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Doctor Who: Charley Pollard Returns!

Blogtor Who - Wed, 10/13/2021 - 07:00

She’s back in the TARDIS and ready for adventure! India Fisher’s Charley Pollard and Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor return in a brand-new box set of full cast audio adventures   In January 2022 Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Charlotte Pollard – The Further Adventuress celebrates twenty years of the Eighth Doctor at Big […]

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"Game Wizards" Has Arrived!

Zenopus Archives - Wed, 10/13/2021 - 02:35


Game Wizards: The Epic Battle for Dungeons & Dragons is the title of the new book by Jon Peterson of Playing at the World fame. I had eagerly awaited it since hearing about it, and had pre-ordered from Amazon, and it arrived in the mail today, like magic, on its official release date. Shelfie above. 
After checking out the images in the book, I naturally looked up Holmes & the Basic Set in the index and skimmed some of those parts. This lead to reading more parts before I forced myself to stop, so I can start at the beginning. But my early verdict is that it is very readable.

Get your copy of Game Wizards here(" As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases ")
In the weeks leading up to the release, Jon made a related series of "behind the scenes" posts to the Playing at the World blog:
Game Wizards: My New Book
Game Wizards: TSR Financials
Game Wizards: TSR Staffing
Game Wizards: D&D Development Timeline
Units of Value and the Tactical Studies Rules Partnership
There were also several tie-in media articles:
Polygon: History of Dungeons & Dragons chronicles the battle between Arneson and Gygax
Polygon: How a pending lawsuit changed the original D&D Basic Set (a "never-before-seen piece that was cut from the final book")
Wired: The Missing Teen Who Fueled ‘Cult Panic’ Over D&D ("This story is adapted from Game Wizards")
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How to Join Jumbo Yarns – and More, Live!

Moogly - Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:10

Bernat Blanket comes in several sizes – and the biggest can be tricky to join together in a project! On Facebook, I’ll share the latest news and walk you through the Bernat Blanket line of yarns. Then on YouTube, I’ll show you how to join jumbo yarns! And don’t miss all the other lives I’m...

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Top Comments – Pages 1545 – 1546

Looking For Group - Tue, 10/12/2021 - 13:37

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourites from the previous week’s comments on lfg.co and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1545 – 1546 Looking For […]

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Doctor Who Magazine 570: Series 13 Starts Here!

Blogtor Who - Tue, 10/12/2021 - 13:21

It’s finally here, and the moment has been prepared for! Doctor Who Magazine 570 dives into the upcoming six part epic Flux! Doctor Who returns to our screens in just a couple of weeks. And with Series 13 kicking off on the 31st of October, Doctor Who Magazine is on hand with everything Flux. Go […]

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Before You Roll, Do the Math: A D&D Tip Inspired by Numenera

DM David - Tue, 10/12/2021 - 11:50

Monte Cook’s thirty-plus years as a game designer include credits co-designing third-edition Dungeons & Dragons and his science-fantasy roleplaying game Numenera, which mirrors some broad patterns of D&D. Numenera includes characters that resemble fighters, rogues, and spellcasters who gather to explore dangerous places. Players even roll d20s and aim to reach target numbers that rate a task’s difficulty. Make no mistake though, Numenera features innovations. Monte writes, “I think I have some fresh variations on some concepts that are in games now, and some wholly new ideas as well.”

For example, Monte noticed that players have more fun rolling to attack than watching a dungeon master make a foe’s saving throw. Rolling gives us an emotional sense of involvement. So in Numenera, the players always roll the dice. When players attack, they roll to hit; when monsters attack, the players roll to defend.

Letting players always roll has the side effect of eliminating the GM’s ability to fudge rolls. “If the dice don’t mean anything, then everything is predetermined, and it’s no longer a game by any definition—just a story being told,” Monte writes. “So the dice need to matter. But that means that sometimes a PC will fail when they would succeed if it were a story, and vice versa. That’s not a flaw; it’s a feature. It’s what makes roleplaying games so exciting.” Dice make roleplaying games unpredictable and dynamic. Numenera embraces that. (You may like how fudging rolls gives a GM power fit the game into a story, but Numenera gives GMs and players other tools to help shape a thrilling narrative.)

Numenera highlights the fun and drama of rolling dice in other ways. One has influenced how I run D&D and improved my games.

The rules of D&D encourage rolling first, and then adding bonuses and penalties to learn whether the roll means success or failure. The delay of calculating after the roll often robs the roll of potential drama.

