C2K - Rough Advantage

I was taken aback shortly into this chapter. The overt sexual payment in this progressive society...... It just shocked me. I don't mean to say it was good or bad but that it was eye opening.

We quickly move to a new creature called a Hulion..... Some twist on the Pegasus with feline characteristics? What is it? It reminds me of the Tarns (Avian mounts) on Counter Earth (Gor) but less Ornithological.

The Chaldric impedimenta is starting to make sense however Chalds themselves do not. Are these just symbols of knowledge, roles, and castes or do they also serve functions like a chastity belt?

The thing I enjoy most from the book so far (and other sci-fi/fantasy from the time period) is how it doesn't dumb down the language like I see in modern literature.

After some implied rough sex that might have been some type of BDSM, I learned a great deal about Silistra and the system that makes it work. Often such details are quite boring however Morris has done an exceptional job in making it interesting without the use of some deus ex machina. Each paragraph is more entertaining than the last although the prose is occasionally interrupted for battles of political/positional advantage and perhaps some mind games.

I'm still not entirely sure what to think of the meat & potatoes, the substance, of the story however I want to read more. The question, 'Would this make a good RPG?' comes to mind as well as ideas I can liberate for such a noble purpose.

So far we have an intriguing mix of power dynamics that make Silistra work and how it has to do with the low fertility rate among it's people. Lead on couch-chickie!