Where We Go From Here Part III

I hope it's still safe.  Sigh. All this way for...

I stop and signal back for Ovrianna. She slides up behind me almost as silently as I'd hoped. I roll my eyes over how slowly she's learning. Still, this is a good opportunity for her. 

I motion for her to move ahead and she hesitates. I ignore her dubiety and look back to just barely see the outline of Axton, his head looking down but his hand readied on the pommel of his sword. 

I feel Ovrianna stumble past me. For a small Human, she doesn't take to this lifestyle well. I give her three minutes before starting to move forward again. It's times like these when the memories come back to haunt me. The island; it's three towers; how they all died. 

I see a light appear ahead but pointed almost directly at me. What the heck is she doing?