[ERP] Ikin the Halfling Rogue (starting character)

Eldritch Role-Playing
(starting character)

Iken the Halfling Rogue

Disadvantage: Compulsion - Spendthrift (1CP), Iken will spend all his money as soon as possible.

Agility D8
Skullduggery D10 > Stealth D8
Knowledge D4 > Appraisal D4
Influence D4 > Coercion D4 > Physical Threat D4
Melee D4 > Knife D4 > Dagger D4
Perception D4 > Notice D4
Talent D4 > Performance D4

Basic equipment, thieves tools, leather armour D6, dagger 0/+2.

Defense Pools: Magic 0; Melee Defense 12; Agility 8; Unarmed Defense 4; Willpower Defense 4; Fortitude/Passive Defense 4
Armour Damage Reduction: 1D6