Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/01/17

Notes for Session of 14 January 2014

Last night we had a large plain cheese pizza, double-cut with extra cheese. We also got a small pepperoni pizza on the house. (It suspect it was another customers rejection, it was kind of dry.)

Player list is in Part B at the bottom.


We had a quorum after so many scheduling conflicts, a new player had joined in and I needed to incorporate him into the timeline. It turns out that having him follow Snizzlephish was a mistake as we no longer believe the Player is coming back. So I had to do something. I had the new Character pick up where he had left a month before, because whatever he does going forward, it had to make sense. Other Characters were ahead in the timeline in school leveling up or making babies with their sidekick characters.

The new Character "Fist_Beard" was in a cavern on level 3 of Fortress Badabaskor (which is now Rahl's hideout). He was about to cross the chamber with the two Trolls counting coins. Since he was a clumsy Berserker Dwarf, he decided to simply make a rush through it. Since the Trolls were busy, I didn't waste time on Surprise, but he failed his Dexterity check and knocked over the counting table while running underneath it. Then it was a Troll decision whether to give chase, or continue counting money. 50:50, the Trolls decided to pick up their money.

Meanwhile my brain was churning how to get this character out of there and into the Timeline.

Next item on this Fist_Beard's agenda was to follow the path to Snizzlephish's location. I made to a "T" intersection with a right/left choice and turned left. Leading to the Dragon's lair. If he had turned right, he would have made it directly to Snizzlephish's location. I even allowed an Intelligence check to see if he'd notice any Gnomish tracks. Oh well it was not meant to be.

Not knowing where he was and stepping as gingerly through the Dragon's lair as gingerly as any Dwarven Berserker could, he was eventually confronted by Ye Olde Dragon, who engaged in a polite conversation, (for 5 rounds) until asking for a toll of 50 gold pieces. Which just happened to be all the gold our Berserker had.

For those who know old Fortress Badabaskor, the obvious way out for our hero would be through the underground Dragon entrance, which he took.

This provided my opportunity to get him into the timeline with the rest of the Party.

Part way down the dragon exit, I simply placed a portal with three glowing colored keystones, right, left, and top. To make a long story short (because of the varied permutations of the attempted solutions), he made it through.

Unbeknownst to himself, he was now in the wine cellar of the Town Inn (the inn across the street from The Comeback Inn). Nicking two bottles of wine and hiding them in his kit, he made his way upstairs where he was promptly noticed by the Innkeeper, who oddly offered him free room and board. (The innkeeper was under instructions to take note, be courteous but not interfere with strangers who come up the cellar. The innkeeper was of course in the employ of Rahl. His instructions were contingency instructions until he received further instructions.)

Accepting and taking advantage of the offer, he decided to explore outside. While loitering about the gallows for no apparent reason, he was stumbled upon by a delivery servant carrying a sack of potatoes to the Comeback Inn. After picking up the spilled potatoes, the servant asked if HE could take the potatoes into the Comeback Inn for a silver piece. Our Dwarf being the target of the townsfolk sense of humor for being a newbie trying to get out.

Upon delivering the potatoes to the cellar below and a few attempts to get out, our Dwarf gave up and goes to sleep in the potato bin. To his rescue appears the local constabulary and The Fetch who escort him to The Fetch's office for interrogation. After a few questions, Fist_Beard decides to tell The Fetch his life story.

Upon cross-checking the timeline, this turned out rather convenient. Since the Dwarf was behind in time the Party was currently in the middle of destroying the Well of Souls which would take a couple of days.

Two days later, our Dwarf finishes telling his life story, when the rest of the Party teleports into The Fetch's office with a big "Mission Complete" banner over their heads. After party debriefing, introductions were made and Fist_Beard was incorporated into the timeline.

Most disturbing to The Fetch was the revelation of yet another portal in the basement of another inn. Fetch hires the new dwarf to continue with the innkeeper's offer of room and board, but to report back of anyone coming up from the cellar who had not entered in before, AND to report anyone going into the cellar and not coming back out. So Fist_Beard became a spy for the princely sum of ten silver pieces a week.

As mentioned above the rest of the party go to school to level up and Character couples got married and got in the family way.

Several months later (per an earlier summary) the court date for Elefus' divorce arrived came and went. If you recall after the proceedings Elefus' settled out of court for 300,000 gold pieces plus lawyer fees. Elefus is now known as Elefus the Poorer.

At this point our Dwarf hero also has something to report. During the proceedings, Fist_Beard reported that a red haired female arrived, spoke to the innkeeper then went down to the cellar and never came back. This turned out to be the Party's prisoner Sticky_Fingers, who was summoned to testify, and slipped out of the courtroom as soon as her testimony was over. (The party was fixated on the next witness, and wasn't paying attention to their own charge.)

The report confirmed to The Fetch the new portal was a Rahl construction.

This also put Fist_Beard in danger, as the new arrival getting a free room would be reported to Rahl. So The Fetch decided to pull out his Dwarf from his listening post and put him in a safe house. (The Comeback Inn.)

During his tenure as a spy, Fist_Beard nearly earned in silver pieces the 50 gold he had passed onto the dragon.

The next item on the agenda was the murder of Elefus' wife the day after the divorce. The party then attempts to determine who was the culprit. The following is a list of suspects. Those who were eliminated as suspects are noted. Chracters listed include past and present Players.

Gerry Castagere (prime suspect)
Snizzlephish (Player Character eliminated as not Playing the game during the murder)
Sticky_Fingers (eliminated as having left town the day before)
Troll Gawd (eliminated as having little motive)
Red Dragon (eliminated as having little motive)
Dost Suwat & crew
Fist_Beard (eliminated as not having rolled up a Character before the murder)





PLAYERS (some not present)

Elefus, Human Male Deacon (CL12)
Weasel, Human Male, Guild Soldier (T14), Enchanter (MU7), & Myrmidon (F6). (Multi-class. How'd a human get that way? Don't ask.)
Snizzlephish, Gnome Male, Visionist (Illu6) & Footpad (T2) (Multi-class.)
Numrendir, Human Male Coercer. (Conj6).
Fundisha - Swordsman/Creep (F3/Infiltrator3)
Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept (RGR5/CL5)
Huang - Monk Master (Monk8)
Honda - Samurai Bushi (S7)
Slim - (new) 1st Level MU/Thief
Tak - 3rd Level Infiltrator
Fist_Beard 4th level Berserker
Gerry Castagere, a Fingersmith (T7), daughter to the ship's navigator who has fallen in love with Elefus.
Dost Suwat, a 7th Level Barbarian and three 2nd level Barbarian buddies.
Special_Ed, 5th level Wild Mage
Sticky_Fingers, 7th level Thief
Rahl, 12th level Battle Mage
NotYet, 8th level Battle Mage
Mysery Reigns, Halfling Female (Rogue6). (On maternity leave, just gave birth to twins, Halfling Half-Orcs.)
D'Vine_Justice, Elf Female Initiate of the 5th Circle (D7). (Semi-Retired)