • Introducing a major new character!
  • Variant cover by David Lafuente!
Rom #13—Cover A: David Lafuente
  • Chris Ryall & Christos Gage (w) • David Messina, Guy Dorian & Sal Buscema (a) • David Lafuente (c)
  • “Long Roads to Ruin,” part 3. The penultimate issue of Rom’s opening salvo against the Wraiths! But whose side are Orphion and Livia on?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Rom #13—Cover B: Chris Panda
  • Chris Ryall & Christos Gage (w) • David Messina, Guy Dorian & Sal Buscema (a) • Chris Panda (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Rom #13—Cover C: Richard Wentworth
  • Chris Ryall & Christos Gage (w) • David Messina, Guy Dorian & Sal Buscema (a) • Richard Wentworth (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Rom #13—Cover D: Raffaele Ienco

  • Chris Ryall & Christos Gage (w) • David Messina, Guy Dorian & Sal Buscema (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Don’t miss the Rom cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Raffaele Ienco!
Hasbro Presents: Revolution Complete
  • John Barber & Cullen Bunn & Various (w) • Fico Ossio & Various (a) • James Biggie (c)
  • THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Celebrating more than a decade of stories by IDW and HASBRO, this unprecedented event draws everything together—and leaves nothing standing. The REVOLUTION is here—TAKE A STAND!
  • Collects Revolution issues #0–5 as well as all of the Revolution One-Shots, including Transformers, G.I. JOE, Action Man, Rom, Micronauts, and M.A.S.K., with an expanded cover gallery.
  • HC • FC • $49.99 • 328 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-965-3
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • The complete Revolution saga in one oversized hardcover!
Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #3 (of 3)— Cover A: Fico Ossio
  • John Barber & Various (w) • Robert Atkins & Various (a) • Fico Ossio (c)
  • If you’re new to the Hasbro Universe or a long-time fan, this book is for you! Featuring a veritable TON of bios on your favorite characters, from P to Z, plus papercraft projects, a map of the Heliopolis, the Micronauts’ ship, and a fantastic story leading in to the next huge Hasbro event!
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #3 (of 3)— Cover B: Sam Lotfi
  • John Barber & Various (w) • Robert Atkins & Various (a) • Sam Lotfi (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
  • Written by today’s top Hasbro U talent including John Barber, Aubrey Sitterson, Chris Ryall, David Mariotte, Brandon Easton, Cullen Bunn, Mairghread Scott, and Jimmy Johnston.
  • Art by some of today’s top Hasbro Universe artists including Robert Atkins, Guido Guidi, Simon Gough, Marcelo Ferreira, Fico Ossio, and Jack Lawrence!
  • Exclusive paper-crafts, posters and stories in every issue!
  • Variant cover by Marcelo Borstelmann!
Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #4— Cover A: Alex Ronald
  • Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Alex Ronald (c)
  • The threat of Karza enerchanged with Micronus Prime has the Earth prepared to bow down before him. Oz and the Micronauts are undaunted though. With the help of the Transformers, Oz thinks they can win. What will become of Acroyear? And what does the arrival of a Time Traveler mean?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #4— Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Don’t miss the Baron Karza cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Andrew Griffith!
M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #9— Cover A: Ryan Brown
  • Brandon Easton (w) • Igor Lima (a) • Ryan Brown (c)
  • In the penultimate chapter of M.A.S.K., Matt Trakker and his allies battle massive mutated creatures in the bowels of the Earth as an internal power struggle threatens to tear the team apart. The secret infiltrator continues to sow distrust, if M.A.S.K. survives the monsters, can they survive each other?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #9— Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Brandon Easton (w) • Igor Lima (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #9— Cover C: Aurelio Mazzara
  • Brandon Easton (w) • Igor Lima (a) • Aurelio Mazzara (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Don’t miss the Matt Trakker cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Marcelo Perez Dalannays!
  • John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Igor Lima (c)
  • OPTIMUS PRIME VS. BARON IRONBLOOD! The final mystery is revealed as Baron Ironblood reveals his true identity! Only by teaming with Transformers leader Optimus Prime do the Revolutionaries have a chance to save Earth—and the whole Hasbro universe! The senses-shattering conclusion to Revolutionaries leads directly into next month’s massive crossover event!
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
REVOLUTIONARIES #8—Cover B: Tone Rodriguez
  • John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Tone Rodriguez (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
REVOLUTIONARIES #8—Cover C: Santipérez
  • John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Santipérez (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
  • Special, over-sized series finale! Everything has been leading up to the earth shattering revelations found in this issue!
  • With major repercussions, the countdown to the next major event starts here!
  • Variant cover by Pierre Droal!
Optimus Prime #9—Cover A: Kei Zama
  • John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a & c)
  • THE LIFE OF SIDESWIPE! A Junkion machine finally gives long-injured Sideswipe a new lease on life! But when his brother goes missing, Sideswipe and Arcee return to Cybertron—and nothing will be the same between them ever again.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Optimus Prime #9—Cover B: Casey W. Coller
  • John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a) • Casey W. Coller (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Optimus Prime #9—Cover C: Tom Whalen
  • John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Don’t miss the Optimus Prime cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by ZEROB!
Transformers: Lost Light #8—Cover A: Jack Lawrence
  • James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a & c)
  • THE HUNT IS ON! Ever lost something and spent forever looking for it? Try visiting Troja Major, the lost property capital of the universe. Just bear in mind that it’s better known by another name: the Howling Town. And the Autobots are about to find out why.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Transformers: Lost Light #8—Cover B: Nick Roche
  • James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a) • Nick Roche (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Transformers: Lost Light #8—Cover C: Tom Whalen
  • James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Don’t miss the Megatron cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Alex Milne!
Transformers: Till All Are One #12—Cover A: Sara Pitre-Durocher
  • Mairghread Scott (w) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (a & c)
  • Starscream makes his most desperate move yet in order to protect himself from Elita One’s rising power. But for once the master of manipulation’s only choice is to make himself helpless to another. Good thing no one’s got a grudge against Starscream, right?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Transformers: Till All Are One #12—Cover B : Priscilla Tramontano
  • Mairghread Scott (w) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (a) • Priscilla Tramontano (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Leading into next month’s major crossover event!
  • Variant cover by ZEROB!
Transformers: The IDW Collection Phase Two, Vol. 6
  • John Barber, James Roberts, Mairghread Scott (w) • Phil Jimenez, Andrew Griffith, Sarah Stone, Brendan Cahill, Atilio Rojo, James Raiz, Livio Ramondelli, Nick Roche, Robert Gill, Alex Milne (a) • Guido Guidi (c)
  • Presenting IDW’s Transformers comics in preferred reading order! The end of everything! Shockwave makes a move millions of years in the planning—an ultimate strategy to remake Cybertron and destroy both the Autobots and Decepticons! Only the combined forces of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Rodimus can save their world—but billions of miles and eons of war leave our heroes divided, in “Dark Cybertron.” Plus, Windblade takes the planet by storm—but where did she come from—and what does her secret mean for the future of the Transformers?
  • Collects Dark Cybertron #1 and Finale, More Than Meets The Eye issues #23–27, Robots In Disguise issues #23–27, and Windblade issues #1–4.
  • HC • FC • $49.99 • 388 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-085-7
  • Advance Solicited for September release!
  • The best way to catch up on the Transformers universe!
G.I. JOE #8— Cover A: Aaron Conley
  • Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Giannis Milonogiannis (a) • Aaron Conley (c)
  • It’s the battle you’ve been waiting for! No, not G.I. Joe versus Cobra… it’s Snake Eyes versus Quick Kick! When Snake Eyes steps out of bounds, only Quick Kick stands in the way of the ninja commando. Who is the team’s true martial arts champion? Well, you’ve gotta read to find out!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
G.I. JOE #8— Cover B: Giannis Milonogiannis
  • Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Giannis Milonogiannis (a & c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
G.I. JOE #8— Cover C: Tom Whalen
  • Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Giannis Milonogiannis (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Don’t miss the Snake Eyes cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Santipérez!
G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #242— Cover A: S L Gallant
  • Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a & c)
  • Just when things seem back to normal for the Joes—well, as normal as things can get for our heroes—nefarious forces once again plot their doom! Who will step up this time to face off against the latest threat to justice, freedom, and liberty?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #242— Cover B: John Royle
  • Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a) • John Royle (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Clue #2 (of 6)— Cover A: Derek Charm
  • Paul Allor (w) • Nelson Daniel (a) • Derek Charm (c)
  • After multiple murders rock the mansion, our earnest investigators discover a mysterious room that may hold all the answers. Meanwhile, Upton works to make all the guests happy—and keep them alive!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Clue #2 (of 6)— Cover B: Nelson Daniel
  • Paul Allor (w) • Nelson Daniel (a & c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Clue #2 (of 6)— Cover C: Nick Roche
  • Paul Allor (w) • Nelson Daniel (a) • Nick Roche (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant’s Fury TPB—SPOTLIGHT
  • Jim Zub (w) • Netho Diaz (a) • Max Dunbar (c)
  • Mighty giants stir across the land and before their crushing might, nothing is safe. Badly injured after their encounters in the Demiplane of Dread and now lost in the frozen northern reaches of the Forgotten Realms, the Baldur’s Gate heroes will be tested like never before. Roll for initiative, a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure begins!
  • TPB • FC • $19.99 • 120 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-928-8
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “The most recent example of D&D’s influence comes by way of the Netflix original series Stranger Things.” –Geek and Sundry
Ghostbusters 101 #5 (of 6)— Cover A: Dan Schoening
  • Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a & c)
  • The Ghostbusters have found out what’s bringing their dimensions together—and for once, it doesn’t have anything to do with a sinister beam of light heading into the sky! Tech nerds from two dimensions will need to put their heads together and build something that’ll solve the problem (and at least half of them hope any solution includes a satisfying explosion!).
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Ghostbusters 101 #5 (of 6)— Cover B: Tim Lattie
  • Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a) • Tim Lattie (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip—Certified Cool
  • Erik Burnham (w) • Dan Schoening (a & c)
  • When a confrontation with the vengeful elder god Proteus goes awry, Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon will meet… The Real Ghostbusters! But even the combined might of eight ’Busters may not be enough to stop Proteus from getting his revenge. Plus, the guys pack their bags and head international! After a bust at the United Nations the boys, and girls, in gray are engaged to investigate some Old World hauntings, where they begin to unravel a mystery that sends them around the globe.
  • Collects the 2015 Annual, the Get Real mini-series, and Ghostbusters International #1–11.
  • HC • FC • $49.99 • 380 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-960-8
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • New introduction by director Ivan Reitman.
Back to the Future #22— Cover A: Marcelo Ferreira—SPOTLIGHT
  • Bob Gale & John Barber (w) • Marcelo Ferreira (a & c)
  • “TIME SERVED, PART 1!” On a mission to uncover the secrets that sent Jailbird Joey Baines to prison, Marty is trapped in 1972—and the DeLorean has vanished! Things go from bad to worse when Biff Tannen teams with 18-year-old Joey to break into a house… and they drag Marty along! Their target: Doc Brown’s mom!!!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Back to the Future #22— Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Bob Gale & John Barber (w) • Marcelo Ferreira (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The bombastic beginning of the final arc for this first volume of BTTF ongoing stories, concluding with a special double-sized issue #25!
  • Don’t miss the Doc Brown cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
Star Trek: Boldly Go #10—Cover A: George Caltsoudas
  • Mike Johnson (w) • Tony Shasteen (a) • George Caltsoudas (c)
  • Scotty returns to the Yorktown base to check in on construction of the new Enterprise… only to find that building the flagship comes with unexpected perils!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Star Trek: Boldly Go #10—Cover B: Jason Badower
  • Mike Johnson (w) • Tony Shasteen (a) • Jason Badower (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Variant cover by Cryssy Cheung!
Star Trek: New Visions, Vol. 5
  • John Byrne (w & a & c)
  • All-new, feature-length tales set in the Star Trek: The Original Series universe, done in a unique, one-of-a-kind photomontage style. This volume collects the stories “Swarm,” “The Hidden Face,” “Sam,” and the never-collected-before short story “More the Serpent Than the Dove.”
  • Collects issues #12–14.
  • TPB • FC • $17.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-088-8
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “Byrne’s writing is strong, as always, and his story line is courageous in using Star Trek to address social issues often viewed as a ‘third rail’ in other forms of discourse.” –ComicWow.TV
Star Trek/Green Lantern, Vol. 2: Stranger Worlds—SPOTLIGHT
  • Mike Johnson (w) • Angel Hernandez (a & c)
  • The galaxy-spanning crossover epic continues in this sequel to the blockbuster STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR! Captain Kirk and Hal Jordan lead the combined might of Starfleet and the Lantern Corps on an all-new adventure against new foes!
  • HC • FC • $24.99 • 152 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-966-0
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • “This issue has all the action and adventure you’d expect to find and the surprises at the end make this installment a great read.” — Blog of Oa
  • “Stranger Worlds is terrific fun for comic book fans of both Star Trek and Green Lantern.” — TrekMovie
Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics, Vol. 3
  • Various (w) • John Stokes, Jim Baikie, John Canning, Ron Turner, Frank Bellamy (a) • Various (c)
  • This third volume reprints all comics from 1972 to 1979 and concludes the 3-volume series that presents the complete Star Trek UK comics. Bonus material includes various one-shots and annuals, as well as strips created for various merchandise and toys. Star Trek expert Rich Handley provides the second half of a detailed encyclopedia of all things Star Trek from these British comics. Exploring the minutiae is half the fun of enjoying a franchise, and when it comes to Trek, there’s no end of trivia to devour.
  • HC • FC • $49.99 • 272 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-967-7
  • Advance Solicited for September release!
  • “The book is a marvelously oddball artifact of Trek lore. The stories themselves are similar to what Gold Key was publishing in America—that is to say, cheesy and clunky but charming nonetheless. The difference, though, is that the UK strips are flat-out gorgeous.” —
Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken #3 (of 6)—Cover A: J.K. Woodward
  • Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • J.K. Woodward (a & c)
  • The heist is on! Jean-Luc Picard and his cadre of mutineers set their plan into action, with the spoils the greatest prize of all: the Empire’s only Galaxy-class starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken #3 (of 6)—Cover B: George Caltsoudas
  • Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • J.K. Woodward (a) • George Caltsoudas (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • As seen on Free Comic Book Day!
  • With the arrival of the Enterprise’s new Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher comes another question: whose side will she be on?
  • Variant cover by Tony Shasteen!
Star Trek Waypoint #6—Cover A: Gabriel Hardman
  • Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko (w) • Gabriel Hardman, Christopher Herndon (a) Gabriel Hardman (c)
  • Nurse Chapel questions whether or not to continue her medical training until a shuttle incident prompts her to make decisions that will forever change her future. In the second story, Captain Kirk is forced to work with the Romulans after a biological weapon is unleashed, with unexpected – and surprising – results.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Star Trek Waypoint #6—Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko (w) • Gabriel Hardman, Christopher Herndon (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • 2 stories from the fan-favorite Image sci-fi hit, INVISIBLE REPUBLIC!
  • One story from the Original Series era, and one from the never-before-seen Phase II era!
  • Don’t miss the Original Series Spock cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Photo variant cover!
The X-Files #16—Cover A: menton3
  • Joe Harris (w) • Matthew Dow Smith (a) • menton3 (c)
  • “Resistance,” Part 3 (of 4): With Scully under arrest, Mulder must partner with a hated enemy in order to bring down a corrupt official.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
The X-Files #16—Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Joe Harris (w) • Matthew Dow Smith (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Executive produced by The X-Files creator Chris Carter!
  • Don’t miss the Flukeman cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
The X-Files: Origins—Dog Days of Summer #2 (of 4)—Cover A: Chris Fenoglio & Corin Howell
  • Jody Houser & Matthew Dow Smith (w) • Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell (a & c)
  • Before the FBI, before the X-Files, they were just two teenagers in search of the truth. On Martha’s Vineyard, a strange encounter with a deaf girl sends 13-year-old Fox Mulder on the hunt for a mysterious signal. While in San Diego, young Dana Scully looks into a plane crash somehow tied to the man she helped put in jail. Two kids, two mysteries, one conspiracy that threatens the future of humanity.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
The X-Files: Origins—Dog Days of Summer #2 (of 4)—Cover B: Cat Staggs
  • Jody Houser & Matthew Dow Smith (w) • Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell • Cat Staggs (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The hit miniseries of last summer returns!
  • Mulder and Scully star in separate tales depicting their teen years!
  • See what made them into the characters we’ve come to love!
  • Especially crafted for young adult readers!
  • Mystery novel variant covers by Cat Staggs (Orphan Black)!
Orphan Black: Deviations #5 (of 6)—Cover A: Cat Staggs
  • Heli Kennedy (w) • Wayne Nichols (a) • Cat Staggs (c)
  • In a world where Sarah managed to save Beth from taking her own life! With this single twist of fate, the Clone Club comes together in a completely different manner and the mystery of Project LEDA unfolds in new, exiting ways! See all your favorite characters return in an all-new light!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Orphan Black: Deviations #5 (of 6)—Cover B: Fico Ossio
  • Heli Kennedy (w) • Wayne Nichols (a) • Fico Ossio (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Find out what happens in a world… where Sarah saved Beth!
  • Ask your retailer about the papercraft covers!
  • Variant cover by Kelly Blake!
Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth #4— Cover A: Ulises Fariñas
  • Ulises Fariñas & Erick Freitas (w) • Daniel Irizarri (a) • Ulises Fariñas (c)
  • Judge Dredd continues his mission to restore order to a lawless land! With settlements overflowing with garbage and sewage, Dredd goes on a mission of mercy. It’s a dirty job, but Dredd’s gotta do it!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth #4— Cover B: Tom Whalen
  • Ulises Fariñas & Erick Freitas (w) • Daniel Irizarri (a) • Tom Whalen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The sequel to the critically acclaimed Mega-City Zero storyline continues!
  • Don’t miss the Judge Dredd cover by Mondo artist Tom Whalen, part of our Tom Whalen Cover Month!
  • Variant cover by Valentin Ramon!
24: Legacy—Rules of Engagement #4 (of 5)— Cover A: Georges Jeanty
  • Christopher Farnsworth (w) • Antonio Fuso (a) • Georges Jeanty (c)
  • The clock has been reset with 24: Legacy, and this limited series explores the past of its new leading character, Eric Carter, who led the elite squad responsible for killing an infamous terrorist leader and, consequently, forced into hiding. But before he was a national hero and a wanted man, Carter learned the Rules of Engagement in the streets of Iraq and Washington, D.C.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
24: Legacy—Rules of Engagement #4 (of 5)— Cover B: Photo
  • Christopher Farnsworth (w) • Antonio Fuso (a) • Photo (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Based on the new hit iteration of the 24 franchise!
  • Executive produced by Manny Coto and Evan Katz, writers of the show!
  • Covers by Georges Jeanty (Serenity)!
  • ach issue will have a photo cover featuring the cast of the show!
  • Written by Christopher Farnsworth, journalist, screenwriter and the author of The President’s Vampire series.
Kull Eternal #2— Cover A: Luca Pizzari
  • Tom Waltz (w) • Luca Pizzari (a) • Luca Pizzari (c)
  • Robert E. Howard’s legendary warrior king returns! Kull of Atlantis as been called from his mysterious mirror limbo throughout America’s history to wage battle during major crisis events—so-called Fourth Turnings—that mark the death of one age and the birth of another, greater one. Now, the time as come for the final Turning… but can Kull survive America’s greatest crisis and claim his long-prophesized New Atlantean throne?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Kull Eternal #2— Cover B: Alex Sanchez
  • Tom Waltz (w) • Luca Pizzari (a) • Alex Sanchez (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Robert E. Howard’s legendary warrior king as you’ve never seen him before!
  • Written by Tom Waltz (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and illustrated by Luca Pizzari (Marvel’s Black Knight).
  • Action, adventure, romance, and political intrigue spanning the ages!
  • Variant cover by Julio Das Pastoras!

Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #2 (of 5) —Cover A: Chris Evenhuis
  • Beau Smith (w) • Angel Hernandez (a) • Chris Evenhuis (c)
  • As Wynonna Earp’s old gang—The Banditos—start dropping one by the one, the villains responsible for the hit job reveal themselves. They want something The Banditos hid away long ago—and Wynonna is the key!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #2 (of 5)—Cover B: Photo
  • Beau Smith (w) • Angel Hernandez (a) • Photo (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Never-before-told story that ties into Syfy’s Wynonna Earp TV series!
  • Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy in June!
  • Secrets of Wynonna Earp’s past revealed!
Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #10— Cover A: Ilias Kyriazis
  • Arvind Ethan David (w) • Ilias Kyriazis (a & c)
  • With Dirk’s fateful decision made, will he meet his maker? Guest starring Douglas Adams himself! Featuring favorite characters from the original books as well as the cast from the TV series, including Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #10— Cover B: Photo
  • Arvind Ethan David (w) • Ilias Kyriazis (a) • Photo (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The star of two (almost three) beloved Douglas Adams novels!
  • Written by executive producer of the TV series Arvind Ethan David!
  • Executive produced by Max Landis (Chronicle and Superman: American Alien), the writer of the BBC America TV series!
  • Each issue will have a photo cover featuring the cast of the show!
  • Variant cover by Robert Hack!
Darkness Visible #6— Cover A: Livio Ramondelli
  • Mike Carey & Arvind Ethan David (w) • Livio Ramondelli (a & c)
  • When the demons came, humanity reluctantly learned to share the world with another sentient race. Eighty years later, this uneasy co-existence has spawned an endless terrorist conflict. This special issue, with guest artist Livio Ramondelli, reveals the secret backstory of forensic scientist Glory Kullinek.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Darkness Visible #6— Cover B: Dave Kendall
  • Mike Carey & Arvind Ethan David (w) • Livio Ramondelli (a) • Dave Kendall (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • From bestselling author and screenwriter Mike Carey (Unwritten, Lucifer, Girl with All the Gifts) and Arvind Ethan David (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) comes an all-new, original world of darkness and demons.
Diablo House #1—Cover A: Santipérez—SPOTLIGHT
  • Ted Adams (w) • Santipérez (a & c)
  • Located along the sleepy coastal town of La Jolla, California, Diablo House lets you make your dreams come true – if you dare. Surf-bum and Diablo House host, Riley, takes us into his home and shares the stories of the people who let their desire come at the cost of all else. Inspired by the classic horror comics of the past!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Diablo House #1—Cover B: Santipérez
  • Ted Adams (w) • Santipérez (a & c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Inspired by classic horror comics of the past!
  • Written by IDW CEO, and co-founder, Ted Adams and illustrated by Spanish newcomer, Santipérez!
  • Variant cover by Gabriel Rodriguez!
Saucer Country—SPOTLIGHT
  • Paul Cornell (w) • Ryan Kelly (a & c)
  • THEY’RE UP THERE… Meet Arcadia Alvarado, Governor of New Mexico and Presidential hopeful. She’s dealing with immigration policy, budget cuts, an alcoholic ex–and she was abducted by aliens. Or was she? It’s a strange road to the White House but Alvarado is determined to get there because she has information that could stop an alien invasion and save the world.
  • Collects all 14 issues of the original series.
  • TPB • FC • $29.99 • 300 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-095-6
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “Writer Paul Cornell weaves strands of alien abduction creepiness and energetic, Aaron Sorkin-style banter deftly.” — Kabooooom
Saucer State #3 (of 6)—Cover A: Ryan Kelly
  • Paul Cornell (w) • Ryan Kelly (a & c)
  • With a real alien ship a year away from Earth, Arcadia’s far right political foes are suggesting something that sounds horribly like revolution. Meanwhile, fairies are offering her ex-husband a cake-for-access deal. No, really. It’s the start of a quest that will unlock the secrets of reality as the series takes its unique mixture of House of Cards and Jeff Kripal to… Russia? Soon readers everywhere will be able to say, “Oh, they went there.” Because there is where we live.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Saucer State #3 (of 6)—Cover B: Jeffrey Veregge
  • Paul Cornell (w) • Ryan Kelly (a) • Jeffrey Veregge (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Picks up where Saucer Country left off!
  • One of the very few mainstream comics to be nominated for SF’s prestigious Hugo Award!
  • Tackles real world US politics from the point of view of a female President!
Brutal Nature: Concrete Fury #5 (of 5)— Cover A: Ariel Olivetti
  • Luciano Saracino (w) • Ariel Olivetti (a & c)
  • Captured by his worst enemies with the fate of his family uncertain—there’s seemingly no escape for Curt. But will the shapeshifting masks reveal the true nature of Curt’s warrior spirit before it’s too late?
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Brutal Nature: Concrete Fury #5 (of 5)— Cover B: Ariel Olivetti
  • Luciano Saracino (w) • Ariel Olivetti (a & c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The beautifully painted story continues, featuring art by comics superstar Ariel Olivetti!
Starstruck: Old Proldiers Never Die #6 (of 6)
  • Elaine Lee (w) • Michael Kaluta (a & c)
  • Annie takes Harry to heaven—Blue Heaven—where he finds Miz Ti, the Galactic Girl Guides, some disturbing sensory input, and a little more than he’d bargained for. He’s reached the end of his story, but is Harry ready for the afterlife? Old friends are there to guide him, but he’s just not feeling himself!
  • FC • 32 pages • $4.99
  • Completely new coloring, and 50% new art from Michael Kaluta over the course of the series!
Real Science Adventures: The Flying She-Devils #4 (of 6)—Cover A: Scott Wegener
  • Brian Clevinger (w) • Lo Baker (a) • Scott Wegener (c)
  • Action, Adventure, Excitement—oh wait, I’m sorry, what? We’ve already been sued? I’m sorry, how much? Okaaay, well! You better order a lot of these and help us out.
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Real Science Adventures: The Flying She-Devils #4 (of 6)—Cover B: Brooke Allen
  • Brian Clevinger (w) • Lo Baker (a) • Brooke Allen (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • From the pages of Atomic Robo, the Flying She-Devils embark on a new daring adventure!
  • The spinoff story to the online sensation—in print for the first time!
Dread Gods #1—Cover A: Tom Raney
  • Ron Marz (w) • Tom Raney, Bart Sears(a) • Tom Raney (c)
  • Ominous Press launches with the first of three limited series set in a science-fiction/fantasy universe of epic heroes and insidious villains. In DREAD GODS, gods in a fantasy world discover they’re actually monsters in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Acclaimed creators Ron Marz and Tom Raney join with art master Bart Sears to usher in adventure like no other! Includes a backup tale by Bart Sears, and a wealth of added content.
  • FC • 48 pages • $3.99
Dread Gods #1—Cover B: Bart Sears
  • Ron Marz (w) • Tom Raney, Bart Sears (a) • Bart Sears (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $3.99
  • Special over-sized issue at regular price!
  • The Ominous Universe starts HERE! Introducing new worlds of epic adventure!
  • Gods and monsters unleashed in a fantastic landscape!
  • Written by Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade) and lavishly illustrated by Tom Raney (X-Men, Thor)!
  • Created by comic master Bart Sears!
  • Variant covers by Kenneth Rocafort and Neal Adams!
Locke & Key: Heaven & Earth Deluxe Hardcover Edition—SPOTLIGHT
  • Joe Hill (w) • Gabriel Rodriguez & Jay Fotos (a) • Gabriel Rodriguez (c)
  • Following the Small World deluxe edition, this special deluxe release finally reprints the oft-requested and long-denied Eisner-winning one-shot, “Open the Moon!” Plus the other long-sold-out one-shot, “Grindhouse!” PLUS plus: the even more hard-to-find IDW 10th anniversary Locke & Key tale, “In the Can!” And additional covers, behind-the-scenes photos and more, all wrapped up in a beautiful 72-page hardcover package.
  • HC • FC • 72 pages • $14.99 • ISBN: 978-1-68405-181-6
  • The long-sold-out Eisner-winning “Open the Moon,” re-presented at last!
  • Along with the nearly impossible-to-find one-shots “Grindhouse” and “In the Can!”
  • Plus additional Locke & Key covers, photo gallery and more!
  • Brand-new cover by L&K co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez!
Comic Book History of Comics: Birth of a Medium—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey (w & a) • Ryan Dunlavey (c)
  • The inspiring, infuriating, and utterly insane story of comics, graphic novels, and manga is presented in comic book form! The award-winning Action Philosophers team of Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey turn their irreverent-but-accurate eye to the stories of Jack Kirby, R. Crumb, Harvey Kurtzman, Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Fredric Wertham, Roy Lichtenstein, and more! Reprinting the classic series in bold new color!
  • TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-925-7
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • Presented in all-new color!
  • Featuring new stories about the pioneering women in comics!
  • “Comics has finally gotten the history—and the historians—it deserves.” —Matt Fraction
Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score TPB—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Richard Stark, Darwyn Cooke (w) • Darwyn Cooke (a & c)
  • “The Score” is a high-octane trip across America, as Parker assembles a dozen of the best caper men he can find to knock over his most audacious target yet: an entire town. They scheme, they prepare, and they execute with military precision unaware that the whole thing is about to blow up in their faces. Long considered a high watermark in the Parker series, this new graphic adaptation brings the original to violent, double-crossing life.
  • TPB • PC • $17.99 • 160 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-996-7
  • Richard Stark’s classic crime novel adapted by Darwyn Cooke.
  • Winner of the prestigious Eisner Award.
Time & Vine #1—Cover A: Thom Zahler—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Thom Zahler (w & a & c)
  • A grade school history teacher, looking for a respite from her life’s problems, finds the ultimate escape when the owner of a local winery reveals its secret to her: drink the right glass of wine in the right tasting room, and travel back in time to the year it was bottled. Together, they’ll journey through the history of the 200-year old winery… as well as their own.
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
Time & Vine #1—Cover B: Thom Zahler
  • Thom Zahler (w & a & c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
Night Owl Society—CERTIFIED COOL
  • James Venhaus (w) • Pius Bak (a & c)
  • High school loner David Foxworth’s best friend is killed by a local mob boss, and the police won’t do anything about it. With nothing but his allowance and an overdeveloped sense of right and wrong, David gathers a group of fellow outsiders and misfits and decides to take matters into his own hands. By night they sneak out to disrupt the mob’s business and by day they maintain their perfect GPAs. They are The Night Owl Society. But, one of them is hiding a secret that could destroy the team. Will they survive without getting killed or grounded?
  • TPB • FC • $17.99 • 100 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-933-2
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • The Outsiders meets The Departed in this cutting piece of genre fiction.
  • Ryan Ferrier (w) • Valentin Ramon (a & c)
  • After conquering 34RTH as the greatest robot war hero, then saving it from invading aliens, D4VE’s next campaign gets political! In the wake of a robo-political assassination, D4VE begins a presidential campaign. A hip new app startup has other plans for the robot society, however, and creates the perfect political rival. The third arc of the acclaimed D4VE series returns in D4VEOCRACY.
  • TPB • FC • $17.99 • 100 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-927-1
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “True to form, D4VEOCRACY is silly in how comically true-to-life it can be, but that’s what makes it so good. Ferrier and Ramon’s mix of unique writing and art continue to breathe life into the robot world, as we’re greeted with familiar themes from earlier arcs that better prime us for what’s to come.” –The Fandom Post
P. Craig Russell’s Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition—SPOTLIGHT
  • Don McGregor, Marc Andreyko (w) • P. Craig Russell (a & c)
  • This gorgeous Artist’s Edition features two classic stories by master artist P. Craig Russell. The first is the final Killraven collaboration between Russell and McGregor in Marvel Graphic Novel #7, followed by Russell’s Doctor Strange: What is it That Disturbs You, Stephen? Both stories are complete and stand-alone adventures, and delicately delineated in Russell’s lovely illustrative style. Rounding out this Artist’s Edition will be a gallery section with earlier examples of Russell’s Killraven and Doctor Strange works.
  • BW • 12×17” • HC • 144 pages • $125.00
Jungle Girls
  • Mitch Maglio, Craig Yoe (editors) • Matt Baker, Maurice Whitman, L.B. Cole (a) • L.B. Cole (c)
  • An anthology that collects the best Golden Age (1940s–1950s) comic book stories featuring strong female versions of Tarzan. The sassy, brassy, and beautiful girls of the four-color Golden Age don’t just rule the jungle, they look good doing it, too! Strong, sexy, leopard-clad women fight apes, lions, and evil white-man traders while the Tarzan-like boyfriends cling to their vines watching admiringly from a safe distance.
  • HC • FC • $29.99 • 160 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-915-8
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • “[Craig Yoe’s] work on publications and artists that time forgot has made him the Turner Classic Movies of comic book historians.” –USA Today
Weird Love #19
  • Various (w) • Various (a) • Fred Kida (c)
  • As if roller derby wasn’t weird enough now it gets the funky Pre-Code romance comic book treatment! Plus there’s another story involving steamy female wrestlers! How about the cringe-worthy “Henpeck House”?!? Then there’s “They Called My Dad Old Bad” the less said about that the better! “My Secret Heart” is incredibly surreal wackiness. Plus a love advice comic you must read: “How to Make a Man Miserable!”
  • FC • 32 pages • $4.99
Popeye Classics #60
  • Bud Sagendorf (w & a & c)
  • The classic Bud Sagendorf stories just keep getting nuttier, crazier, and funnier! Olive pits Popeye and Bluto against each other because she wants to … BUILD A WALL! More stories: one with a saucy mermaid that P.O.’s Olive, another with O.G. Wotasnozzle. Plus TWO MORE FEATURES!
  • “There’s no comics with as much pure undiluted comic bookiness, stream-of-consciousness, and outlandish stories. They’re super fun!” —Gutters & Panels
  • FC • 32 pages • $4.99
  • Variant cover by “Toxic” Tommy O’brien!
Corto Maltese: Fable of Venice—SPOTLIGHT
  • Hugo Pratt (w & a & c)
  • In this affectionate tribute to his hometown, Hugo Pratt offers a complex mystery thriller involving Freemasons, occultists, and esotericists set during the rise of Fascism in 1921. Corto Maltese’s return to Venice is ostensibly a search for an emerald known as the Clavicle of Solomon, but by the end he is left questioning whether the object of his quest will open the hidden doors of magic and unravel the nature of time and space in this city of secrets… or if it’s merely “the stuff that dreams are made of,” as was the black bird of Dashiell Hammett’s novel featuring another Maltese.
  • TPB • B&W • $22.99 • 64 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-926-4
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • Series winner of the Harvey Award for Best American Edition of Foreign Material.
R. CRUMB: From the Underground to GENESIS—CERTIFIED COOL
  • R. Crumb (a & c)
  • The Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris (Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris) presents a premier retrospective exhibition on one of the greatest illustrators of the past fifty years: Robert Crumb. One of the pioneers of Underground comics, he represents a mythical figure in American counter-culture.
  • HC • PC • $44.99 • 240 pages • 9” x 11.75” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-109-0
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “During adolescence I couldn’t fit in… but it freed me to drop that Hollywood ideal and pursue the people that I thought attractive.” — R. Crumb on his work (The Guardian, 4/24/2016)
The Art of the Pulps: An Illustrated History—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Doug Ellis, Ed Hulse, Robert Weinberg, Mike Ashley, Tom Roberts (w) • N/A (a & c)
  • A team of experts in each of the ten major Pulp genres, from action Pulps to spicy Pulps and more, chart for the first time the complete history of Pulp magazines—the stories and their writers, the graphics and their artists, and, of course, the publishers, their market, and readers.
  • Each chapter in the book, which is illustrated with more than 400 examples of the best Pulp graphics (many from the Editors’ collections—among the world’s largest) is organized in a clear and accessible way, starting with an introductory overview of the genre, followed by a selection of the best covers and interior graphics, organized chronologically through the chapter.
  • HC • FC • $39.99 • 240 pages • 9.75” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-091-8
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • The first definitive visual history of the Pulps.
  • Zep (w & a & c)
  • In this original graphic novel, the last time that the rock group Tricky Fingers found themselves in the same spot was eighteen years ago for a concert in the BBC studios that was supposed to launch their career… but instead ended in catastrophe. Since then, this group of friends that once harbored dreams of revolutionizing rock has parted ways, most drifting into musical obscurity. Except Sandro. His initiative brings the group together for the weekend to find out where life has taken them. How their fortunes have faired. To see if they’ve learned anything since they were teenagers.
  • HC • FC • $19.99 • 64 pages • 9.25” x 12.25” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-961-5
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • Tap into “what could have been” and “what never was” in this powerful story of friendship and betrayal from French illustration powerhouse, Zep.
Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Brian Coldrick (w & a & c)
  • A twisted figure crawling out of a tunnel. A giggling crowd of masked watchers. A reassembling corpse. What could be behind you, just waiting for you to turn around?
  • Behind You is an illustration series, a comic with no panels, where each piece is essentially a separate story. Each tale is one image and one piece of text; an unsuspecting victim with someone, or something, behind them. Entries range from the amusingly weird to the genuinely unsettling. Inspired by spooky films, books, myths, and Internet tall tales, Behind You is full of scary set-ups but leaves lots of blanks for the reader to fill in with their own narrative.
  • HC • FC • $15.99 • 152 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-953-0
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • Featuring an introduction by Joe Hill!
  • Begun as a webcomic in early 2015, the series has amassed fans including the likes of Joe Hill, Ramsey Campbell, and Neil Gaiman, and has been featured by io9, APlus, and The AV Club.
