Selling your house? Watch what you have in pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in some cases thousands of dollars. There are many reasons you should hide/remove personal effects from your house before you take the pictures for the real estate agent. As it is, people already have the address from a real estate listing. If you leave enough personal stuff in pictures you can give away the size of your family, your interests, and valuables in your home. Real estate pictures can reveal a lot of information, such as if you have a pet, kids, what type of games you like, and what type of food you like.

Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

What do we have here?

Avengers 2 was the same formula as the first movie but the humour was more muted. It was fun.

Ant Man appears like it could easily flop. Like many of the MCU's characters, they aren't the original from the comic books. They are just the current or latest incarnations. Is this Ant-Man enough? Does the story scream stupid? There are a few red flags however the character itself is solid. Small but solid. Get your insecticide ready.

Where We Go From Here Part VIII

"Holy smokes! Did you see those things?"

Slippery Part 1

I'd never seen so much blood. It practically exploded! I...

Where We Go From Here Part VII

What could it possibly do? I was certain to find out...

Where We Go From Here Part VI

Sometimes it's hard to remember details of those early days and other times they haunt me. There were snakes in the pits...

Big Finish Audio

Recently I've started purchasing some of the older Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures because the official website has them on sale for under £2 per download. As these are Dr Who episodes I will not use illegal download methods.
I have heard the following stories and these are my thoughts about them:
The Sirens of Time

A Teddy Bear's Diary Entry 53

Our rope a dope seems to have worked...

Where We Go From Here Part V

Many a new adventurer sees their excitement turn to horror on their first outing. Screw the towers, the woods alone should have killed us all...


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