[XCOM2-Spoilers] Operation Night Fire (Easy-Ironman)

Operation Night Fire

Briefing: Supply Line Raid - ADVENT Convoy
Location: Wilderness of Eastern U.S.
Objective: Raid ther Advent Convoy; Neutralize all enemy targets; Secure supplies
Difficulty Moderate

The Troupe:
Cpl Neptune (Ranger), Cpl Arathorn (Ranger), Aspirant 5 (Spark), Cpl Pushkin (Grenadier), Sgt Schneider (Sharpshooter)

I have a number of injured soldiers but still some choices to make for this mission. Two Sharpshooters or two Rangers?

Normally I'd take the Sharpshooters and currently Micharu's (Ranger 2) partner Haruku (Specialist) is as few days away from health. As well, Spectacle Jones (Sharpshooter 2) is "Shaken." I need to get him out there to remove shaken.

Still, I'll go with the two Rangers, a Spark which I've renamed Number 5, Pushkin the Grenadier, and my German Sharpshooter with the Repeater.

Number 5 steps up while Ranger Micharu Neptune rushes ahead haphazardly and spots some baddies.

The patrol seems to be walking away from me, perhaps drawing me in as one of them turns to face me even though I'm concealed.

Ranger Aragorn Son of Arathorn scoots off to the other side and spots the supplies we're here to get. No engagement yet but wedding bells are in the air.

Number 5 moves just to the edge of concealment with Grenadier Dmitri Pushkin using him as cover. Our sharpshooter remains and goes into Overwatch.

Once everyone else is set, Micharu rushes in whispering something about being the soldier of affinity and attacks with her sword on one of the two ADVENT patrolmen but doesn't take him out. Luckily, Number 5 and Aragorn toast both of the baddies. There is no time for objections now, let's complete the ceremony.

We move forward in the same formation and a Sectoid with an ADVENT Trooper slide into few. Micharu tags the Sectoid and hurts him but no fatalities.

Aragorn flanks the trooper and lets fly the dogs of war scoring a critical hit and downing pasty trooper.

Micharu whispers "This is for you Haruku;" rushes up and disects the Sectoid with her sword finally getting a kill. She bellows "Space Sword Blaster!" and aggros a Viper and another Trooper.

Pushkin with only a 31% chance, nails the Viper but it's still up. Number 5 tries to finish him off while some music spins up in his speakers but misses. This leaves only the Sharpshooter to choose between finishing off the Viper or taking out the Trooper and he doesn't have good position on either of them (in fact he'd have to move for any hope of a pistol attack on the Viper). He takes out the Trooper but feels blue as he sees the Viper snag Aragorn and the truck beside them explodes, killing both....

Success, but Aragorn is dead. Three missions and 8 kills under his belt. His ugly mug will be missed and a broken sword placed on his grave.

Micharu dealt the most damage, Number 5 made the most attacks, Aragorn was the most under fire, Micharu moved the furthest. Everyone else gets a promotion except Pushkin, who did nothing.

Number 5 becomes a Knight and takes Rainmaker over Strike. I know Strike is good but I think I'll keep him for those big bad Sectopods.

Micharu Neptune becomes a Sergeant and takes Shadowstep over Shadowstrike. The latter sounds powerful getting better aim and damage when concealed but to move without allowing overwatch fire seems pretty useful all the time.

Lukas Schneider becomes a Leftenant and must choose between Death From Above (killing an enemy from above takes only one action and does not end his turn) and Quickdraw (firing your pistol at the start of his turn does not end his turn). Both are Abilities that I often forget about. I think I'll wait on this one and mull it over.

Uh oh, I'm low on Intel. It's possible I haven't mastered that game mechanic.