Where We Go From Here Part V

Many a new adventurer sees their excitement turn to horror on their first outing. Screw the towers, the woods alone should have killed us all. Perhaps those infernal frogs set me on this current path. Someday I will have to go back and rid the island of their menace.

"I'll go."

"No Axton, I need you in support." This draws another eye roll from Axton. My hand immediately handles my dagger and I stare at him. My upper lip forms into a snarl but before another sound escapes my lips a soothing voice says, "Perhaps we could back Axton up while you get to Ovrianna quickly sir. It would be no problem and you may need us." 

As always Emile not only makes sense but calms the entire party. I nod and slip into the shadows confident that Axton will obey Emile's logic and hopefully consider the consequences of pushing me too far. 

I hear Axton moving and to a lesser extent Emile. The other is silent. As I close in on Ovrianna's beacon I see her completely still if not... No, she's slowly lowering. Something is moving around her?