Jérôme K. Jérôme Blôche, Vol. 1: The Shadow Killer —SPOTLIGHT
  • Alain Dodier & Pierre Makyo & Serge Le Tendre (w) • Alain Dodier (a & c)
  • By day, the 20-year-old wanna-be sleuth Jérôme translates detective novels, while by night he’s enrolled in Professor Maison’s correspondence course for private eyes. And when fifteen people in Paris have been killed by poisoned darts, Jérôme gets his first case, capturing a flamboyant assassin who uses a blowgun. Unfortunately, things get off to a rocky start when the professor appears to be victim number sixteen!
  • Translated in English for the first time.
  • HC • FC • $14.99 • 56 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-902-8
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • The first book in an ongoing series that has been a hit with Young Adult readers in Europe.
Hap And Leonard: Savage Season
  • Joe R. Lansdale (w) • Jussi Piironen (a & c)
  • Hap Collins and Leonard Pine are best friends, yet they couldn’t be more different. Hap is an East Texas white boy with a weakness for all women. Leonard is a gay, black Vietnam vet. Together, they stir up more commotion than a firestorm. But that’s just the way they like it. When Trudy, an ex-flame of Hap’s returns promising a huge score, Hap lets Leonard in on the scam. That’s when things get interesting. Joe R. Lansdale’s classic dark thriller has been adapted and vividly bought to life by Finnish illustrator Jussi Piironen. He stays faithful to the original novel and creates a visual treat for Hap and Leonard fans.
  • TPB • FC • $17.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-184-7
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • The first-ever Hap and Leonard graphic novel!
  • Savage Season is the basis for the first season of Sundance TV’s Hap and Leonard!
  • Joe R. Lansdale’s classic dark thriller has been adapted and vividly bought to life by Finnish illustrator Jussi Piironen!
Sax Rohmer’s Dope—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Trina Robbins (w & a & c)
  • A talented young actress becomes fatally ensnared in London’s mysterious and glittery drug culture of the early 20th century. Trina Robbins’ comic book adaptation of Sax Rohmer’s sensational 1919 novel. DOPE was both the first novel to speak openly about the world’s international drug trade, and the first story to center around the death of a celebrity by drug overdose. As for the art, it is considered by many (including Trina herself) to be her best work ever as an illustrator.
  • HC • FC • $24.99 • 96 pages • 8.25” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-957-8
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • Trina Robbins was an early and influential participant in the underground comix movement, and one of its few female artists. Both as a cartoonist and historian, she has long been involved in creating outlets for and promoting female comics artists.
Skylanders: Spyro & Friends Quarterly: FULL BLAST!—Cover A: Jack Lawrence
  • Ron Marz & David A. Rodriguez (w) • Jack Lawrence & Various (a) • Jack Lawrence (c)
  • Join Spyro and his fellow Skylanders as they embark on all-new adventures! Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet-Vac and all your favorites are here; ready to battle Kaos and all the various vile villains of the land!
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
Skylanders: Spyro & Friends Quarterly: FULL BLAST!—Cover B: David Baldeon
  • Ron Marz & David A. Rodriguez (w) • Jack Lawrence & Various (a) • David Baldeon (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $4.99
  • New format—quarterly schedule, 48 pages!
  • Skylanders Academy season 2 premieres on Netflix this Fall with a third season already approved!
  • Skylanders Imaginators has been dubbed “…without question the best in the series…” by
  • There has never been a better time to be a Skylander fan!
Hanazuki: Full of Treasures #2— Cover A: Nico Peña
  • David Mariotte (w) • Nico Peña (a & c)
  • “Little Blue Hemka.” Oh no! Blue Hemka’s been flattened! Good thing Hanazuki’s here to help—if she can convince Sleepy Unicorn to use his magic!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Hanazuki: Full of Treasures #2— Cover B: Yasmin Sheikh
  • David Mariotte (w) • Nico Peña (a) • Yasmin Sheikh (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Based on the second episode of Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, the digital first series with millions of views on YouTube!
  • Don’t miss the RI cover by the animated series artist: Nicoletta Baldari!
  • Seriously, this is book is both cute and cool—just like you irresistible yumbuckets!
The Powerpuff Girls: The Time Tie #3 (of 3)—Philip Murphy Cover A
  • Haley Mancini & Jake Goldman (w) • Philip Murphy (a & c)
  • After being zapped by Mojo Jojo’s Time Tie, Buttercup ends up in Regency (old-timey-fancy) England! When the villainous Dandy absconds with a rare chronogem, Buttercup is going to have to take him down with extreme pride and prejudice if she wants to get back home to help her sisters defeat Mojo Jojo!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
The Powerpuff Girls: The Time Tie #3 (of 3)—Andy Cung Cover B
  • Haley Mancini & Jake Goldman (w) • Philip Murphy (a) • Andy Cung (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The Powerpuff Girls are back in a brand-new three-issue series!
  • Each Powerpuff Girl travels to a different era and place in time in her own special issue!
  • Variant cover by Jarrett Williams!
Jem and the Holograms: Infinite #2 (of 3)—Cover A: Stacey Lee
  • Kelly Thompson (w) • Stacey Lee (a & c)
  • The FIRST EVER Jem/Misfits Crossover Event continues here in “INFINITE PART THREE!” Jem and The Holograms are transported to another world where they (and unlikely allies The Misfits!) must save the world from JEMCORP, a corrupt corporation that now controls all Hologram Technology!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Jem and the Holograms: Infinite #2 (of 3)—Cover B: Veronica Fish
  • Kelly Thompson (w) • Stacey Lee (a) • Veronica Fish (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Jerrica, Aja, Shana, and Kimber re-united with their father, Emmett Benton! Sort of!
  • And just who is behind JEMCORP?! The answer may surprise you! All the music, all the fashion, all the romance, all the sci-fi shenanigans begin here!
  • Interconnecting subscription covers on both Jem: Infinite and Jem: The Misfits: Infinite by Veronica Fish!
  • Variant cover by Genevieve FT!
Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits: Infinite #2 (of 3)— Cover A: Jenn St-Onge
  • Kelly Thompson (w) • Jenn St-Onge (a & c)
  • The FIRST EVER Jem/Misfits Crossover Event continues here in ” INFINITE PART FOUR!” Outside the walls, free of JEMCORP synergy technology, a resistance is building, one led by none other than bandmates and girlfriends Kimber and Stormer!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits: Infinite #2 (of 3)— Cover B: Veronica Fish
  • Kelly Thompson (w) • Jenn St-Onge (a) • Veronica Fish (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • It’s going to take Jem and The Holograms, The Misfits, AND their alt-reality counterparts all working together to save this world…is that even possible?
  • And will Pizzazz be able to live with the fact that she must never reveal Jem’s secret? Some things may be too much to ask!
  • Interconnecting subscription covers on both Jem: Infinite and Jem: The Misfits: Infinite by Veronica Fish!
  • Variant cover by Caspar Wijngaard!
Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits—SPOTLIGHT
  • Kelly Thompson (w) • Jenn St-Onge (a) • M. Victoria Robada (c)
  • Their songs may be better, but the Misfits have lost their label and nobody will touch them in the music business. On the ropes and desperate to get back on top, they’re forced to consider the worst case scenario… A MISFITS REALITY TV SHOW. Though it promises the chance to get them back in the spotlight, it comes with a heavy, privacy-destroying price.
  • TPB • FC • $19.99 • 120 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-930-1
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “The good news is that IDW is all about giving people the Jem And The Holograms they really wanted.” –A.V. Club
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #56—Cover A: Agnes Garbowska
  • Christina Rice (w) • Agnes Garbowska (a & c)
  • “Wings Over Yakyakistan” part 2 of 2. The dragon invasion of Yakyakistan continues and Spike and Pinkie Pie must find an unusual way to make peace before it’s too late!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #56—Cover B: Sara Richard
  • Christina Rice (w) • Agnes Garbowska (a) • Sara Richard (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Peace in Equestria hangs in the balance!
  • Variant cover by Mary Bellamy!
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #4—Cover A: Brenda Hickey
  • Jeremy Whitley (w) • Brenda Hickey (a & c)
  • The legend of Flash Magnus is revealed as a courageous act is needed to overcome an out-of-control storm that threatens Griffonstone!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #4—Cover B: Zachery Sterling
  • Jeremy Whitley (w) • Brenda Hickey (a) • Zachery Sterling (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • A perilous path for Pegasi!
  • Variant cover by Trish Forstner!
My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #2—Cover A: Andy Price
  • Ted Anderson (w) • Andy Price (a & c)
  • As My Little Pony: The Movie nears, discover the new characters that will change the course of Pony history in this series! In this issue, an eccentric group takes to the skies on the search for adventure and treasure!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #2—Cover B: Tony Fleecs
  • Ted Anderson (w) • Andy Price (a) • Tony Fleecs (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Humor and danger abound in this issue!
  • Variant cover by Kaori Matsuo!
Mickey Mouse: Darkenblot
  • Andrea “Casty” Castellan, Jonathan Gray, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio (w & a) • Lorenzo Pastrovicchio (c)
  • The future is now! The high-tech city of Avantgarde has a cutting-edge robot police force–but it’s just become the Phantom Blot’s deadly private army! Can Mickey brave high-tech horrors to stop his old foe? Or will Avantgarde decide Mickey is part of the problem? Omigosh!
  • Collects IDW’s Mickey Mouse issues #16–18.
  • TPB • FC • $12.99 • 124 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-932-5
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “These stories are great at showcasing characters we don’t see much of in America.” —Bleeding Cool
Uncle Scrooge #28—Cover A: John Loter
  • Romano Scarpa, Thad Komorowski (w) • Romano Scarpa (a) • John Loter (c)
  • “The Bodacious Butterfly Trail,” Part 2 of 2! A centuries-old bug with a built-in treasure map is leading Scrooge McDuck to fortunes untold—but now the terrible Beagle Boys might be one step ahead!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Uncle Scrooge #28—Cover B: Daniel Branca
  • Romano Scarpa, Thad Komorowski (w) • Romano Scarpa (a) • Daniel Branca (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • Continues this beloved series’ legacy numbering at #432!
  • Concluding the USA debut of a classic Golden Age tale by Disney legend Romano Scarpa!
  • Variant cover by Marco Mazzarello!
Walt Disney’s Christmas Classics
  • Frank Reilly (w) • Floyd Gottfredson; Manuel Gonzales; Floyd Norman; John Ushler (a) • Various (c)
  • A delightful book for Disney fans of all ages. The Disney Christmas newspaper strip debuted in 1960 with “Peter Pan’s Christmas Story,” in which Captain Hook tries to sabotage Christmas. It was such a success that new stories were created yearly, each self-contained, each featuring characters from another animated movie, and each leading up to Christmas Eve and Santa off to deliver his presents. The “Disney-villain-wants-to-spoil-Christmas” plot was exploited with inventive variations each year. Stories include “Cruella’s Very Furry Christmas,” “Snow White’s Christmas Surprise,” “Dumbo and the Christmas Mystery,” “Cinderella’s Christmas Party,” “The Three Little Pigs’ Christmas Story,” and many more. All 28 special holiday stories are collected in a book for the first time.
  • HC • FC • $39.99 • 228 pages • 11” x 8.5” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-006-2
  • Advance solicited for September release!
  • A new perennial classic! Disney holiday newspaper strips to enjoy every year!
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #739—Cover A: Massimo Fecchi
  • Lars Jensen, David Gerstein (w) • Flemming Andersen, Daan Jippes (a) • Massimo Fecchi (c)
  • “Nest of the Demonbirds!” By popular demand, Donald Duck is yanked back into the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats—just in time for a hideous (and slightly hilarious) battle with feathered, ferocious freaks of nature!
  • FC • 48 pages • $5.99
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #739—Cover B: Walt Kelly
  • Lars Jensen, David Gerstein (w) • Flemming Andersen, Daan Jippes (a) • Walt Kelly (c)
  • FC • 48 pages • $5.99
  • Donald and Fethry have a new mission with the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats—courtesy of fan favorites Lars Jensen and Flemming Andersen!
  • New format—quarterly schedule, 48 pages!
  • Enjoy a classic cover by the legendary Walt Kelly (Pogo) on our subscription variant!
DuckTales #0—Cover A: Marco Ghiglione
  • Joe Caramagna (w) • Gianfranco Florio, Paolo Campinoti, Andrea Greppi, Roberta Zanotta (a) • Marco Ghiglione (c)
  • DuckTales (woo-hoo) returns! Featuring beloved characters like Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and Huey, Dewey and Louie, this new #0 issue is the perfect jumping on point for fans old and new in anticipation of the brand-new series coming Summer 2017!
  • Experience the wackiest, quackiest hijinks in two brand-new (Duck) Tales!
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
DuckTales #0—Cover B: Marco Ghiglione
  • Joe Caramagna (w) • Gianfranco Florio, Paolo Campinoti, Andrea Greppi, Roberta Zanotta (a) • Marco Ghiglione (c)
  • FC • 32 pages • $3.99
  • The animated series has already been greenlit for a second season!
  • A full DuckTales series coming soon from IDW Publishing!
  • Variant cover by Marco Ghiglione!
Tangled: The Series: Adventure is Calling
  • Scott Peterson & Various (w) • Ivan Sharvin, Ludmila Steblianko, Aleaya Baarsukova & Various (a) • Diogo Saito (c)
  • Heed the call for adventure, with all your favorites from Disney’s hit animated show! Gorgeously illustrated stories starring Rapunzel, still finding her way in the kingdom of Corona, with Eugene at her side! But will she be able to be a princess, make her family happy, and ALSO follow her adventurous heart?
  • TPB • FC • $9.99 • 72 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-198-4
  • Featuring original stories, plus one adaptation of the hit television show!
  • Tangled: The Series airing regularly on the Disney Channel, with Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Eugene—the same cast as the feature film!
  • Advance solicited for August release!
Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump
  • Shannon Wheeler (w & a & c)
  • Some people are saying, I don’t know, you tell me, but a lot of people are saying this is the greatest book of the year. This guy, Shannon Wheeler, he draws these cartoons for the New Yorker, MAD, the Onion—he’s very, very, good, okay? Now he’s illustrated the most incredible tweets. Wow! You won’t believe what he does with these tweets. I mean, these tweets changed the world, folks. It’s true! It’s very true. EVERYONE is going to want this book — even the haters and losers (Sad!).
  • HC • BW • $15.99 • 120 pages • 5” x 6.5” • ISBN: 978-1-60309-410-8
Spacebat and the Fugitives (Book One): Tacos at the End of the World—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Chris Sheridan (w & a & c)
  • Spacebat, the galaxy’s greatest misfit, is pressed into service by three children to battle robots, psychics, and even the very laws of nature to stop a mad scientist, his army of ill-mannered robots, and (worst of all), a universe-bending machine.
  • FC • 120 pages • $14.99 • 10.24 x 7.25” • ISBN 978-1-60309-414-6
  • Romp across reality in a wide-ranging escapade for all ages from acclaimed cartoonist Chris Sheridan (Motorcycle Samurai, Plants Vs. Zombies), featuring bold lines, quirky characters, outer-space adventures… and tacos.
Korgi: Short Tails— Cover A: Christian Slade—CERTIFIED COOL
  • Christian Slade (w & a & c)
  • Korgi: Short Tails is a 48-page comic book collecting all seven Korgi stories from Free Comic Book Day, together with a brand-new adventure called “Cloud Cat.” A robot loses its head, finger-puppets battle, a dragon learns to breathe fire, and Sprout the Korgi (of course) stuffs himself with delicious treats! Slade’s lovingly detailed pen-and-ink drawings bring his fantasy world to life in small slices, all bound up within a new fully-painted cover.
  • B&W • 48 pages • $4.99
Korgi: Short Tails— Cover B: Christian Slade
  • Christian Slade (w & a & c)
  • B&W • 48 pages • $4.99
  • Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Christian Slade’s heartwarming Korgi series!
  • “Guaranteed to be loved by children. Its Disney-esque beauty and Bone-like comic timing and fantasy adventure are thoroughly enjoyable, and Slade’s black-and-white draftsmanship is impeccable.” — The AV Club
Superf*ckers Forever—CERTIFIED COOL
  • James Kochalka (w & a & c)
  • Jack Krak is Back! After kind of destroying the world (whoops!), the wonderfully profane and destructive Superf*ckers are brought back to life to hang out, make out, punch each other out, and generally cause a ruckus. But when their leader, SuperDan, insists on their help in rescuing an old friend still trapped in Dimension Zero will it lead to the SuperF*ckers return to glory, or will they remain selfish jerks? Collecting all five issues of Superf*ckers Forever, the first-ever Superf*ckers comic series by creator James Kochalka, and featuring back-up stories by acclaimed indie creators!
  • TPB • FC • $17.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-089-5
  • Advance solicited for August release!
  • “Crashing through the threshold between stupidity and genius.” —Paste Magazine
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown: Bebop & Rocksteady
  • Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu (d) • Various (a) • Robert Atkins (c)
  • Heads up Turtles, Bebop and Rocksteady have invaded the New York City Sewers! You’ll need to act fast to save your friends from their clutches in this semi-cooperative board game. Use your knowledge of the sewers to work as a team while trying to out think, out maneuver, and outplay Bebop and Rocksteady. In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown: Bebop & Rocksteady you’ll face off against two of your deadliest foes, in the most precarious setting yet.
  • 2-4 players • Playable from ages 10+ • 30 minutes • MSRP $29.99 • UPC: 8-27714-01273-6
  • A sewer crawling, Tile-Laying Board game of head-to-head combat!
  • First in an all-new series of standalone board games featuring the heroes and villains of TMNT!
Outpost: Siberia
  • Jon Gilmour & Daryl Andrews (d) • Ron Joseph (a) • Matthew Sweeney (c)
  • Welcome to Outpost 1, an observatory in the isolated frozen tundra of Siberia! You and your team have been studying the area, but last night, a massive storm set in, bringing with it a pack of nightmarishly strange creatures. Now, trapped by the weather and these beasts, your crew’s only hope is to use your meager resources to defend yourself and wait out the storm. Ration carefully and you may see the sun again. Designed by Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter) and Daryl Andrews.
  • 2-5 players • Playable from ages 12+ • 30 minutes • MSRP $19.99 • UPC: 8-27714-01271-2
  • A cooperative card game of survival at any cost!
  • First in a series by premier game designer Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter)!
  • Advance solicited for August release!

