Where We Go From Here Part I

The frog ate him. Can you believe it? It ate him! He didn't even scream. That was a long time ago. Now I wish for those simpler times when I thought destiny pulled me through. My gosh I was such a scoundrel.

A pox on Athelstan and his advice. He never liked me anyway and why should he. I get so tired of his disapproving looks. I know he thinks I'll lead everyone to their deaths.

I look at the sphere in my hands. It shows no warning signs ahead but I wave the others to silence and hear exactly what I expect.

“Fsst. Axton. Give me three minutes and rush in loudly. Be ready to fight.”

I see the decision on his face but he's getting better at hiding it. He'll do it, this time at least.

I slip around the corner, and by the time Axton steps around with his sword and shield at the ready, I'm in position. Axton bellows and bangs the sword against his shield. His battle face is prepared. He doesn't even look for me anymore, doesn't even expect me to help.