Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/01/12

This week was our first night of board gaming due to lack of sufficient HackMaster Players. Although as I said last week when we DON'T run a role playing game, I can mysteriously get that fourth Player and this was no exception.

We played Avalon Hill's Rail Baron. It is like Monopoly played over a map of the United States's rail lines of the 1800's and the rail lines are the properties. The map is further divided into regions. It is schemed is such a way so there are two or three main rail properties in a region, so Players can buy monopolize a region by buying up the any region's two or three main rail lines.

This game is cutthroat when you have four or more Players as one Player will be the odd-man-out in any one region.

As I expect we will have low temperatures in the teens (F) this will be another board game night tonight since only the dedicated gamer may be willing to show up. I plan on running History of the World, (which is can be called a "Civilization Light"), and we can get out early.


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