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Ə - Tracking

Dumping this here for now. Maybe I'll get around to cleaning it up later.

Tracking: Base target number of 10, check every Adventure Turn. Changing conditions (change in weather, terrain, etc.) triggers a new Turn

Ə - Money

Still not doing price lists. Not gonna happen. But I do recognize the need for some kind of economy, so here are six categories/ranks of wealth and what you can expect to be able to purchase with each rank.

Ə - The Ritualist

Rituals are spells that are (almost always) cast outside of an adventure, usually for the purpose of creating something magical. Rituals are expensive -- always in coin, sometimes in Character Points, often in some other commoditable (that which can be made a commodity).

Ə - Sandglasses of Time

There are two types of Sandglasses, one that functions as per the Tempore Finis spell when turned over, the other that works like the Tempore Saltus spell when powered.

Ə - Mattock of Destruction

This excavation tool reduces Damage Reduction by 4. If this reduction of the reduction results in a positive number (using on Sedimentary Stone improves the -1 to +3) use the result as a bonus to damage (Tool: Stabby d3/d12).

Note on tools: While tools may be statted like weapons, they are not weapons.

Ə - Gauntlets of Return

Anything thrown by a character wearing these gauntlets will return to hand the following Combat Turn, even if stuck or held. If the character grabs something else after throwing, the returning item displaces the new. Note: This isn't a cursed item. Dropping or setting something down will not cause it to return.

Ə - Song About Love Between My Brothers and My Sisters

First off, you should have seen this one coming with the first two items. If you didn't see this coming, slap your mother because she obviously never loved you and completely neglected to give you a good social and moral philosophy.

Ə - Classless No More

Ə is a classless system. In both meanings of the phrase to some, but haters are gonna hate and players are gonna play, and some players want to play classes, so here are some "classes." (OK. They're more like kits than classes.) A class must be taken at character creation and cannot be dropped or changed.

Druid - Cost: 0 CP; Max Ranks: S11, W7, A9
* Spells are modified to reflect nature (A different entry for a different time)
* Limited to Leather Armor
* Cannot use shields or weapons with smithed metal
* Races: Human, Elf, Half-elf.

Ə - Bell of Freedom

When this bell is rung, all binds within range of its peal that restrict an unwilling bindee are undone. The magic will unlock doors, untie knots, release manacles, etc. The magic only recognizes whether the detainment was voluntary or not, not whether it was warranted or necessary.

Ə - Hammer of Justice

A Hammer +1

What? Hey, they can't all be high-powered and mystical. Sometimes low-powered items are needed. Like a friend used to say, "Not all barkeeps are retired adventurers, and not all swords are Vorpal."


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