[LA] Dota the Human Oshaku | Archergirl

System: Lejendary Adventure

Name: Dota
Order: Oshaku - 8th Rank Geisha
Female Human, 5'3" tall, 160 lbs.

57 Health
58 Precision
14 Speed (13 with Gunsen)

5 (20%) Defense (4 Gunsen)
4 Joss 108 Merits

65 Minstrelsy
50 Pretense
39 Luck
28 Urbane
12 Weapons

(first number is using Minstrelsy to deduct 6 incoming Harm)
10/22% with Katana doing 4-20 Harm
5/17% with Hairpin (S1R1) doing 1-20 Harm
12% with Parang (Cleaver) doing 4-20 Harm
17% with Whip doing 0-2 Harm
32% with Hand doing 1-4 Harm (untrained)
17% with Foot doing 1-6 Harm (untrained)

23% with Shuriken doing 2-20+6 Harm
18% with Parang (Cleaver) doing 3-20+6 Harm
17% with Uchi-ne (Light Throwing Spear) doing 1-20 Harm

$8K, riding horse (mare or gelding), kimono (dress), hand fan, makeup kit, kanzashi (hair ornaments), shakuhachi (flute), mandolin 20 shuriken, gunsen (war fan), canteen, whip, common clothes, candle lantern, tinderbox, pan pipes, belt pouch, 4 days food, re tribute gem.

Vivacious Dota has left her okiya whom she still owes a great debt however her onee-san has encouraged her to see the sights before returning for more training. Dota is expected to return when she's ready to become an O-Shaku. Such a tiny girl, she can seem invisible in a group or use her bubbly spirit to be the life of the party. She's no Geisha yet, but has so much spirit that it's only a matter of time.