[Beau's] Lug•Tread Lagered Ale (Ontario, Canada)

5.2% alc./vol. 600ml brown bottle
Ice cold in a glass.

The brown bottle has a farm tractor molded into it adding to the rustic effect of the labeling which encourages you to see it as Organic.

It pours out a thick creamy head that persists as you admire it's amber colour and sweet smell. With heavy carbonation and a light lingering flavour Lug•Tread is an intriguing mix of heavy and crisp that balances the sweet full body of an Ale with the light crispness of a Lager.

This is a refreshing beer that sits comfortably.

47 Ronin

I just finished watching the 2013 film, 47 Ronin.

I thought this movie stood up very well. The last time I dealt with a rendition of this story was in 2005 with the graphic novel Roninhood of the 47 Samurai. This movie brings the story more directly into the mainstream while seeming to keep the heart of it intact.

Four Parts of a Person

Introspectively you can break yourself down into four basic parts.

The body is muscles, valves, blood flow, and also your brain. It is the “embodiment” of your physical and mental potential including your capacity to learn. It's what's physical and is connected to your genetics.

Your heart is a ball of emotion, which like a sun, lashes out with solar flares from time to time. It is a highly reactive force that wafts left and right, up and down.

Alexander Keith's Original Cider

Keith's Cider

Alexander Keith's Original Cider
473ml Tall Boy Can; 5.5% alc/vol
Served ice cold.

A very strong apple wine scent. almost transparent with just a little pale yellow trying to be seen. Very little head. Smooth with almost no carbonation. It starts sweet and finishes with a carmalizing of the tongue and a touch of bitterness in your throat. The body is fairly heavy but there isn't much flavour. After awhile most everything else fades until all you taste is apple.

Me, Myself, and I (Take 2)

Today I have no specific inspiration and simply want to write. Earlier I wrote a blog post about my day and when I went to preview it, the page timed out. The lesson? Type up my blog posts in a separate program and then paste them into the online form. Normally when I type forum posts, I always copy the post to the clipboard prior to submitting, in case of error. I'm still learning Drupal (this is Drupal).

Let's see what I can recall from my original post.

[Muskoka] Summer Weiss

Muskoka's Summer Weiss : Intriguingly delicious Summer wheat beer

355ml brown bottle
5% alc./vol.
Brewed in Ontario, Canada
Served ice cold

This brew has moderate carbonation, a thin head and a major wheaty scent. With a pale yellow colour and an imponderous body it stands out as light and refreshing.

The singular wheat flavour hits your tongue like an anvil and slowly dissipates into a slight bitter aftertaste.

Your Last Weeks

I choose to pose this question. If you knew you had a couple weeks to live, what would you do? I don't mean a couple weeks in a hospital, but maybe if the world was going to end in two weeks, how would you spend the time? What do you stop doing and what do you start doing?

Would you still go to work? Would you sit on the couch and watch TV? Would you find that one person you'd like to spend the time with? Would it be family time or Miller time?

Would those two weeks enlighten you as to what's most important to you?

Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom I1

I1 for Incursion

I don't really want to give any spoilers for the adventure, but needless to say, I felt pretty good about mapping out an area that did not remain constant.

Middle Man

I'm the middle man.

I've worked in a few different fields over the years selling, installing, and maintaining some high end items from cabinets to computers. I've carried single cheques that were more than I make in a year. I do good work and I find good deals but I almost never actually have the high end items myself.

uruman comic strip

Welcome to the Athens Mais-fest, renaming this festival has prevented the following error.


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