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Ə - Song About Love Between My Brothers and My Sisters

First off, you should have seen this one coming with the first two items. If you didn't see this coming, slap your mother because she obviously never loved you and completely neglected to give you a good social and moral philosophy.

Ə - Classless No More

Ə is a classless system. In both meanings of the phrase to some, but haters are gonna hate and players are gonna play, and some players want to play classes, so here are some "classes." (OK. They're more like kits than classes.) A class must be taken at character creation and cannot be dropped or changed.

Druid - Cost: 0 CP; Max Ranks: S11, W7, A9
* Spells are modified to reflect nature (A different entry for a different time)
* Limited to Leather Armor
* Cannot use shields or weapons with smithed metal
* Races: Human, Elf, Half-elf.

Ə - Bell of Freedom

When this bell is rung, all binds within range of its peal that restrict an unwilling bindee are undone. The magic will unlock doors, untie knots, release manacles, etc. The magic only recognizes whether the detainment was voluntary or not, not whether it was warranted or necessary.

Ə - Hammer of Justice

A Hammer +1

What? Hey, they can't all be high-powered and mystical. Sometimes low-powered items are needed. Like a friend used to say, "Not all barkeeps are retired adventurers, and not all swords are Vorpal."

Ə - A Treatise(‽) on Magic Items

There are three types of magical items in Ə (so far). We've seen complementary magic items like Wands and Staves that provide their power in conjunction with spell casting, or magic weapons that provide a boost to combat. We've also seen innate magic items where their power is either always "on", such as Boots of Joyous Comfort, or activated, such as the Potion of Tasty Numminess which must be consumed to receive any benefit.

Ə - Bag of Luck

(Most likely needs some cleaning up, but here's a new magic item.)

Bag of Luck

Ə - Gauze of Awareness

This gauze when wrapped around the head, covering the eyes, (i.e. blind beggar) provides a complete awareness of everything around the wearer within a combat turn's distance. The Gauze does not confer sight, just awareness, so one would know that there is a book on the table but not be able to read the book.

The effects of the Gauze are quite disconcerting to sighted people. All actions that require an Aspect roll are made at a -2 penalty. Blind people using the Gauze are able to do so without penalty and get a +2 bonus to non-mental Resists (e.g. Sleep and Charm spells).

Long Overdue Response

"If you were to compare starting SCHWA characters to AD&D1e characters, what level would they transfer to? 3rd? 2nd?"

Short answer: I wouldn't compare them to AD&D characters. Mostly because of the math.

In any iteration of D&D, even those games that are only nominally D&D, only a single die is used to determine success or failure, the d20. Bonuses and penalties are added to the result of the roll and the range of possible results is only 20 wide. It may be 1-20 or 17-36, but always only 20 wide.

Ə - Rhinoseri

New monsters added at the forum, . See stats for the Rhinoceros, Pygmy Rhino, War Rhino, Pygmy War Rhino, and the rare Gnomish Pygmy War Rhino. Trample and Charge see some use.

Ə - Charge and Trample

Charge: A Charge is a specific type of attack made by horned and tusked monsters, like minotaurs, elephants, and Giant Wild Boars. When Charged, the opponent receives d1 Damage per Point of Success of the attack and must make a Warrior Resist vs. the Degree of Success of the Charge or be tossed into the air, whereupon the Charge continues, gaining a cumulative +1 bonus to the attack and damage. As long as the attack continues to be successful and the victim keeps failing the Resist, the damage continues. All attacks on a Charge are part of a single Turn.


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