What the...did I just read? The paranoid.

Well...That was an interesting read, nothing like the first two books.

Even now I'm not entirely sure what I just read.

From what I gather, a trodden-on woman with a chip on her shoulder gave herself magic powers so she could order other people around. Apparently life was hard for this brilliant and beautiful woman.

You'd think I would sympathize with her regarding working in a male-dominated field, but I really couldn't.

This story disturbed me a bit and reinforced how a person's perspective shapes their entire reality.

Maybe if she had a sense of humour and used her wiles for good then she wouldn't have all these problems. It's always far better to let something roll off your back then get in a huff.

I'm glad Sherry and Lady Sally saved the day, the implications of what the paranoid woman was doing to everyone else was very dark and unenjoyable.

Here's hoping the next book doesn't make my tummy turn.