Categories: Comic Book Blogs


First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 19:19
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Ryan Parrott
  • Artist: Dan Mora
  • Main Cover: Dan Mora
  • Civilian Intermix Cover: Miguel Mercado
  • Locker Variant Cover: Michelle Wong
  • Movie Homage Variant Cover: Natacha Bustos
  • Acetate Variant Cover: Dan Mora
  • Blank Sketch Variant Cover: N/A
  • Paper Doll Variant Cover: Audrey Mok
  • Retailer “Thank You” Variant Cover: Marcus To
  • The untold, personal story of what happens to Jason, Kim, Trini, Zack, and Billy following in the days after they first became Power Rangers. Fighting evil is hard, but surviving high school may be even harder—welcome to real life in Angel Grove.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Kyle Higgins
  • Artist: Hendry Prasetya
  • Main Cover: Jamal Campbell
  • Connecting Variant Cover: Steve Morris
  • Variant Cover: Dan Mora
  • Morpher Variant Cover: Miguel Mercado
  • Action Figure Variant Cover: Haskell Mackowski
  • The next Power Rangers epic starts here! The Power Rangers are finally reunited, but can things ever be the same?
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writers: Kurt Sutter and Courtney Alameda
  • Artist: Hyeonjin Kim
  • Main Cover: Jae Lee
  • Intermix Cover: Andre De Freitas
  • Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC) brings this all-new original tale of revenge and recovery to comics with novelist Courtney Alameda (Shutter) and breakthrough artist Hyeonjin Kim.
  • By day, Dominique, Greta, Misha, and Sarah run a nonprofit women’s shelter. At night, they each don a nun’s habit and move through Los Angeles hunting down violent abusers who have escaped justice. Their increasingly public vigilantism has earned them the nickname Sisters of Sorrow, and has drawn the ire of L.A.’s notorious anti-crime task force.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Ollie Masters
  • Artist: Lucas Werneck
  • Main Cover: Luca Pizzari
  • Subscription Cover: Jonas Scharf
  • Final issue! As Opie and the club zero in on his location, Jax breaks free from the Israeli gangsters and starts a bloody fight in his escape.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: David F. Walker
  • Artist: Jonas Scharf
  • Main Cover: Mikhail Borulko
  • Subscription Cover: Jay Shaw
  • San Francisco lies in ruin as the war for survival between man and ape rests on the shoulders of one solitary soul. Prequel to the upcoming blockbuster film from 20th Century Fox!
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writers: Robbie Thompson, Justin Jordan
  • Artist: Barnaby Bagenda
  • Main Cover: Dan Mora
  • Movie Poster Variant Cover: Oliver Barrett
  • Classic Variant Cover: Paul Rivoche
  • Spectrum Variant Cover: Felipe Massafera
  • “Vintage” Action Figure Variant Cover: David Ryan Robinson
  • The battle has infected Ape City. Cornelius’ army of empowered mutants and apes lay waste to Grodd’s Gorilla Army and Red Lanterns. This world’s only hope lies with Hal Jordan and Sinestro, who must work together to save Cornelius from the corruption of the Universal Ring.
  • Retail Price: $16.99
  • Writer: David Petersen
  • Artist: Serena Malyon
  • Cover Artist: Serena Malyon
  • Learn the ABCs in the world of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard where brave mice protect one another from predators large and small, explore the expansive nature around them, and thrive in harsh conditions. Hand-painted by Serena Malyon, this is a look into a beautiful world with rich culture and stalwart friendships, worth exploring one letter at a time.
  • Retail Price: $24.99
  • Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna
  • Artist: Ramón K. Pérez
  • Cover Artist: Ramón K. Pérez
  • A powerful modern day reimagining of Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel Jane Eyre. Jane learns that in the world of New York’s elite, secrets are the greatest extravagance and she must decide if she should trust the man she loves or do whatever it takes to protect his daughter from the consequences of his deception.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Simon Spurrier
  • Artists: Kelly and Nichole Matthews
  • Main Cover: Mike Huddleston
  • Subscription Cover: Sana Takeda
  • Separated from Kensho, Thurma journeys out into the wilds of Thra to find her way home, alone and unaware of the wonders that stand before her and the dangers on her trail.
  • Retail Price: $14.99
  • Writer: Royden Lepp
  • Artist: Royden Lepp
  • Cover Artist: Royden Lepp
  • Rocket boy Jet Jones goes out of his way to prove himself to the Taylor family who have taken him in, but when shadows of his past arrive on the farm opening old wounds, he realizes his days of running may finally be numbered. Royden Lepp’s Rust: Death of the Rocket Boy is the penultimate installment of Jet’s ongoing adventure as he confronts his maker and struggles to protect the Taylors from new threats.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Jack T. Cole
  • Cover Artist: Jack T. Cole
  • Ashli uncovers a horrifying secret in the deeper levels of the asylum, and not everyone in her group will make it out alive.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Victor LaValle
  • Artist: Dietrich Smith
  • Cover Artist: Micaela Dawn
  • Dr. Baker holds Shelley and Byron in her underground lab as she unveils her rebooted son Akai for the first time.
  • Retail Price: $39.99
  • Writers: Clive Barker with Mark Miller, Christopher Monfette, Robb Humphreys, Anthony Diblasi, and Brandon Seifert
  • Artists: Leonardo Manco, Jesús Hervás, Stephen Thompson, Janusz Odon, Michael Montenat, Ibrahim Roberson, André Stahl Schmidt, Giovanni P. Timpano, Marcio Henrique, Tom Garcia
  • Cover Artist: Tim Bradstreet
  • Clive Barker returns to tell a new chapter in the official continuity—a trajectory that will forever change the Cenobites… and Pinhead!
  • Over 500 pages, collecting Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #1-20 and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Annual #1.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Matt Kindt
  • Artist: Tyler Jenkins
  • Main Cover: Tyler Jenkins
  • Intermix Cover: Matt Kindt
  • More circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Robert’s daughter are revealed.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Simon Spurrier
  • Artist: Jonas Goonface
  • Cover Artist: Jonas Goonface
  • It’s an all-out underground nightclub fightorama…with Ennay stuck in the middle!
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: James Tynion IV
  • Artist: Michael Dialynas
  • Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas
  • Final arc starts here! As war rages on the alien moon, those back on Earth put together one last attempt to bring Bay Point home.
WWE #7
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Dennis Hopeless
  • Artist: Serg Acuña
  • Main Cover: Dan Mora
  • Sami Zayn Variant Cover: Jorge Corona
  • Roddy Piper Variant Cover: Rahzzah
  • Action Figure Variant Cover: Adam Riches
  • Royal Rumble Connecting Variant Cover: Brent Schoonover
  • Dean Ambrose is drawn into the conflict between Sasha Banks and the Flair Family—and there’s only one way to settle it!

  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Brian Joines
  • Artist: Bachan
  • Cover Artist: Derek Charm
  • The resistance has space-napped Bill, Ted, and Rufus!
  • Retail Price: $19.99
  • Writer: Greg Pak
  • Artist: Daniel Bayliss
  • Cover Artist: Felipe Massafera
  • Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime! Jack Burton and Snake Plissken haul the Pork-Chop Express across the dystopian planes of America to stop their worlds from coming to an end in the John Carpenter-sanctioned crossover event that will shake the pillars of heaven and prove once and for all that Snake Plissken lives on.
  • Retail Price: $29.99
  • Writers: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis
  • Artist: Joe Abraham, Nathan Watson, Cynthia Martin, Eduardo Barretto, Mark Badger, Chase Conley, Fabio Moon, Zio, Alfa Julia Bax, Mike Cavallaro
  • Cover Artist: Joe Abraham
  • Milo’s just another slacker in our world, but on a parallel universe, he’s legendary superhero Captain Valor. When Valor is accidentally transported to our world, he moves in with Milo…but he didn’t travel alone. His arch-nemesis Calignous is the alternate reality version of Milo’s girlfriend Stephie, and there’s an army of mutated penguins behind her!
  • The entire saga from Eisner Award-winning creators Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League International) is fully collected for the first time, also including the tale of how Captain Valor’s team was formed in the prelude series Planetary Brigade. One of comics’ greatest teams brings you the caped laughs once more!
  • Retail Price: $16.99
  • Writer: James Asmus
  • Artist: Carlos Magno
  • Cover Artist: Nick Robles
  • After an endless onslaught of horrors plague the tribes, Ewata embarks on a journey to find the source of these attacks and face the god of this island in the authorized origin of Kong.
  • Collects issues #5-8.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writers: Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert
  • Artist: Rags Morales
  • Cover Artist: Rags Morales
  • Ryder senses an intruder has stolen something from him, and he wants it back.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
  • Artist: Ayme Sotuyo
  • Main Cover: Kat Leyh
  • Subscription Cover: Ayme Sotuyo
  • Parents’ Day at camp is finishing up, with an Abuelita rescue mission, a trickster to out-trick, and the surprise arrival of…Molly’s parents?
  • Retail Price: $4.99
  • Artist: Kate Leth
  • Holy Mae Jemison! Deck out your sash with your favorite iron-on badges straight from the pages of the Eisner Award-winning Lumberjanes!
  • Retail Price: $14.99
  • Writer: Sam Humphries
  • Artist: Caitlin Rose Boyle
  • Cover Artist: Caitlin Rose Boyle
  • Jonesy has moved in with her mom, away from her issues in Plymouth! But she can’t run forward…and before she knows it, her problems are gonna catch up!
  • Collects issues #9-12.
  • Retail Price: $14.99
  • Writers: Sam Sykes, Andrew Hackard, Nicole Andelfinger
  • Artist: Ian McGinty, Len Peralta
  • Cover Artist: Mike Luckas
  • Join Spyke and Flower as they go to any lengths to get some loot. This includes (but is not limited to) outsmarting foes, learning kung fu, venturing into wonderland, and battling legendary monsters all in the name of stacking up that gold.
  • Collects issues #17-20.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Artists: Max Sarin, Liz Fleming
  • Cover Artist: Max Sarin
  • What’s the secret of the shed in the back of the girls’ house, and why are strange men visiting it in the middle of the night?!
MISFIT CITY #3 (of 4)
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writers: Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten
  • Artist: Naomi Franquiz
  • Cover Artist: Naomi Franquiz
  • The friends are only a few steps away from uncovering treasure and long-buried secrets, but if they can’t keep it together Wilder might just be left without her team.
SLAM! #8
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Pamela Ribon
  • Artist: Sam Beck
  • Main Cover: Veronica Fish
  • Variant Cover: Kat Leyh
  • Besties and derby-gals Ithinka Can and Knockout are getting it together and skating their butts off in this final issue of SLAM!
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Delilah S. Dawson
  • Artist: Ian McGinty
  • Main Cover: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb
  • Subscription Cover: Michael Bills
  • It’s a hot air balloon adventure! Finn and Jake decide to take their questing to the sky in this new arc from novelist Delilah S. Dawson (Ladycastle)!
  • Retail Price: Main and Subscription Covers: $3.99 Incentive Cover: $0.00
  • Writers: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Jai Nitz, Max Davidson
  • Artists: Antonio Sandoval, Devmalya Pramanik, Luca Claretti
  • Main Cover: Kim Myatt
  • Subscription Cover: Jorge Monlongo
  • Variant Cover: Matt Smigiel
  • During a game of hide and seek, Finn finds himself lost in the land of the Forgotten. In another tale, we find the unlikeliest of heroes united to save Finn and Jake: Magic Man and Tiny Manticore!
  • Retail Price: $19.99
  • Writers: Zack Smith, Janet Rose, Frank Gibson, Eric M. Esquivel
  • Artists: Brad McGinty, Becky Dreistadt, Phil Jacobson, James the Stanton, Kristina Ness, Jen Bennett, Zack Giallongo, Andy Hirsch, Luke Pearson, Jeremy Sorese, T. Zysk, Allison Strejlau, Ian McGinty
  • Cover Artist: Victoria Maderna
  • Collecting stories by amazing comic creators from around the world, Sugar Shorts stars all your favorite characters from Fionna the Human to Billy the Hero. This collection contains so much sugary goodness it’s almost too sweet to handle.
  • Retail Price: $14.99
  • Writers: Zachary Clemente, Andrew Green, Tait Howard, Cohen Edenfield, Nneka Myers, Fernanda Jaber, Zack Giallongo, Philip Murphy, Terry Blas, Kate Sherron, Anne Szabla, Katy Farina
  • Artists: Kate Leth, Andy Hirsch, Terry Blas, Kate Sherron, Anne Szabla, Katy Farina, Philip Murphy, Zack Giallongo, Fellipe Martins, Nneka Myers, Tait Howard, Andrew Green
  • Cover Artist: Katy Farina
  • Join Gumball, Darwin, and friends on their wacky side adventures that will delight any fan of The Amazing World of Gumball!
  • Features stories by an eclectic mix of comics’ finest established and up-and-coming talents, including Andy Hirsch (The Baker Street Peculiars), Kate Leth (Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!), and Anne Szabla (Bird Boy).
  • Retail Price: $14.99
  • Writers: Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas, Shanna Matuszak, Laura Howell, Ryan Ferrier, Box Brown, DeWayne Feenstra
  • Artists: Laura Howell, Will Kirkby, Matthew Smigiel, Box Brown, Jenna Ayoub
  • Cover Artist: Philip Murphy
  • Will Mordecai and Rigby break free of the franchises’ grasp, or will they spend their lives dodging straight-to-DVD sharks and explosions?! Collects issues #33-36 of the hit Cartoon Network series.
  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: George Mager
  • Artist: Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
  • Main Cover: Chris Schweizer
  • Subscription Cover: Star Maquiling
  • It’s another fun adventure with Miss Langtree’s class!
  • Writer: Melanie Gillman
  • Artist: Katy Farina
  • Main Cover: Missy Peña
  • Subscription Cover: Rian Sygh
  • Variant Cover: Sara Talmadge
  • Steven and Connie enjoy another day in Beach City!

