Furiously Eclectic Twitter OSRIC RPG Part 1


Captured by slavers and stuck in a hold on a generic galley freed by a storm.... Sort of....

After most of the other slaves were used to replace oarsman lost to the storm, the galley crashed into an island. While the wee Toby frees himself and fearing Rainmaker, frees Stone and makes for the large hole in the side of the ship. The wedging and use of physical force on their bonds without any leverage comes without fruition but Thalia remembers something and spies the keys on the wall by the hatch.

Rainmaker intimidates Toby into fetching the keys for him. He frees himself and tosses the keys to Thalia. She and Stone free everyone else with the use of the keys. Rainmaker gathers a chain and piece of wood usable as weapons and follows Stone to view the exterior.

They see their vile jailer marching back and forth on the beach singing and swinging his sword around as if drunk. The sky is black with stormclouds and rain pours from the sky while a cold wind blows fiercely into the hold. Keinblade and Thalia try the hatch but it seems blocked.

Rainmaker proposes they split up as Korz can't catch them all and sneaks off into the storm disappearing from everyone's view like a ghost.

Keinblade helps Thalia, Toby and Lyza to the top of the ship. There they see that many of the 20 benches and all the oars are long gone; the mast broken and lying on the hatch that opens into the hold where they were kept prisoner. There is a hatch to an aft hold available.

As Keinblade tries to climb up the side of the ship last, Korz is upon him and about to eviscerate him having caught him quite vulnerable and easy prey. Out of the shadows pops Rainmaker who just barely slaps a chain around Korz neck from behind. The two struggle as Keinblade makes it to safety.

Thalia shakes herself to gain clarity. She and Keinblade make for the aft hatch while assigning Toby to watch the combat. Korz, a trained warrior slips Rainmaker's hold and pulls his dagger, turning his back to the galley. Stone flanks him with a makeshift club scavenged from the broken wood.

Toby, ignoring instructions, goes and helps with the hatch.

Korz, likely do to superior training and a lifetime of dealing with slaves moves quickly to sink his dagger deeply into Rainmaker, forcing him down and out, but not dead. Stone misses Korz but now has his full attention. Thalia dives off the ship and tackles Korz to the sand as Toby and Keinblade open the hatch to find broken barrels, mixed liquids (seawater, wine, ale), soaked sacks, a chest, heavy crossbow and 50 quarrels

Korz drags his drunk ass off the ground and spits toward his former slaves. From day one he's shown that they are just meat to him and nothing more.

Meanwhile, Toby and Keinblade snag the crossbow and quarrels (bolts).

Thalia throws caution to the wind and runs at Korz screaming like a banshee with her fingernails as her only weapon. Distracted by this crazy woman, Korz takes a blow from Stone's club.

Rainmaker has a dream and wakes to Lyza's face who's holding him carefully. His first concern is where his pants are!

Korz stumbles trying to knock Thalia away and Keinblade makes for the edge of the ship, loading the large crossbow. He shows some proficiency handling this weapon.

Thalia throws a clump of wet sand into Korz face, causing him to snarl and step back. Keinblade fires a warning shot between Korz' feet. Korz shows no signs of surrender and flings a poorly aimed dagger at Keinblade. The pouring rain may have saved Keinblade's life as he watches the spinning dagger fly by him like a sprinkler. Thalia uses this time to acquire Korz' broadsword that was left lying in the sand. She caresses it and says “Serpentbreath.”

Rainmaker worries some more about his pants and this strange Human creature snuggling him in ways he's not comfortable with. He finds out she's the daughter of Melkeras.

Keinblade reloads the crossbow and tries to intimidate Korz into surrender.

Korz decides to show this upstart slave who's in charge and climbs onto the ship while Thalia misses him completely with Serpentbreath. Keinblade drops his only weapon and charges Korz, delivering a masterful body-spear and hurtling them both off the ship into the sand.

Thalia avoids the falling bodies while Lyza keeps Rainmaker from harm. Stone calmly steps aside and smashes Korz head in before he can move again.

Shaking the blood off his makeshift club, Stone looks around and sees the bleak landscape that surrounds them.

Everyone has an adrenaline high with their first victory as a unit. As it fades, the rushing wind and cold rain make them realize how exposed they all are. Stone sees the predicament for what it is. They must all move and find shelter, or slowly die of exposure.

Stone and Rainmaker discuss the armour (studded leather) on Korz and heading toward the rise inland, away from the beach. There is only one obvious path between the cliffs and boulders.

Stone surveying.

Lyza getting the armour for Rainmaker.

Thalia talking to her new sword.

Keinblade reacquiring the heavy crossbow and Toby.

It looks bleak but maybe there's hope inland.

Dramatis Personnae

0-level 6-fingered Half-Orc Animal Husbandwoman (Broadsword)
0-level Hobgoblin Bowyer (Studded Leather)
0-level Oaf Farmer/Forester (Heavy Crossbow)
(Stone) 0-level Human Teamster (makeshift club)


Toby 0-level Hobbit Teamster/Porter (49 Quarrels)
Lyza 0-level Human Merchant/Sailor




I scalped him.