C4-C5A Hammer time?

There was alot of punning in these chapters. I gotta say I didnt understand most of them, the word game made no sense to me (maybe that was the point?)

I enjoyed the introduction of "Colt', he was a long-"winded" character. It was hard not to giggle at his affliction.

I found the in depth description about the sanitary conditions and health of the various harems to be really interesting. Probably mostly accurate as well, disease !=repeat business.

One True RPG

Many gamers seem (according to what I read on the Internet) to have that one game. The one game that fits right for them as the go-to game.

I don't.

I remember having them; two to be specific. From the 70's through somewhere around 2000 or so it was OAD&D. After that it was Lejendary Adventure.

At some point in the last few years I've started searching again.

D&D 5e

Well, D&D 5e is out. The basic rules as well as a starter box. Necromancer Games is already jumping in and trying to get three books out before the core books and other publishers do the same. Monsters, spells, and adventures. Apparently the legality is being kept hush hush and we have no certainty what WOTC will do as far as licensing yet.

The new version of the Eldritch RPG is in process. A reprint of the 1e Metamorphosis Alpha game is incoming. Castles & Crusades has undergone a major reprint and should be out by the Winter.

C3A Turning Japanese?

This chapter made my head spin a bit, there was alot going on!

We learned more about Maureen and her 'army brat' past. I loved how Lady Sally figured out she could speak Japanese, I was very confused about why she was saying anything in Japanese.

The pun Maureen made by responding to the Japanese speech with "High" just hit me now..."Hai" is yes in Japanese. I like little jokes like that, makes me chuckle.


I celebrated Canada Day twice and Independence Day once.

One of the things I always notice during the Yank's celebration is the positive vibes the Canadians send across the way. There are fireworks on both sides and it strikes me as a nice way to keep the connection between what is essentially, cousins on different paths; keeping the bridges that connect us alive.

Write a little each day

Well, I don't have any specific inspiration today, nor will I actually add an entry each day. I have two other blogs to keep going, so a couple times a month may be about right for me.

whatever : a poem

To be or not to be:


Spaceships made of garbage
Bought and paid for by
Slaves at the apple factory
Flying around a huge lump of rock
In the middle of nowhere.


That's progress for you
Flying cars never materialized
From the deep dark recesses
Of 1950s B movies
To take us to the palaces of scantily clad virgins
With Ray guns.


C3K: Final Exam - Tough Love.

Ah, this was a fitting finale to the first act. We have learned much about Sally's House in these short three chapters.

I do start wondering if this Mary is indeed the same Mary I read about many, many moons ago in Callahan's Secret. There are certainly some other familiar faces in the crowd. Mostly, I look forward to more puns. God blesses bad puns.

Would you rather be healthy or wealthy?

57% (4 votes)
43% (3 votes)
Total votes: 7

C2K The House - Just Desserts?

After reading this chapter, I wonder if the Callahan books were partly responsible for my core eclectic nature, or if my core eclectic nature allowed me to truly enjoy these tales...


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