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X-O MANOWAR #2 preview

First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 16:30

X-O MANOWAR (2017) #2
Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by LEWIS LAROSA (FEB172049)
Pre-Order Edition Cover by TOMAS GIORELLO (JAN172115)
Interlocking Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN (FEB172052)
X-O Manowar Icon Variant by KAARE ANDREWS (FEB172053)
Blank Cover also available (FEB172051)

They asked for war. He’ll give them death.

Deep within the far reaches of space, the dogs of war have found Aric of Dacia. Conscripted into an alien army and forced into combat, Aric must enter an alien battlefield unlike any he’s faced before. His only hope for survival is also the source of his greatest rage – the living suit of armor known as X-O Manowar.

Can Aric still embrace the violence within? Get ready, because the most brutal fight in X-O Manowar’s life is about to begin!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PREMIUM | On Sale APRIL 26 (FOC – 4/3/17)


– –

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 16:29

Cover A by CARY NORD (FEB172054)
Cover B by DAVID MACK (FEB172055)
Character Design Variant by DAVID MACK (FEB172057)
Variant Cover by ADAM GORHAM (FEB172058)
Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (FEB172059)
Blank Cover Also Available (FEB172056)

Valiant’s critically acclaimed, 10-time sold-out magnum opus returns with a brand-new journey into myth and mystery, from comics master Peter Milligan (Shade, The Changing Man) and incendiary artist Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA)!

Fifty thousand Romans stand on their feet, watching from the rafters of the coliseum with captured breath as Achillia, a gladiator unlike any that Rome has seen before, faces incredible odds – one lone warrior against five of Rome’s greatest. Such is the tradition, when a female gladiator enters the fray. When the carnage is complete, the coliseum roars its approval as Achillia stands victorious. Now, only one match away from winning her freedom, she has begun to gain renown. The women of Rome, suppressed by their husbands and fathers, have noticed. The men of Rome, husbands and fathers to a growing horde of women entertaining ideas of independence, have noticed as well.

On the other side of Rome, a strange mystery swirls through the Palatine Hill. In the dead of night, down winding alleys, Rome’s elite swear that they see visions of a blood-soaked Apollo walking the city…visions that are driving them mad. Even more are becoming sick with weird fever god-dreams. Panic ensues in the city. The Chief Vestal, Rubria, is arrested by Emperor Nero and threatened with crucifixion unless the deadly curse that’s fallen on Rome is lifted. She asks Antonius Axia, hero of Britannia and Rome’s only detective, for help. She offers only one clue…the gladiator Achillia.

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On Sale APRIL 26 (FOC – 4/3/17)


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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 05:33

(W) Chuck Dixon
A brutal werewolf attack on a high mountain ledge! A heist in the Forbidden City. An epic kung-fu brawl at the airport! A battle with a vampire at 35,000 feet! A horrific crash I the Himalayas! And that’s only the start of the newest Liesel Van Helsing adventure! The legendary vampire killer is on a global hunt for the Sword of Heaven, the ultimate demon-killing weapon. This new limited series features the Zenescope premiere of writer Chuck Dixon (Batman, Punisher, Bane: Conquest).
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Joe Brusha
One hundred years in the future the “age of pirates” has returned as mankind reaches out for the stars. Schooners have been replaced by star ships and these pirates wield space age weaponry, but they are as bloodthirsty and ruthless as their predecessors were centuries before them.
Experience a new universe of swashbuckling action and adventure in the vast reaches of space!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Joe Brusha
The Mysterious Order of Tarot has emerged from the shadows with its sights set on ruling the Realms of Power. With the courts of Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles at his command the Emperor is ready to launch his assault on the Grimm Universe and the only thing that stands in his way is a wild card named, Talisman.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Joe Brusha
Robyn has finally taken down the monsters and villains that have plagued New York for far too long. Now, with the streets safe again, Robyn unfortunately isn’t going to get to enjoy them.
After being transported to an otherworldly, high tech, maximum security prison, she must fight for her life from some of the very creatures she has placed there. Will she survive with enough of herself intact to get back to the city she calls home? Find out, in Robyn Hood: The Hunt!
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco (A) Ario Murti, Ediano Silva
There are bystander reports of “monstrous” winged creatures attacking South Philadelphia residents in the middle of the night and Skye’s book summons Skye to investigate the nearby incident. She soon learns that the creatures very well could be gargoyles coming to life at night to terrorize local residents, and she needs to find out how to stop them before more lives are taken.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Ralph Tedesco
Eve sneaks into the Specters makeshift basecamp to rescue Franklin in the middle of the night. But when things go awry, Eve and Franklin have very little time to get away. With a bloodthirsty Jansen on the duo’s tail, Eve knows her and Franklin are going to need to make a stand against impossible odds. Don’t miss the final issue of Zenescope’s hit series: The Courier!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Lou Iovino (A) Ario Murti
New World Order, Part 2
It’s a race against the clock! Britney and her team infilitrate the Human Order’s base of operations inside the Vatican in Rome. But as we’ve seen, Alpha’s no altar boy. The team must pull together against overwhelming odds to save all of Highborn kind from the Human Order’s ultimate weapon. But at what cost?
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Patrick Shand, Ralph Tedesco
Attempting to take a break from the paranormal drama, Ellen attends a local theatre production…. and finds herself in the middle of a new terrifying case! As Ellen delves deeper into the Spirit World and the mystery of Morgan deepens, the Spirit Hunters join her to get answers. Don’t miss this thrilling installment of Zenescope’s monthly dose of paranormal investigation!
In Shops: Jul 12, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha, Nick Bermel
Deal With The Devil
When Chris Monroe falls for a gorgeous co-worker named Rebecca, he’ll do almost anything to win her over. He finds that the devil himself is waiting in the wings to cut a deal and make Chris’s dreams a reality. But Chris knows the price of his soul is too high of a price to pay. However, Chris soon learns that it’s not his soul the devil is necessarily after.
In Shops: Jul 12, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Dave Franchini (CA) Alfredo Reyes
Just in time for summer, comes the Grimm Fairy Tales 2017 Swimsuit Special!
Get ready to check out all of your favorite Grimm Universe heroines and villainesses, soaking up the sun while wearing the season’s hottest swimsuit fashions! Some of the industry’s top artists contribute gorgeous pin-ups of the Grimm Universes’ most popular female characters in this stunning collection.
Also includes a never before published Grimm Fairy Tales short story!
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $5.99


(W) Dawn P. Marquez (A) Allan Otero (CA) Erick Arciniega
Death holds no power over her…Mary Medina is the one who wields power over the dead. What she doesn’t know is her ability is coveted by a Secret Order long forgotten in the Realms of the Grimm Universe. Drawn to New Orleans under mysterious circumstances, Mary quickly finds herself running for her life from those that want to use her and her power, for evil.
Don’t miss this heart pounding, mini-series, which introduces a new hero to the Grimm Universe.
Collects GFT Day of the Dead #1 – 6.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $19.99


(W) Joe Brusha (A) Various (CA) Jamie Tyndall
96 illustrations by the best artists in the business depicting Zenescope’s heroes and villians cosplaying various pop culture icons.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $34.99



(A) Al Rio, Eric Basaldua, Talent Caldwell
Since it was first published in 2005, Grimm Fairy Tales has been one of the hottest independent comics on the market. Featuring some of the most beautiful women in comics, Grimm Fairy Tales covers have been turning heads from day one. Collected for the first time here in this beautiful hardcover edition are the covers for the first 50 issues of this landmark series. With stunning artwork by some of the top artists in the industry including Al Rio, J. Scott Campbell and Eric Basuldua, this collector’s edition is sure to be a fan favorite.
In Shops: Jun 13, 2012
SRP: $39.99


(A) Rick Basaldua, Various (CA) Jamie Tyndall
The much anticipated 2nd Volume Grimm Fairy Tales Art book is here! This beautiful Hardcover collects cover art from issues #51 through #100 of the hit Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series. Some of the best cover artists in the industry are featured in this epic collection of art.
In Shops: Nov 05, 2014
SRP: $39.99


(A) Eric Basaldua, Al Rio, Franchesco, Elias Chatzoudis, Mike Debalfo, Various (A/CA) Jamie Tyndall
The hottest artwork in comics today is now found in this limited edition art book. The second volume of this ultra-popular hardcover series collects the most sought-after covers created by the industry’s biggest stars. The art featured in this featured in this collection comes from Zenescope Entertainment’s library of incredible limited edition, convention exclusives. This gorgeous hardcover collection comes in a slipcase complete with a limited edition art print and is limited to 750 copies.
In Shops: Dec 10, 2014
SRP: $99.99

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 04:53

(W) David Walker, Sheena C. Howard (A) Le Beau L. Underwood, Veronica Gandini (A/CA) Ray-Anthony Height
Teenager Kayla Tate is forced to move back to her hometown Youngstown, Ohio, an “Event” designated Level 5 impact zone. Compared to her new life, returning to Youngstown is a step backwards. She has a strained relationship with her childhood friend, Jonah Watkins, school is a nightmare, and everyone is talking about the mysterious superhero and Internet sensation, “Cosmosis”, and his nighttime battles against the supposedly.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Joe Casey (A/CA) Damion Scott
Daniel DosSantos is Accell, the first speedster superhero in a brave new world, but just how fast is he? Accell’s quest to test the limits of his powers throw him into a sideways dimension where horrors exist, and death comes at him faster than the speed of sound.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Brandon Thomas (A/CA) Roger Robinson
David Powell is the former astronaut turned fugitive superhuman, his telekinetic powers growing as he tries to regain his memories. But what is the secret history between David and Lorena Payan, the CEO of the humanitarian Foresight Corporation?
Secrets and lies begin to unravel as David is confronted by enemies at every turn, with his wife Astrid determined to get her husband back at all costs.
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Tim Hedrick, Mitch Iverson (A/CA) Jung Gwan
The Pilgrimage Part Four. The convoy has begun the most treacherous part of their journey, and soon waves of monstrous attackers threaten to overwhelm Voltron! Can Allura find a way to save the convoy?
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Raule (A/CA) Roger Ibanez Ugena
Rescuing his sister from the sex trade proves more dangerous than Jazz Maynard anticipates, even with his deadly talents. Chasing her abductor through rooftops brings him face to face with a clan of silent, deadly monks who also have his target in their sites. Who are they and what is their involvement this hornets’ nest Jazz just kicked? The answers will follow him back to Barcelona, and they won’t make his life any easier…
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Thierry Labrosse (A/CA) Thierry Labrosse
Gana raids the headquarters of Juvex Corp even as the Bastards of God, under mounting pressure from the police, fall into infighting and take hostages-amongst them Nève.
In Shops: Jul 12, 2017
SRP: $3.99



(W) Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas (A/CA) Daniel Irizarri
A lushly rendered supernatural fantasy that follows two girls and their mother who find themselves in the middle of a vast, supernatural exodus. On their journey Cloudia is bestowed the powers of hundreds of different gods, but even those don’t help her come to terms with the death of her father.
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Brian Smith, M. K. Reed (A/CA) Wyeth Yates
This issues finds our mages searching for Ike’s lost map-a much-needed edge in the upcoming Surrogate confrontation-while trying to learn to work together as a team. Rosalba has taught Trinh valuable new skills, but Ursa and Charris still can’t seem to trust each other. But when the group runs afoul of a powerful loner deep in the wastelands, they’ll have bigger problems on their hands.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Butch Hartman, Jordan B. Gorfinkel (A/CA) Erez Zadok
It’s been 350 years, but Arch is finally ready to face the source of the portal’s energy, and stop the supernatural from invading the lives of the students of Mayflower High once and for all. But Arch’s fears may have been well-founded, and he’ll find way more than he bargained for inside the mysterious portal. This is the heart-racing conclusion to the 3O’Clock Club series.
In Shops: Jul 12, 2017
SRP: $2.99

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 04:36

(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Gene Magora (CA) Mike Wolfer
Two of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ greatest science fiction series meet at last, as the lost continent of Caspak from THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT and PELLUCIDAR, the prehistoric world at the Earth’s core, collide in one colossal crossover! Stranded in time on the remote island continent of Caspak, Bowen Tyler, his future granddaughter Abby, the Galu warrior woman See-Ta, and the evil Baron von Schoenvorts and the crew of the German U-33 submarine have had their hands full fighting for survival against the rampaging dinosaurs of Caspak, as well as each other. But they are all about to be thrust into a war of worlds unlike anything ever seen, as the insidious inhabitants of Pellucidar find their way to the surface world, right in the heart of Caspak. The goal of the telepathic, prehistoric Mahars is the total subjugation of Caspak, a land that they seek to claim as their new kingdom, and with an invasion force of giant ants and an army of corpse-like, cannibalistic, subterranean creatures, they just might succeed! Officially licensed by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., this is a series that any lover of dinosaurs, science fiction, lost worlds, and high adventure must not miss! The Land That Time Forgot: Terror From The Earth’s Core comes with three covers – Two Connecting Main Covers by Mike Wolfer and a Wish You Were Here Postcard Retailer Incentive Edition by Dan Parsons.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Giancarlo Caracuzzo (CA) Mike Wolfer
From the fathomless depths it rises again! The sold out series returns with a limited edition new printing that keeps the sensational 2016 sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic series alive and propels it into the future! Hidden inside impregnable rock walls lay a prehistoric world, filled with terrifying creatures and murderous primitives from every era of time and evolution. Abby Tyler will uncover is something far deadlier and more shocking than she could ever have imagined, as modern day explorers find themselves thrust into The Land That Time Forgot!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Giancarlo Caracuzzo (CA) Mike Wolfer
They have found the fabled island continent of Caspak… And now, they might be buried there! Abby Tyler and her research team face an unfathomable scenario: Somehow, they have traveled back in time and have come face-to-face with not only Bowen Tyler himself, but also the evil Baron von Schoenvorts and the crew of the U-33. To their knowledge, World War I still rages outside the walls of Caspak, and von Schoenvorts will stop at nothing to escape the island prison. But will any of them survive being attacked by a pack of vicious Allosaurus?
In Shops: Sep 28, 2016
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Giancarlo Caracuzzo (CA) Chris Scalf
In the action-packed conclusion to the first “The Land That Time Forgot” mini-series, the explorers from present day and the survivors from 1916 must act quickly, or risk becoming the eternal prisoners of Caspak! Trapped within the prehistoric continent where time has no meaning, Bowen Tyler, his future granddaughter Abby, and a handful of allies must stop the evil Baron Von Schoenvorts’ plan to use captured mini-submarines to escape the savage, lost world, a move that could have devastating effects on history. Outnumbered and outgunned, the heroes have only one hope for victory- Use Caspak itself as a weapon against the German U-boat captain and crew in an unforgettable, final battle in The Land That Time Forgot!
In Shops: Nov 30, 2016
SRP: $3.99

(W) Batton Lash (A) Batton Lash, Adrian Ropp
There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here! Free Comic Book Day’s all ages darling, the classic rhyming superdog, returns with brand new adventures for kids of all ages. What happens when there’s a new hero in town stealing Underdog’s thunder? Will they be super friends or arch enemies? Tune in to this new issue of Underdog and find out! Plus enjoy the tall tales of Commander McBragg and the silly escapades of Go Go Gophers! Underdog comes with four covers – Main by John Gallagher, Giant by Bill Galvan, Riff Raff by Adrian Ropp, and a Retro Animation Retailer Incentive Edition by Patrick Owsley.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) S.A. Check (A) Greg LaRocque (A/CA) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
Why I oughta! Want your copy of The Three Stooges April Fools issue signed by four creators? You got it – Greg LaRocque, S.A. Check, Brendon Fraim, and Brian Fraim sign this pie-filled edition for your collecting pleasure!
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $19.99


(W) S.A. Check (A) Bill Galvan, Adrian Ropp, Brian Fraim, Brendon Fraim (CA) Jon Pinto
We are proud to present hilarious new shorts with all the eye poking, face slapping, and nose pinching goodness of yesteryear. The Stooges influenced generations of comic book creators and now lifelong fans have a chance to contribute to their legacy with these new slapstick adventures. We cram so much Stooge into this new volume that you’ll be nyuk, nyuk, nyuking it up for weeks to come! Timeless comedy returns to comic books with new and classic stories to tickle your funny bone. Collects The Boys Are Back, StoogeAPalooza, Red White & Stooge, Curse of Frankenstooge, & Halloween Hullaballoo stories and packed with extra fun parody ads, interviews, classic comics, and more Stooge goodness.
In Shops: Apr 05, 2017
SRP: $19.99


