[EHM 2018-09-24] Training Camp 1

Day 1

No surprise out of the gates that Price and Weber were cheered by the peanut gallery while Broll and McNiven were derided. In the first scrimmage, Yamamoto suffered an injury that pretty much ruined his chances at making the team this year. A promising prospect that will have to prove himself this year in the WHL or he might get buried.

Shipachyov, Hyman, Byron, Rychel, Green and Suzuki all looked good in those first scrimmages while Pezzetta, Matveyev and Luukkonen seemed like cold fish out of water.

With Yamamoto out, there are now only 6 players vying for 3 contested spots with 5 outliers that could possibly spoil someone.

On the side, Beast veteran centreman Castonuguay was injured for the length of training camp in an exhibition match probably due to a lack of players currently available for the Beast to ice.