[Torres] Viña Esmeralda in a 750ml Green Bottle @11% from Spain 2013

Almost perfectly clear with a subtle yellow tinge.

Mild but singular grape smell.

A full mouth of sweetness is quickly overwhelmed by a pass of dryness leaving a skunky taste in your mouth.

The skunky-sourness builds with each sip. It may be why everyone drinking looks like they just smelled someone else's fart. Don't be shy, you know that look.

Perhaps this was a rancid bottle. It really gets worse and worse as it breathes. Decanting it makes it worse again.

It's similar to eating a whole jar of sour candy all at once. So if you want something instead of a lemon with your water, try this.

Truly one of the most beautiful bottles I've seen and they won the LCBO environmental commitment award, I presume from using rancid grapes other winemakers foolishly threw out.

Perhaps a mild banana flavour if you really look for it. Banana-passion fruit? Maybe, but it just doesn't work.

The squinchy-face wine.



Like eating unripe cranberries that had been soaked in rotting lemon carcasses.

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Hah! The wine gave us the finger at some point.