(W) Batton Lash, Keith Davidsen, S.A. Check, SL Gallant (A) Adrian Ropp, S. L. Gallant, Jacob Greenawalt (A/CA) Bill Galvan
The cool cat is back! Generations of kids grew up loving the Pink Panther’s unique style and wit on Saturday morning cartoons. And now today’s best writers and artists are delivering original comic book stories that bring the trademark Pink Panther flair for confounding The Inspector and The Little Man to legions of new families and fans! This graphic novel is packed full-a pink with new stories by Batton Lash, S.L. Gallant, and YA author S.A. Check with amazing art by Disney animator Adrian Ropp, Archie artist Bill Gavlan, and G.I. Joe illustrator S.L. Gallant! We also include for the first time ever, the original Free Comic Book Day story “The Mighty Pan-Thor!” along with some classic tales, design sketches, and more! Get more pink for your green with American Mythology’s new Pink Panther series! Join the Pink Panther, The Ant and the Aardvark, The Inspector, and a host of other favorite cartoons for the all-ages event of the year! This volume collects Pink Panther #1-3, Trick or Pink Halloween Special, and the Pink Panther Free Comic Book Day issue.
In Shops: Nov 23, 2016
SRP: $19.99

(W) Todd Livingston, Danita Mangum (A) Bill Galvan, Adrian Ropp (CA) Animation Art
American Mythology celebrates the hilarious history of Pink Panther comic books in this special anniversary issue! The first Pink Panther comic books premiered in 1971 and the cool cat has been entertaining readers ever since. Join us for a fun romp through his newest adventures with a nod to his pink past. Pink Panther #100 comes with four covers – Main by Adrian Ropp, Classic Cover by Jacob Greenawalt, Pink Hijinks by Bill Galvan, and a Retro Animation Retailer Incentive Edition.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $10.00 – $3.99

(W) Mark L. Haynes, J. C. Vaughn (A) Eliseu Zeu Gouveia
There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here! Free Comic Book Day’s all ages darling, the classic rhyming superdog, returns with brand new adventures for kids of all ages. What happens when there’s a new hero in town stealing Underdog’s thunder? Will they be super friends or arch enemies? Tune in to this new issue of Underdog and find out! Plus enjoy the tall tales of Commander McBragg and the silly escapades of Go Go Gophers! Underdog comes with four covers – Main by John Gallagher, Giant by Bill Galvan, Riff Raff by Adrian Ropp, and a Retro Animation Retailer Incentive Edition by Patrick Owsley.
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99 – $10.00


TINKER #3 (OF 4)
(W) Jon Hughes (A) Rachel Uildriks (CA) Jon Hughes
Overground Comics arrives at American Mythology with a blast! Amy finally has her dreams in the palm of her hand, gaining an internship at Zero Technologies! But how will Amy handle her first day, when it includes a secret mission from Insight? Guest starring Captain Zero’s Cavaliers.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Mario Zimprich (CA) Ceci de la Cruz (A/CA) Mike Wolfer
Trapped within a remote mansion, Ragdoll is determined to protect the lives of Sir Peter and his friends, but that won’t be an easy task when Countess Bathory and her vampire minions launch a horrifying assault. Their objective: Blood! The battle between the beautiful monsters begins, but the wickedly insane Bathroy wants more than Ragdoll’s head. She wants something far more precious that will grant eternal life to the queen of the vampires!
In Shops: Jul 19, 2017
SRP: $3.99 – $10.00


(W) James Kuhoric (A) Andrew Mangum (CA) Greg LaRocque
You don’t have to risk life and limb in Honey Island Swamp to get this cool edition of Hatchet #0 signed by writer James Kuhoric! Limited to 75 copies!
In Shops: Jul 05, 2017
SRP: $9.99



(W) Mike Wolfer (A/CA) Mike Wolfer
Cult horror comics creator Mike Wolfer (Friday the 13th, Daughters of the Dark Oracle) unleashes an all-new anthology of terror tales designed to make you scream! Printed in glorious black and white to emulate the classic horror tales of the 1970s, CRYPT OF SCREAMS will take you where no other modern fright anthology dares to go. This issue’s tales are “Speed Demon,” an Old West shocker of a young man who enters a demonic contract to exact a terrifying revenge, followed by the hauntingly romantic “The Pond,” in which a young woman encounters a stranger who will alter the course of her life forever. Rounding out the horrific trio is “A Silver Lining,” a classic shocker of an 18th century mansion, its wealthy inhabitants, and a lycanthropic horror that stalks its halls in search of human flesh! Prepare to check your sanity at the door when you enter the CRYPT OF SCREAMS! All stories are written and illustrated by Mike Wolfer, and are for mature readers only.
In Shops: Feb 22, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A/CA) Mike Wolfer
For the horror connoisseur, this special signed edition is limited to 400 copies and is signed by horror maestro and creator, Mike Wolfer!
In Shops: Mar 29, 2017
SRP: $9.99

(W) Jim Shooter, J. C. Vaughn, James Nelms (A) James Nelms, Joe James
Jim Shooter at American Mythology? You bet! The legendary comics writer joins creator-writer J.C. Vaughn (Zombie-Proof, Vampire, PA), newcomer writer-artist James Nelms, and cover artist Mark Wheatley (Breathtaker, Frankenstein Mobster) for a new take on the classic horror anthology, Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children. American Mythology’s Year of Horror begins right here!
In Shops: Feb 22, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Neil Vokes has been illustrating comic book nightmares for over three decades. Now his classic blood-drenched creations are being unleashed in an incredible universe of monsters and mayhem! Join a virtual army of horror writers who each bring a new vision of fear and fright to the forefront of the Vokesverse – including: Robert (Black Forest) Tinnell, Todd (Wicked West) Livingston, Jack (Eagle) Herman, James (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash) Kuhoric, James R. (Blood & Silver) Tuck, and more! In addition to six frightful new and classic stories, we also dig up a 30 year old classic that has lived in shadow and rumor since the mid-’80s – beware the Falconer has returned! These first fright-filled chapters will spin out into new series to terrify the unwary reader. Get on board now and experience the horror!
In Shops: Jan 11, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Eric Dobson (A/CA) Chris Scalf
Claw vs Talon! Fur vs Scales! Supernatural vs Prehistoric! Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs kicks off an incredible one of a kind creature feature that will slap you in the face with a heaping dose of awesome! Cade can’t catch a break. Instead of a sleepy little deserted town, he finds himself in the middle of a supernatural smack down orchestrated by mysterious men in black. Werewolves Vs. Dinosaurs is a runaway train full of over-the-top carnage and conspiracies that will remind you of the wildest grindhouse film ever made.
In Shops: Aug 24, 2016
SRP: $3.99

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 03:18

(W) Patrick Shand (A) Nahuel Lopez (CA) Jonatas
The redhead raider and her shield maidens are back! This Annual sets the stage for the new series starting this Fall with two all-new stories. Belladonna and her warriors are lured into a trap by the Bone Queen while Gypsy has to escape a hostile pack of werewolves! Available with all-star covers including a Regular Cover by series artist Nahuel Lopez, Wraparound by Raulo Caceres, Shield Maiden by Matt Martin, Sultry Slayer and Killer Body by Renato Camilo and a painted Viking Vixen from Jonatas! A special subset of Raiders covers are available by Christian Zanier, each limited to just 350 copies! Including the Raiders, Nightfall, Topless, Nude, Adult and Adult Extreme covers on this special run series of images.
For the erotic art collectors, there is a special Gypsy Wraparound Nude by Paulo Siquiera that has no clothed edition. We also offer a Century Nude (limited to 100 copies) featuring original pencils by Renato Camilo, as well as the Nude by Lopez, Wraparound Nude by Caceres, Shield Maiden Nude and Adult by Matt Martin, Sultry Slayer Nude and Killer Body Nude by Renato Camilo and a painted Viking Vixen from Jonatas (which is a totally different image from the clothed edition).
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $5.99 – $9.99

(W) Ed Silva (A) Ed Silva, Emiliano Urdinola, Emiliano Urdinola
All your Jungle Fantasy favorites in one title! This massive series features more sexy jungle action than ever before as natural disasters strike and all the women are forced from their homes and on a collision course! With a huge migration of dinosaurs as well, it is a challenge just to be survivors! This series features Tundra, Ivory, Fauna and the Vixens by an all-star gathering of talent! Available with a load of lovely covers including a Regular & Sultry Cover by Renato Camilo, Wraparound by Raulo Caceres, a fully-painted Natural Beauty by Jonatas, Luscious by Matt Martin, and Bikini Babes by Ron Adrian. A special subset of Head Hunters covers are available by Christian Zanier, each limited to just 350 copies! Including the Head Hunter, Moonlight, Topless, Nude, Adult and Adult Extreme covers on this special run series of images.
For the erotic art collectors, we have a Century Nude (limited to 100 copies) featuring original pencils by Renato Camilo, as well as the Nude and Sultry Nude by Camilo, Wraparound Nude by Caceres, Natural Beauty Nude by Jonatas, Luscious Nude by Martin, and Bikini Babes Nude by Adrian. We top it off with Adult covers – Luscious Adult Cover by Martin, and the final two covers to the Tundra Icy Adult Cover Set by Zanier (this will be a set of six, two offered each month).
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $5.99 – $9.99

(W) Mike Costa (A) Nahuel Lopez (CA) Renato Camilo
Limited to just 100 sets, these covers feature the original nude pencil art of Renato Camilo!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $99.99


(W) Ron Adrian, Ed Silva, Marcelo Mueller (A) Emiliano Urdinola, Emiliano Urdinola, Ron Adrian, Ed Silva, Marcelo Mueller (CA) Renato Camilo
You won’t want to miss this sultry Vixens cover by Renato Camilo.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $9.99



(W) Patrick Shand (A) Gabriel Andrade (CA) Ignacio Calero
Hellina is in a sticky situation on this sexy cover by Ignacio Calero.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $9.99




(W) Patrick Shand (A) Gabriel Andrade (CA) Ignacio Calero
Hellina is in a sticky situation on this sexy cover by Ignacio Calero.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $9.99

For fans who missed the first series of Jungle Fantasy: Ivory, this set has copies of all eight issues, one random cover for each issue (example covers pictured), all at a special price!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $33.99

(W) Christian Zanier (A) Raulo Caceres (A/CA) Christian Zanier
Limited to just 100 sets, Argent in her bikini glory has never before been offered in Previews!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $149.99

For fans who missed the first series of Ravening, this set has copies of all four issues, one random cover for each issue (example covers pictured), all at a special price!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $17.99

For fans who missed the first series of Belladonna, this set has copies of all five issues, one random cover for each issue (example covers pictured), all at a special price!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $22.99

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WWE Appoints New General Manager in India

First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 01:09

MUMBAI, India & STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced the appointment of Sheetesh Srivastava as Vice President and General Manager, WWE India.

Sheetesh Srivastava

Srivastava will lead WWE’s strategic business initiatives and day-to-day operations in India and work with partners across all of WWE’s lines of business, including television, live events, marketing, sponsorship, new media, licensing and merchandising. Srivastava is a seasoned executive with more than 18 years of experience in driving strategic business growth in domestic and international markets. He will report to Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President, International.

“India is key to the global growth of WWE, and we are confident Sheetesh will successfully help develop our brand and business in this critically important country,” said Wells. “WWE is committed to expanding its presence in India, and we are pleased to welcome Sheetesh to further our efforts in the market.”

India represents WWE’s single largest regional contribution to the brand’s massive social media community of 750 million followers globally. To increase engagement with fans in India, WWE recently launched, the company’s first-ever local, e-commerce experience in India.

Srivastava joins WWE from The Walt Disney Company in India, where he most recently led business development for Disney Media Networks, overseeing branded content creation, distribution, marketing, and syndication. Earlier in his career, he held senior management roles at Reliance Broadcast Network, The Times of India Group, and Frito Lay India.

Srivastava is an Economics graduate from Lucknow University, and he received a Master’s degree in Business Management from the Institute for Integrated Learning in Management.

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has announced their next show “Head Like A Cole”

First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 01:00

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has announced their next show Head Like A Cole takes place on May 19th.

The following matches have been announced:

♦ PWG World Champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Trent?
♦ PWG Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. Rey Fenix & Penta El Zoro M
♦ Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs. Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle
♦ Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole
♦ Shane Strickland vs. Michael Elgin
♦ Lio Rush vs. Mark Haskins
♦ Keith Lee vs. Trevor Lee

Tickets for Head Like a Cole go on sale next week.

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 00:57
New Characters, New Stories Debut When Legendary Artists Collaborate with Writers

Retailers had a front-row seat at Chicago’s C2E2 today when DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee unveiled six new DC Universe titles under the banner Dark Matter, partnering the most acclaimed artists in the industry with award-winning writers. Beginning this August, under the guidance of iconic artists Greg Capullo, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr., DC will launch new titles THE SILENCER, SIDEWAYS, IMMORTAL MEN, DAMAGE, NEW CHALLENGERS, with characters from each of these series first appearing in the previously announced DARK NIGHTS: METAL.

The Dark Matter comics will focus on epic graphic storytelling. Joining Capullo, Kubert, Lee and Romita Jr. to round out the all-star cast of creators are Dan Abnett, Tony S. Daniel, Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan, Kenneth Rocafort, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Robert Venditti.

“What excites me most is that this series of books takes full advantage of the talent and vision of the creative team,” says DC Publisher Dan DiDio. “Comics are a visual medium and with these titles, the artists are working hand in hand with the writers in shaping the look and direction of their characters. In reaffirming the craft of making comics, we’ve brought together a master class of talent, led by Greg Capullo, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr., to help set the style, tone and visual direction for these books. With these four industry giants taking the lead, I feel we can bring the power and energy expected from superhero storytelling back to the page.”

Dark Matter is a return to bringing both the writer and artist to the fore to unlock their full potential,” explains Publisher Jim Lee. “At the talent summit we discussed what was missing in comics and how we could create something that’s new for this generation of fans. The result was Dark Matter. You’ll see bombastic action scenes and a visual narrative driven by the artist. This approach has energized the creators involved, myself included, and we’re going to have a lot of fun with these books.”

To get fans excited about this upcoming launch, DC is releasing a series of interviews with these masters in their homes. Capullo, Kubert, Lee and Romita Jr. highlight their legacy and process and discuss working with their collaborators on new stories in the DC Universe.

The first wave of DC Universe Dark Matter titles includes:

Debuting in September
Written by Dan Abnett with art by John Romita Jr.
Honor Guest was the world’s deadliest assassin, until she traded it all for a chance at a “normal” life in the suburbs, free from the constant death and destruction. But as her former life comes back to haunt her, Honor must strip away her suburban persona and protect her family as THE SILENCER.

Debuting in September
Written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan with art by Kenneth Rocafort
Forever changed by the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, a teenager struggles to live through high school as he comes in contact with Dark Matter and gains the power to teleport through the Dark Dimension. But each leap brings the new hero one step closer to succumbing to the allure of his new power and its dark origins.

Debuting in October
Written by James Tynion IV with art by Jim Lee
Born at the dawn of time, five siblings find that with eternal life comes eternal war. As the forces of destruction march into the modern world, they operate from the shadows, recruiting the elite against the foes who seek to bring about Armageddon. They are humankind’s hope sprung eternal….they are the IMMORTAL MEN.

Debuting in October
Written by Robert Venditti with art by Tony S. Daniel
Ethan Avery only wanted to serve his country, but promises of becoming the ultimate weapon leave the new recruit living a nightmare. Cursed with the ability to unleash an unstoppable monster for one hour at a time, Ethan only wants to live out his life in peace. But if he can tame the monster inside, it might just be able to do more good for the country than Ethan ever expected.

Debuting in December
Written by Scott Snyder with art by Andy Kubert
Characters live on borrowed time, running from death toward the greatest mysteries, wonders and terrors of the universe! It’s a new cast, new mission, but in conversation with the history and greatness of the original Challengers of the Unknown. The story starts with Challengers Mountain returning after having been missing for years, and only gets wilder from there…

Debuting in August
Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo
It all begins with DARK NIGHTS: METAL, a story that will examine every choice a hero doesn’t take and every path they don’t walk, opening up worlds that are forged by nightmares. Characters and stories from each of the Dark Matter books will be plotted throughout this series.

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 00:21

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 20, 2017)—Today we celebrate marijuana with smoke rings puffing and pluming across the nation. Now that eight states have legalized it for recreational use and twenty-eight for medical use, it is especially fun to relive the hysteria surrounding marijuana as a perceived gateway drug from the 1930s to the 1950s and beyond. And now you can do so in the comfort of your home with Reefer Madness from Dark Horse Books.

Like the antidrug propaganda films of that era, these stories range from comically misinformed to soberly concerned about the influence of Mary Jane on the youth of America. Titles like “Teenage Dope Slaves,” “Satan’s Cigarettes,” and “Hopped-Up Killer” make it clear that the gulf in attitudes between today and the days of Reefer Madness could not be wider.

Includes an in-depth introduction discussing the campaigns against pot by the first drug czar, Harry Anslinger, and newspaperman William Randolph Hearst, with lurid covers from many of the comics and magazines of the day. The comics collected in Reefer Madness come from comic book legends like Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (Adventure Comics), Frank Frazetta, Jerry Robinson, and Jack Kirby. Eisner and Harvey Award–winning hippie Craig Yoe brings a new collection of wacky, wild, and culturally relevant comics to the mix.