Numenera puts the calculations before the roll by making things like skills and circumstances adjust the target difficulty. By the time the players throw the dice, they know exactly the number they need. Monte explains that calculating before the roll “makes task resolution–and in particular combat–move much, much more quickly if you’re not waiting for people to add together numbers (or to ensure they have all their various miscellaneous modifiers accounted for).” Even better, calculating first gives the roll an immediate significance that everyone playing understands.

Of course D&D players and DMs can calculate the target number needed for success before rolling too. Just subtract all the bonuses from the DC. As a DM, I often announce these target numbers before open rolls to wring maximum drama from a roll of the dice. As a DM under the influence of Numenera, I find myself making such announcements before nearly every roll. I’ve always rolled in the open, but when players know what the numbers mean, they pay attention and they react to the numbers.

Calculating a target number in advance hardly takes extra effort. Sure, some very low or high rolls could have skipped the math entirely. But pre-calculating often makes up for the occasional unnecessary effort in volume. If I roll a save for the 7 ghouls in a fireball and I know they need a 13 to succeed, I can toss 7 d20s and spot all the successes in an instant. If I throw the dice with just DC 15 and +2 in my head, then making sense of 7 numbers on the dice and the 2 numbers in my head takes much longer.

The most exciting moments in games like Numenera and D&D often come from die rolls. When we throw the dice, game masters and players alike surrender control to chance. For maximum drama, don’t make players wait for calculation of the results. Tell everyone the number to look for on the die.

Related: D&D and the Role of the Die Roll, a Love Letter.

Steal This Rule: Numenera and XP for Discovery

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[ZINE] Echoes From Fomalhaut #09 (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Beyond Fomalhaut - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 18:48

Beyond the Gates of SorrowI am pleased to announce the publication of the ninth issue of my fanzine, Echoes From Fomalhaut. This is a 56-page zine dedicated to adventures and GM-friendly campaign materials for Advanced old-school rules, with cover art by Graphite Prime, and illustrations by Vincentas Saladis, Cameron Hawkey, Denis McCarthy, Stefan B. Poag, and the Dead Victorians.
This issue serves to introduce the Twelve Kingdoms, a divided northern region to the northwest of Erillion, cut off from the rest of human civilisation. Two hex map sheets describe the five larger, four medium-sized, and numerous smaller islands ruled by rival petty kingdoms, and ravaged by incessant warfare. Ruined castles, faerie-haunted forests, barren coasts and cold mountain ranges await those who adventure here; druids, reclusive eccentrics, jealous wizards’ orders and mysterious monasteries complicate the network of temporary alliances. This is a land fit for exploration, plunder... or will that be conquest? Let the players decide, and live with the consequences!
The titular adventure, Beyond the Gates of Sorrow, takes the company to a small archipelago on the borders of the Kingdoms. Uninhabited and barely sustainable to sustain life, there is nevertheless much danger here. Can a shipwrecked party find a means of escape from their predicament? Or can another find a person or item of special significance while racing against a rival group of explorers? 19 wilderness and 18 dungeon locations describe the archipelago’s dangers and occasional treasures in this scenario for levels 2-4.
Echoes #09 also includes a larger dungeon adventure, The Vaults of Volokarnos. Originally published as a stand-alone introductory module for the Casemates and Companies RPG, and now converted to the B/X lineage of old-school games, the Vaults are specifically designed for beginning characters, and potentially players who are new to old-school gaming in general. A fully stocked dungeon level awaits with 52 keyed reas, and more orcs than you can shake a stick at. Explore a dungeon complex that had once served as a catacomb system, thermal bath, touristic attraction... at the same time. Find out what the orcs are up to, what lies in burial vaults yet unconquered, and what the patricians of the nearby town do not want you to know... and where character sheets and followers are concerned, bring spares. It shall not hurt.
In addition to the Vaults, the issue also describes the isle republic of Arak Brannia. This two-page setting can serve as the background for the Vaults of Volokarnos, or a springboard for further adventures on the northern coastlands of the declining Kassadian Empire...
The print version of the fanzine is available from my Bigcartel store; the PDF edition will be published through DriveThruRPG with a few months’ delay. As always, customers who buy the print edition will receive the PDF version free of charge.

Double hex map

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Lethbridge-Stewart: Short Stories Vol 3 – Coming Soon from Candy Jar Books

Blogtor Who - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 15:09

Candy Jar Books have announced a third volume of short stories following the life of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Candy Jar Books have announced that the winner of their third Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition is Peter Frankum. In 2017, 2019 and 2021 Candy Jar offered aspiring writers and fans of the Lethbridge-Stewart series, set over the course of the […]

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Yarnspirations Mystery Bag Giveaway

Moogly - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 15:00

Did you know that Yarnspirations sells Mystery Bags of yarn?! How fun! It’s a great way to try yarns that are new to you at a bargain price, and get a fun surprise at the same time! So to make it extra fun, we’re giving away one Yarnspirations Mystery Bag of Yarn on Moogly! Disclaimer:...

