[Anime] The Seven Deadly Sins E1-2 "No porking!"

Starts cute with an unbelievable tavern and a hot chick who gets her boob squeezed. Oh, there's a pig, a talking pig. I guess it's there to be cute. Perhaps the whole thing is meant to be cute, there is a Sir Twiggle who is supposed to be a big tough guy.

It's best to watch the first episode before reading anything about it as the description contains spoilers.

After the first episode I'm not sure if it's for me but it has some potential.

Fantasy. High magic. Huge damage in combat without death. Pretty clothed girl. Boob squeezing. Cuteness. Conspiracy. Reversing the status quo.

The second episode sucks. Noisy, bland, contrived. It starts the "travelling do-gooders" storyline.

I really like the looks of the tavern and the episodes seem very relaxed. Scrappy show. (that's a pun for those who've watched it). There is a great pun in the second episode that almost redeems it.

After two episodes we have a simple Anime high on it's own cuteness. It's light, easy to watch with none of the flaws of heavy drama. The episodes fly by quickly and while there isn't much depth it does engage you a little.



It's definitely gotten darker in the latter half of the series, it feels like it totally shifted gears.

It has a definite Hunter x Hunter feel to it now, Ban is a dead ringer for Hisoka.

I find it interesting that the beginning story before the theme shifts slightly with each episode, its neat.

I could do without the "Mercury bubble blast!' attack naming that has popped up.

Diane is still my favourite character, Elizabeth irritates me, I'm not a fan of the 'one-eye covered with hair' thing.

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Diane is truly one of, if not THE best character so far (6-7 eps in).