“This is one of the most fun books I’ve ever put together. Some of the writers and artists that created these comics must have been smoking something to concoct these ludicrous and loony tales of youth gone bad!” said Yoe. “The comics will serve up lots of lusty laughs for those who partake of contraband ‘giggle-smoke.’ Others attempting to snuff out the wicked marijuana cigarettes that they are sure unleash unbridled passions will see these comics as moral tales of dire warning!”

Reefer Madness hits shelves summer 2017.

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First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 00:17


MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 20, 2017)—Following the out-of-this-world success of 2016’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book and Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book, Dark Horse is excited to announce two more volumes for Star Trek fans to enjoy: Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book—Where No Man Has Gone Before and Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book—Continuing Missions.

Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book—Where No Man Has Gone Before contains forty-five brand-new black-and-white images from the second two seasons of the classic science-fiction series. Printed on high-quality stock, each illustration offers an array of diverse detail to color as faithfully or as wildly as fans choose, and is single sided to avoid unsightly bleed-through. Juann Cabal (Elektra), Will Conrad (Angel & Faith), Gabriel Guzmán (Kull, Mass Effect: Discovery), and Derlis Santacruz (Tomb Raider) create the gorgeous artwork, and Gabriel Guzmán’s art is featured on the cover.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book—Continuing Missions features forty-five brand-new colorable images from seasons 4 through 7 of the fan-favorite science-fiction series. The illustrations include unique, highly detailed black-and-white illustrations inspired by unforgettable episodes, like “Darmok,” “The Inner Light,” and “Chain of Command.” Juann Cabal, Gabriel Guzmán, Bill Mudron (Calla Cthulhu), and Shea Standefer bring the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D to life. Gabriel Guzmán’s art is also featured on the cover.

Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book—Where No Man Has Gone Before goes on sale September 13, 2017, and is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Things From Another World, and at your local comic shop. Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book—Continuing Missions goes on sale October 4, 2017, and is also available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Things From Another World, and at your local comic shop.

Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book – Where No Man Has Gone Before and Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book—Continuing Missions are under license by CBS Consumer Products.

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Marvel Returns to C2E2 with Signings, Panels, Giveaways and More!

First Comics News - Fri, 04/21/2017 - 00:09

New York, NY—April 20, 2017 —This weekend, the House of Ideas takes the Windy City by storm as we prepare for C2E2 and non-stop excitement! We’re bringing the hottest creators, breaking news plus signings, giveaways and more! Your central hub for all the excitement is the Marvel Booth (Booth #327) so be sure to stop by for your chance to get in on all the fun!

Want to know more about the blockbuster Secret Empire event? Or about what ResurrXion has in store for your favorite mutants? What about top secret announcements for some upcoming Marvel comics? Then you won’t want to miss this year’s panel lineup chock full of breaking news! And that’s not all because this year’s show features an all-star lineup of your favorite Marvel creators and stars who will be appearing throughout the show. Swing by for scheduled appearances by Jason Aaron, Nick Spencer, Jordie Bellaire, Declan Shalvey, Margaret Stohl and many more! See the official signing schedule for more info.

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First Comics News - Thu, 04/20/2017 - 15:07

(W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Daniel Gete
America finally has a new weapon to use against the German Battleships, and this issue is the grand unveiling! But nothing goes to plan – for either side of this epic conflict! Available with Regular, Wraparound, War Crimes, Propaganda and Blitzkrieg covers by series artist Daniel Gete and a limited VIP Premium cover by Gabriel Andrade that is limited to 500 copies!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99-$9.99

(A/CA) Jacen Burrows
The amazing work of Jacen Burrows is celebrated in this special art book! Over 15 years of amazing works are featured here, all showcasing Burrows’ original pencils and inks. Included is a complete cover gallery, from The Courtyard to Neonomicon to Providence, as well as choice pages, designs and lots of unused, ultra-rare, and unseen art! For fans of the series, this is a wonderful companion volume showcasing the haunting artwork and painstaking labor that went into bringing it to life.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $19.99


(W) David Lapham (A) German Nobile (CA) Jacen Burrows
In an age of depravity, one man’s appetites horrified the entire Roman Empire… the mad emperor, Caligula. When his family was brutally slaughtered by Caligula and his court, Junius travels to Rome to avenge their deaths, but discovers that the emperor cannot be killed, no matter how horrific the wound! Renamed “Felix” and admitted into Caligula’s court as a pet, confidante, lover, and biographer, the young man witnesses the worst depravity and brutality that the ancient world has to offer: virgin blood ceremonies, rigged gladiator fights, and dinner parties where guests are randomly slaughtered. Can Felix maintain his sanity in the face of so much horror and discover the secret behind Caligula’s mysterious supernatural power over life and death? All six issues of the first series are collected here. The modern master of horror, David Lapham (Crossed Vol. 2: Family Values, Stray Bullets), joins talented painter German Nobile in a descent into the darkest corners of Rome’s history. Available in three editions: as a TPB or Hardcover with covers by artist Jacen Burrows and also a Signed Hardcover signed by writer David Lapham and limited to just 1000 copies!
In Shops: May 23, 2012
SRP: $19.99


(W) David Lapham (A/CA) German Nobile
They thought the mad emperor, Caligula was destroyed. But his evil lives on, hiding in plain sight. Now good Laurentius must track down the demon to stop the slaughter in the streets and to avenge his wife’s death. But the demon is not alone this time. It seems that others with hellish powers have risen up and are shaping the world of the new ruling class. Even young Nero, his son, has a demonic influence changing the boy and directing him to take up the grievous excesses of his father. The modern master of horror, DAVID LAPHAM (Crossed Vol. 2 & 3, Stray Bullets), joins talented painter GERMAN NOBILE in a descent into the darkest corners of Rome’s history. Collects issues #1 – 6 of the Caligula Heart of Rome series.
In Shops: Nov 06, 2013
SRP: $19.99


(W) Max Brooks (A/CA) Raulo Caceres
The best-selling Zombie writer in history finally unleashes an all-new horror epic! Be ready for the summer’s biggest graphic novel event as millions of zombie fans come looking for with the collected first chapter of MAX BROOKS’ EXTINCTION PARADE! One of the founders of the zombie renaissance, Max Brooks has sold millions of books in dozens of languages. His first book The Zombie Survival Guide not only singlehandedly jump-started the zombie prep subculture, its graphic novel companion Recorded Attacks debuted as #1 on the New Times Bestseller list. His second book World War Z (already a multi-million copy NYT bestseller in its own right) was adapted by Brad Pitt into one of the biggest blockbuster movies of 2013. Now Brooks takes the zombie genre to a whole new level with his new illustrated series Extinction Parade featuring stunningly rendered art by super-star RAULO (Crossed, Captain Swing) CACERES. Building on the seed of his hit 2010 short story, Brooks has crafted a truly epic series. Not only does Extinction Parade’s multilayered depth and meticulously researched detail raise it to the standard of his previous work, it also introduces fans to an entirely new, fresh and terrifying subgenre: Vampires Vs Zombies. As humans wage their loosing fight versus the hoards of the subdead, a frightening realization sets in with the secretive Vampire race: our food is dying off. This is the story of Vampires decent into all-out war with the mindless hungry hordes of the zombie outbreak as humanity tries to survive them all. Three species in mortal conflict. This is how a species dies. The collected edition contains the entire first chapter of this epic tale including Extinction Parade issues #1-5, and a blood-soaked cover gallery!
In Shops: Jun 25, 2014
SRP: $19.99


(W) Max Brooks (A/CA) Raulo Caceres
New York Times bestselling Author, Max Brooks returns to the frightening world of zombies versus vampires in his groundbreaking follow up series: Extinction Parade: War! Well known for his breathtakingly original fiction, Brooks pushes the limits of the horror genre with his trademark meticulous research and vision for the next evolution in zombie storytelling. The subdead were always a joke to the aristocratic vampire race. Just a spec on the radar of their immortal lives, nothing worth even a moment’s notice in their quest for self-gratification through the veins of their host, the human race. But at last they have been pulled from their ignorance into the reality of the new world order. The human race is facing extinction and should they succumb, so too shall the vampires disappear beneath the waves of rotting walking dead. Now the vampire race has mobilized and formed a grand Army of the Bloodline to combat the growing threat of extinction. But after centuries of ambivalence will they be able to learn how to wage war before it is too late? This volume collects the Extinction Parade: War #1 – 5 comic book series.
In Shops: Mar 25, 2015
SRP: $19.99


(W) Garth Ennis (A/CA) Tomas Aria
The war rumbles on in this fifth collection of Garth Ennis’ masterpiece. Included are: the three part “Send A Gunboat”, the men of the Royal Navy’s gunboat squadrons defend England’s coast against Nazi raiders. The little boats are fast, heavily-armed and deadly- and terribly vulnerable. And the enemy is never far away, as the commander of one vessel finds when his German opposite number takes a dangerous interest in him and his crew. Also the four-part “Vampire Squadron. ” In the dark days of winter, 1940, a handful of pilots show up at a remote Royal Air Force base in rural England. Some are British, some are Poles, Czechs, French, Australians, Canadians- the orphans of Nazi-occupied Europe and the children of the Empire. No other squadron wants them; they don’t even like each other much. Which is unfortunate, because they’re about to take to the deadly night skies at the height of the Blitz- Hitler’s dreadful aerial onslaught on the cities of Britain. This volume collects War Stories #16 – 22 of the ongoing comic book series.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $19.99

(W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Jacen Burrows
The gentlemen monsters of Providence are featured on the lovely faux-leather cover, printed in stark Blood Red Foil over White leather and limited to just 350 copies!
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $24.99



(W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Jacen Burrows
Due to overwhelming demand, we offer one final printing of the Providence Act 1 Hardcover! Alan Moore’s quintessential horror series has set the standard for a terrifying reinvention of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. It is being universally hailed as one of Moore’s most realized works in which the master scribe has controlled every iota of the story, art, and presentation. The result has been a masterpiece like no other and a true must-have addition to his essential works in the field. We present a collected Providence Act 1 hardcover edition that contains Providence issues #1-4, and all the back matter, in this one-time printing of the edition. There will be Act 2 and Act 3 Hardcovers in the coming months, also limited to single production runs. This will not be kept in print any further and this is the final opportunity to get a hardcover edition of the first chapter of Alan Moore’s horror masterpiece.
In Shops: Mar 15, 2017


(W) Garth Ennis, Mike Wolfer (A/CA) Mike Wolfer
Critically acclaimed graphic novelist Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer unleash an all-new kind of horror as they rip the horrors of war right from today’s headlines and thrust it beyond the boundaries of sanity. Three American soldiers, the survivors of a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, struggle across the Taliban-controlled mountains. Injured and lacking food, water, and medicine, they discover something far worse than enemy fighters among the sun-bleached rocks: an ancient supernatural power, murderous and unstoppable. Despite a timely rescue by a handful of British S.A.S. commandos, they’re still hopelessly outnumbered by the shambling, ragged undead and the evil human intelligence that controls them. Available with a Trade Paperback, Hard Cover, and a special Signed Hard Cover Edition (limited to 500 copies and signed by Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer) all featuring covers by Mike Wolfer!
In Shops: Nov 21, 2012
SRP: $19.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A/CA) Fernando Heinz Furukawa
Expanding the world of GARTH ENNIS’ Stitched, horror mainstay MIKE WOLFER tells the next chapter in a gripping world of terror. When a smuggler delivers the secret of the Stitched to a wealthy collector, the unsuspecting world learns that true horror doesn’t stay buried in the sands of time…it transcends them. A team of Navy Seals must attempt to secure the threat and find a way to destroy the Stitched and their secrets before they are loosed among an unsuspecting population. But the true horror of the Stitched isn’t only felt at their crushing granite fingertips, but in the terrifying turning process where the unwary become legions of the dead. The trade collects issues #8-13 of the ongoing horror series, Stitched.
In Shops: Sep 11, 2013
SRP: $19.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A/CA) Fernando Heinz
Approached by the mysterious Nameless Ones, Nakamura discovers the secret of the Stitched and uses their soulless drive for destruction to rein misery upon his targets within the criminal organization. Violence and terror drive the Kuroko-Kai to bloody revenge and one slip up by Nakamura will put his family and friends in their vicious sights. But the secret of the Stitched comes with a steep price and his family may ultimately be the ones to pay in blood for his ambition and vengeance! MIKE WOLFER and FERNANDO HEINZ weave a story of ancient evil and terrifying horror, Stitched is a modern masterpiece of darkest nightmare.This volume collects Stitched #14-19.
In Shops: Jun 11, 2014
SRP: $19.99

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So Cool it’s Hot: Tarot#41 Uncensored Cover Edition!

First Comics News - Thu, 04/20/2017 - 14:29

Tarot#41 UNCENSORED REissue

This Tarot’s Sold Out Winter Farce is now being REissued in a high quality Edition! The Uncensored reIssue will have Uncensored/ Clean (no titled) Cover A ( on the Front) and Cover B ( on the back) signed High Quality Cover. $12.50

We are also offering a very Special Limited Edition, the “Rainbow Chrome” Snowflake Variant, Cover will have an iridescent High Quality Cover of a Jim Balent Pencil art piece & Limited to only 10 signed and numbered this Edition will be $45 .

Last but not least is the “Silver Winter” Metal Variant, Cover -printed on a sheet of shiny silverish metal the uncensored art will shimmer like an icicle! Limited to only 5- 3 Left signed and numbered this Edition will be $100 .
ships late May or earlier.

PreOrder NOW!

Uncensored #41 Cover

If you missed this Sold Out Fun Issue- Now’s your chance, while supplies last!

Rainbow Chrome Snowflake Edition! (artist’s representation of iridescence)

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Become Part of the Story with Marvel Comics’ Chatbot

First Comics News - Thu, 04/20/2017 - 14:23

Marvel Comics’ Chatbot Allows Fans to Converse with some of their Favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Become Part of the Story


Marvel’s chatbot offers quizzes, puzzles, first-looks, exclusive content,

and helps you find your local comic shop through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM


New York, NY—April 20, 2017— Today, Marvel is excited to announce, an all-new way to interact directly with the Marvel Universe, with Marvel’s first chatbot. Timed with the release of Marvel Comics’ SECRET EMPIRE fans will have the ability to directly chat with some of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and be a part of the Marvel Universe through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM. Powered by Conversable, this new chatbot experience presents a bold and exciting new way for fans to interact with some of Marvel’s most popular heroes who are directly in the throes of Marvel Comics’ SECRET EMPIRE!

At launch, in support of Marvel Comics’ SECRET EMPIRE event, the Marvel chatbot will allow fans the ability to converse with everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler, Spider-Man!  Fans will also be able to engage in fun quizzes & puzzles, receive exclusive first-looks, and find their local comic shops.

“Marvel will always be on the forefront of exciting new ways for fans to experience the Marvel Universe,” said Julie Gerola, VP/GM Marketing & Digital Operations. “We are so excited to debut a brand new way for our fans to engage directly with some of the Marvel characters during the events of SECRET EMPIRE and have the added ability to have their local comic shop’s location sent directly to fans so that they can further explore the entire Marvel Universe.”

The chatbot, produced in partnership with Conversable Inc., leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to engage users with an entirely unique adventure written by Eisner Award-winning author, Jim McCann.

“When it comes to loyalty and engagement, Marvel stands out as a leader. As consumers move to new platforms, it’s more important than ever for brands to meet their audience where they are,” said Ben Lamm, CEO of Conversable. “What Marvel is doing is a truly original way for such a creative organization to engage customers and tell stories through new mediums. Through the power of conversational intelligence, fans can go from bystander to fully immersed in the Marvel Universe and become part of the story.”

All of this, plus much more, will be delivered directly to fans’ mobile devices and desktops through Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM. What will you say to Spider-Man? What kind of Easter eggs will you be able to find? Find out this spring from Marvel Comics during the launch of SECRET EMPIRE in comic shops May 3rd.

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Mortzengersturm Reviews

Sorcerer's Skull - Thu, 04/20/2017 - 11:00
A couple of reviews for Mortzengersturm, The Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak have come out, and they have not escaped the notice of the manticore wizard himself:

Jack Shear over at Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque
Gus L at Dungeon of Signs


First Comics News - Thu, 04/20/2017 - 08:54
Cover artwork: Terry Dodson, Colton Worley, Joseph Michael Linsner, Scott Chantler and Pin-Up Photo Covers. Limited variant editions in “Black & White” and “Virgin Art” formats. Writer: David Avallone Art: Colton Worely
Ms. Page is more modest than Ms. Blaise, but peels more than Ms. Emma. She out-vamps Vampirella, but she’s sweeter than Honey West. She puts the mod in model, and the bangs in bang-bang. Now the world can know the truth: her classified adventures back in 1951 Hollywood have officially been declassified.

Writers Fred Van Lente Artwork: ABob Q Cover artwork: Mike and Laura Allred, Ty Templeton and Javier Pulido
The Green Hornet is back and on the case! With his aide Kato and their rolling arsenal, The Black Beauty, by his side, The Green Hornet is ready to face the toughest of challenges! On police records a wanted criminal, The Green Hornet is secretly Britt Reid, owner/publisher of The Daily Sentinel. Reid and Kato have traveled to Central City to participate in the futuristic World’s Fair, and to get the skinny on the new and potentially dangerous “Newspaper of Tomorrow”, a device capable of predicting headlines before events happen.

Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Gentile Artwork: Alexandre Shibao. Cover artwork: Tom Mandrake and Alexandre Shibao
When the FBI discovers evidence that incriminates Richard Benson in a brutal murder, the Avenger finds himself arrested and subjected to an intense investigation by the Bureau’s best agents! Now the Justice, Inc. team must spring into action to save their leader, and discover if there’s a sinister plot at play; or could the Avenger actually be guilty of such a heinous crime?

Writers Max Bemis Artwork: Eoin Marron, and Dan Schkade Cover artwork: Francesco Francavilla
When a terrifying creature from beyond the stars attacks his planet, protagonist Dale’s journey begins, but he is not out to save his world; its already much too late for that. As the lone survivor, the only thing Dale wants is revenge.

Cover A: Stephen Segovia Cover B: Johnny Desjardins Cover C: Dylan Burnett Cover D: Jeff McComsey Writer: Ray Fawkes (main), Chuck Wendig (Turok back-up) Art: Johnny Desjardins (main) , Álvaro Sarraseca (Turok back-up)
The last days of the heroic age have arrived, threatening not just the existence of Earth’s protectors but humankind itself. As chaos envelops the world, Magnus discovers how human he really is, while Solar solves a truly shocking mystery! And prepare yourself for Turok’s Lost Valley like you’ve NEVER seen it before! BONUS TUROK STORY: The penultimate chapter of Turok’s tale! Turok and his uncertain ally Arthok have been captured by the cruel ruler of Railtown, reuniting Arthok with his lost love – but at what cost? Because now they’ve both been sentenced to DEATH!


Cover A: Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover B: Jorge Fornés Writer: Kyle Higgins (main), Chuck Wendig (Turok back-up) Art: Jorge Fornés (main), Álvaro Sarraseca (Turok back-up)
In the aftermath of a high-profile murder committed by an artificial intelligence, psychologist Kerri Magnus has been tasked by the authorities to play bounty hunter and bringing the rogue AI to justice. But inside the AI’s virtual world, nothing is quite as it seems – and she risks losing her very sanity the longer she stays inside of it… BONUS TUROK STORY! The thrilling conclusion! Turok finally receives the crucial information he needs, and makes his move to escape the clutches of Railtown – but standing in the way of freedom is an army! Now Turok must FIGHT his way to freedom!


Cover A: Pete Woods Cover B: Ryan Browne Writer: Ryan Browne Art: Pete Woods
IF YOU DON’T WANT ANY TROUBLE, DON’T GIVE SOMEONE THE KEY TO THE CITY AND THEN TAKE IT AWAY! IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT! WHY IS THAT SO HARD?! I’M SORRY I’M YELLING, I JUST FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS! (takes a deep breath) Okay, so Tim and crew are in even more trouble than they realize as their star is on the rise…and fall…and rise again? And it seems that maybe you just can’t deathray your way out of your problems…

Cover A: Jonathan Lau Cover B: Pasquale Qualano Cover C: Geraldo Borges Writer: F. Wesley Schneider Art: Ediano Silva
The Pathfinder heroes struggle to escape the Hellknights’ grasp! Taken prisoner after breaching the heart of Citadel Vraid, Seoni and her friends come face-to-face with Lictor Severs DiViri, leader of the Order of the Nail. To have any chance of escaping the Hellknights’ lethal brand of “justice,” the heroes must pit their sorcery and steel against a army of hell-hardened legionnaires. Magic and mayhem blaze through this harrowing adventure from Pathfinder co-creator F. Wesley Schneider (Pathfinder Hollow Mountain, Bloodbound), with art from Ediano Silva (Grimm Fairy Tales, Hellchild: The Unholy). Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!

Cover A: Mike McKone Cover B: Ben Caldwell Cover C: Tyler Kirkham Cover D: Cosplay Cover Cover E Subscription: Mel Rubi Writer: Amy Chu Art: Carlos Gomez
The She-Devil embarks on a whole new adventure… across America! Sonja takes a ride with Max in search of a way back home, and discovers maybe our worlds aren’t that different after all…


Cover: Nick Bradshaw Writer: Amy Chu Art: Carlos Gomez
Page Count: 136+ pages
The barbarian She-Devil with a Sword faces a whole different world – New York City – in this new adventure written by Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Kiss) and drawn by Carlos Gomez (The Dresden Files). Somewhere deep underground, strange and powerful demons clad in metal armor attack and roust Red Sonja from a deep magical sleep. Confused and weaponless, she must find a way to defeat these mysterious creatures, escape from her solitary prison, and make her way to the surface to discover where she is, and why the evil Kulan Gath summoned her there!

Cover A: Cary Nord Cover B: Rags Morales Cover C: Roberto Castro Writer: Bill Willingham Art: Cezar Razek
The Venture nears their destination, but the villainous Resolve is hot on their tail, and a heart-pounding aerial skirmish will leave a crewmember of the brave Venture lost in the Antarctic – and travel into the Earth’s core to the land of Pellucidar!


Cover A: Javier Caba Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr. Art: Javier Caba
In the second chapter of Hermanos de Sangre, it’s the Soliz brothers versus a pack of werewolf gangsters! Later, at an auction for magic items, the brothers find themselves having to deal with demon luchador, El Demonio! While Diego tries to find out who purchased the cursed Aztec skull, Gabe is in for the match of his life!




Cover: Roger Langridge Writer: Jeff Parker, Jesse Hamm Art: Jesse Hamm, Grace Allison
Page Count: 128 pages
Ming the Merciless wants to claim Earth as the crown jewel of his empire! His latest scheme? Teleporting a continent from his homeworld of Mongo into the Pacific Ocean, thereby unleashing its monstrous beasts into our seas and causing catastrophic tidal waves to devastate our naval defenses! It’s up to Flash Gordon, the fearless daredevil who has unraveled the tyrant’s previous schemes at every turn, to once again rally his friends in defense of the Earth. Join intrepid reporter Dale Arden, eccentric scientist Dr. Zarkov, Mandrake the Magician, two iterations of The Phantom, Jungle Jim, and the timelost hero Prince Valiant in the wildest adventure on this or any world!


Cover: Fred Pham Chuong Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky Art: Fred Pham Chuong
Page Count: 160 pages
A murder. A mysterious league of protectors operating in the shadows. A legacy to protect. A city to save from filth, corruption and gangs. A girl who has to pose as a man to protect herself and her heritage. A young student lost in a concrete jungle he never chose to… Welcome to the world of Intertwined. It’s 1971 and for Juan Jin, life is about to become hell! He didn’t ask to be a hero. He didn’t ask to go to Chinatown. He only wanted to follow the way of Wing Chun, the Kung Fu style he masters brilliantly… but destiny had other plans for him. Intertwined tells a hero story from an immigrant perspective for the first time. Give in to Kung Fu Noir with this volume collecting issues #1-6 and loaded with tons of bonuses including: additional pages of art, a never printed before story and exclusive art from some of the best artists in the industry!


Cover A: Diego Galindo Writer: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers Art: Diego Galindo
Jim Butcher’s worldwide bestselling Dresden Files saga continues in this original limited series! Harry Dresden is a man on the edge—and that is something that can be dangerous to friend and foe alike. He’s been drafted by a senior member of the White Council of Wizards to investigate a series of murders in rural Mississippi. As always, there’s more afoot than is immediately apparent. The question is, will Harry’s state of mind keep him from seeing it, and will his actions lead him into direct conflict with the wizard who’s depending on his help?


Cover A: Mike Miller Cover B Subscription: Mel Rubi Writer: George R. R. Martin, Landry Q. Walker Art: Mel Rubi
Arya, with the help of Yoren, a brother of the Night’s Watch, has escaped from King’s Landing, but the road to the Wall brings its own dangers. Meanwhile, Sansa attends a tournament on the sadistic King Joffrey’s name-day, and Bran, in Winterfell, suffers from strange dreams of wolves…


Cover A: Dominic Reardon Cover B: Jason Masters Cover C: Patrick Zircher Writer: Benjamin Percy Art: Rapha Lobosco
In the so-called “Suicide Forest” of Japan, near the base of Mt. Fuji, James Bond finds himself hunted by No Name, the nightmarish assassin. After narrowly escaping, 007 and Selah Sax find themselves on board a bullet train bound for the headquarters of Saga Genji — in a race against Felix Leiter and the Americans for the “black box” of information that could compromise their nations.



Cover  Greg Smallwood Writer: Andy Diggle Art: Luca Casalanguida and Juan Doe
When a counterespionage operation in Rotterdam goes catastrophically wrong, James Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of a plot to smash NATO. Someone is assassinating allied agents, and 007 is the next target in the kill chain. Having kept the peace for decades, the old alliance is collapsing, pitting MI6 against its former ally – the CIA!


Cover A: Fay Dalton Cover B: Elsa Charretier Writer: Anthony Del Col Art: Werther Dell’Edera
Brother versus brother! With death and danger floating to the surface in Bayport, Frank and Joe Hardy find themselves in deep water – and at each other’s throats. But with their father’s murderer now targeting them, this division threatens their lives – and that of Nancy Drew.



Cover A: Toby Cypress Cover B: Eli Powell Writer: Pierce Brown, Rik Hoskin Art: Eli Powell
Pierce Brown’s Red Rising continues with Sons of Ares! Amidst the Sons’ daring operation, Fitchner recalls the assignment where he learned about true strength and honor from the Reds his Gold contemporaries looked down upon. Haunted by the things he experienced at The Institute, his life takes a turn as he meets the woman who would forever change his life…and, therefore, society as a whole!

Cover A: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer Cover B: Don Drakulich Cover C: Taylor Esposito Teen Heartthrob Photo Cover Writer: Matt Miner, Matt Maguire Art: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Thrown into the past by Mr. Perfect, our favorite “Scumdogs of the Universe” GWAR are fighting their way through time like a horde of insane drunken children, killing and defiling all in their path. Find out what REALLY happened in our human history and get the full story of GWAR’s involvement in World War II, Aztec human sacrifices, and the sinking of the Titanic, plus meet the BRAND-NEW MONSTER with a name so foul we can’t print it here and an appearance so obscene we couldn’t draw it on the cover! Featuring story by Matt Miner, GWAR’s Matt Maguire, and art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and members of GWAR, this book is a gut punch of social conscience wrapped in a blood-soaked corpse and sprinkled with comedy dynamite.gwarorgasmageddon-02-cov-a-sawyer gwarorgasmageddon-02-cov-b-drakulich gwarorgasmageddon-02-cov-c-photo-notfinal

KISS #10
Cover A: Kyle Strahm Cover B: Kewber Baal Cover C: Photo Cover Writer: Amy Chu Art: Kewber Baal
The thrilling conclusion of an epic journey in the future, as the two ships join forces to return to Earth and unlock the secrets of the past.

Cover A: Juan Doe Cover B: Carli Ihde Cover C: Roberto Castro Cover D: Cosplay Cover Writer: Chris Sebela Art: Annapaola Martello
Rock ’n’ roll isn’t for the faint of heart. Jet-lagged, on the verge of recording a new album and stuck in the strange heart of Los Angeles, KISS are now up against an army of mysterious strangers who’ve kidnapped their old friend. Vampirella has her own problems stuck in a crime scene full of satanists with swords. Dragging her new roadie with her on a ride packed with demons and explosions big enough to throw Vampi and her band into a collision course with KISS.


Cover: Kyle Strahm Writer: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham Art: Eman Cassalos
Page Count: 104+ pages
Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Red Sonja) teams with co-writer Erik Burnham (Back to the Future, Ghostbusters) and artist Eman Cassallos (Vampirella) to explore the secret history of KISS, the world’s greatest rock ‘n roll sensation, in this mind-blowing prequel to her critically acclaimed “Kiss: The Elder” saga! Before the underground city of Blackwell, before the cybernetic enforcers known as the Keepers of the Peace, there was the MUSIC. In a small town in Iowa, three young KISS fans – Sam, Milo, and Kimi – meet at a concert and form their own band. When Sam’s obsession with KISS, and especially The Demon, takes a new and potentially dangerous twist, the journey that’s meant to change their lives might just change the fate of the world!

Cover A: Philip Tan Cover B: Valentine DeLandro Cover C: Cosplay Cover Cover D Subscription: Jimmy Broxton Writer: Paul Cornell Art: Jimmy Broxton
This is it! You’ve gotten to see the Great Beyond, meet the fellow who’s running it, and savor the world as we don’t know it that feeds into everything! Now it’s time for Vampy to do something that will change… well, everything! The world will never be the same after this, and that just may not be a good thing!

CHARMED #5 (of 5)
Cover A: Joe Corroney Cover B: Maria Sanapo Cover C: Photo Cover Writer: Erica Schultz Art: Maria Sanapo
The final showdown! With the Power of Three broken, how will the sisters defeat Djall and prevent the Underworld from taking over our world? The Halliwell sisters still have a trick up their sleeves.

Cover A: Denis Medri Cover B: Lucio Parrillo Cover C: Photo Cover Writer: Craig Engler, Fred Van Lente Art: Edu Menna
Z Nation: Sea of Death – Part 4! Specialist Israel Johnson and Private Edie Cutter learn the disturbing truth about what really powers the cruise ship Empress of the Seas, even as they inadvertently trigger a mutiny between the authoritarian Crew and their subservient Passengers. The resulting battle unleashes zombie mayhem aboard the close confines of the ship, leading to a vicious fight for survival and the reveal of a jaw-dropping zombie that fans of the genre will never forget. Sea of Death is a prequel set in the world of Syfy’s hit zombie series Z Nation, produced by The Asylum. Featuring Z Nation’s signature blend of horror, humor and heart, Sea of Death is a six-issue miniseries from acclaimed writer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies, G.I. Joe) and Craig Engler, based on the long running series Z Nation created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler.

ANIMAL JAM #3 (of 3)
Cover A: Fernando Ruiz Cover B: Tony Fleecs Cover C: Coloring Book Cover Writer: Fernando Ruiz, Eric Esquivel Art: Fernando Ruiz
“Three words: MAD SCIENTIST MONKEY. Graham–Jamaa’s resident banana-chomping genius–takes center stage in this exciting issue of Dynamite Entertainment’s ANIMAL JAM, based on the MASSIVELY popular video game by National Geographic and WildWorks (with over 30 million players worldwide)!”


Cover A: Neal Adams Cover B: Igor Lima Writer: Sholly Fisch Art: Igor Lima
Back in his cartoon universe, Mighty Mouse is the greatest hero in the world. But can anything prepare the Mouse of Tomorrow for life in the real world? Even with a new friend by his side, it won’t be easy to navigate a world full of humans – especially humans who don’t pop back up after they’re squashed flat! Can Mighty Mouse find a way back home…or at least a way to save the day?

Cover A: Goñi Montes Cover B: George Pérez Cover C: Mel Rubi Writer: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims Art: Ghostwriter X
The Sword of Ultimate Sorcery! The mythical sword that has been lost for decades, but has finally surfaced! At the World Video Game Museum. And Peter and his team are going to steal it. Writers Chad Bowers & Chris Sims (X-Men ’92, Down Set Fight) team-up with artist Ghostwriter X (Batman ’66, Down Set Fight) to bring you the ultimate heist…if you were once obsessed with a video game and have been waiting 30 years to get your hands on a prize!


Cover: Reilly Brown Writer: Scott Lobdell Art: Elliot Fernandez, Diego Galindo
Page Count: 144 pages
Xena, Warrior Princess, has toppled nations through the force of her will. She’s captained the most deadly pirate crew ever to sail the seas. She even turned her back on her past, seeking redemption for her darker acts alongside her partner Gabrielle. And yet, despite her propensity for defeating all odds, her thousand-strong army has fallen to an implacable and ancient evil. Her only recourse? To use the dreaded Necronomicon to summon Ash Williams – the wise-ass, butt-kicking, smooth-talkin’ demon-killer from the future – for aid! But how can Xena save the world when that chainsaw-wielding knucklehead’s every temporal mishap threatens to unravel time itself? Cult favorite media sensations Army of Darkness and Xena, Warrior Princess collide in a wildly hilarious adventure written by Scott Lobdell (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Uncanny X-Men) and featuring artwork by Elliot Fernandez and Diego Galindo!


Cover: Alec Morgan Writer: Karl Kesel Art: Alec Morgan, Dan Schkade
Page Count: 136 pages
The reimagined Battlestar Galactica, beloved by sci-fi fans for its gripping drama and tense action, returns with an all-new tale! Gaius Baltar, the Galactica’s resident genius and self-serving narcissist, believes he was chosen by God – and now moves closer to being one himself when he constructs a living Cylon Centurion. Is it his greatest achievement or biggest mistake? Will it hunt down hidden Cylons within the fleet, or join them? Commander Adama, Starbuck, Apollo, and others throughout the fleet debate the merits of having this new potential threat among them, with one frightful thought simmering beneath the surface: will the Cylon’s bloody history repeat itself?

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(W) Scott McDaniel (A/CA) Scott McDaniel
Bank Information Technology expert Evan Adonis, crushed by bank management’s retaliation and threats, desperately calls federal bank regulators, law enforcement and political officials for help. Will anyone answer? In the internally corrupt world of modern banking, the I.T. expert is both the most powerful asset and the most hunted liability.
In Shops: Jul 26, 2017
SRP: $3.99

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