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Re-post: Building on a Strong Foundation

Just Call Me Pastor - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 14:16

On the western bank of the mighty Mississippi River, at the edge of downtown Saint Louis, Missouri, stands the gleaming, stainless steel-cladded Gateway Arch. At 623 feet high it is America’s tallest monument, about as tall as two football fields standing end on end. The two legs of this massive monument are also 623 feet apart at ground level, increasing the sense of hugeness.

From its observation deck, you can see for thirty miles. It has now been standing unshaken by wind, storm, and even earthquake tremors, for fifty-four years.

I lived fifty miles to the east of St. Louis during the 1960s when it was being built. When I drove to the city to visit parishioners in hospitals there, I passed nearby and saw this remarkable structure rising stage by stage.

But it did not begin to rise into view from the first day of construction. What I could not see for the first year-and-a-half was the labor invested to burrow deep into the bedrock to establish a substructure. Workers poured 23,570 tons of concrete into that foundation before any signs of the monument appeared above ground.

The Gateway Arch stood as a metaphor in my mind as I prepared for a visit to Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, New York, several years ago. There I spent part of an evening with a class of seminarians who were preparing for a life of ministry.  

The paper I presented there was on nurturing the inner life of the minister. 

I selected that subject for a simple reason: Ministry succeeds in the long haul only when one’s visible ministry, carried out day after day and from year to year, gains unseen support from a devotional life not open to the public. The seminarians and I talked above all about daily reading of Scripture and vital prayer, but also about some classics of Christian devotional literature.

Attention to the devotional foundation of Christian life and ministry is not only for ordained men and women. Every Christian life that succeeds in service to God will have a visible life of witness, standing as a monument to God’s grace. And it will also have an out-of-sight life of daily devotion and worship that stabilizes and reinforces that witness.

Photo credit: Sam valadi (via flickr.com)

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Lethbridge Stewart: The Overseers – Coming Soon

Blogtor Who - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 11:34

Candy Jar Books have announced the second book in its ninth series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels – The Overseers   The Overseers is Candy Jar Books’ second novel in the Lethbridge-Stewart: Year Three series, following the pre-UNIT career of Doctor Who’s Brigadier. It’s also the first novel from author James Middleditch after two previous short stories […]

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A week in security (Oct 4 – Oct 10)

Malwarebytes - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 11:02
Last week on Malwarebytes Labs Other cybersecurity news

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Looking For Group - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 04:00

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Minaria: Immer

Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 10/11/2021 - 00:12
Immer is a hinterland compared to the grander, more civilized nations to the south like Mivior and Muetar. However humble its settlements, simple its castles, or rustic its lords, it still serves an important strategic purpose both as a buffer against the elves and goblins and as a rich source of natural resources.

The kingdom of Immer has its origins in the Vidvarnii adventurers who traveled north from Lake Lorimer to hunt and trap and trade with natives of the wilderness. They supplied the lands to the south with furs, honey, and beeswax. Eventually a stockade fortress and trading post was established at Muscaster, which would grow into the town as settlers followed the woodsmen north.
The nominal king (or Grand Prince, more accurately) of Immer is Euwint I, often called "Euwint of the Marshes" which he fancies as a byname to commemorate his dubious victory over a Muetarian sortie in the Wrogga Lowlands, but his detractors imbue his sobriquet with a different meaning entirely. Euwint is of the line of Hrorvikid warlords who beat back the encroaching Muetarians and subdued the northern tribes, establishing modern Immer. However, his upbringing was entrusted to the wizards of the Invisible School in the modern custom. They fostered him in the household of his more tractable cousin, a border lord of the Lowlands. The lords of the north and west consider him a bit effete, perhaps even soft. 

None would ever make such a claim regarding his wife, Igweena. Though she comports yourself in the required courtly fashion, she is the daughter of the Duke of Monen who holds Gap Castle and defends the land from the approach of the goblins of Zorn through the mountain pass. Igweena, it is known, has been counselling her husband in reinforcing the North, possible in preparation of seizing the land beyond the River Rapid to secure access to the gold found therein. 
It is also whispered that Igweena, like the peasantry of her mountain home, still holds to the tripartite goddess in secret--in fact, some claim she is even a priestess--despite public allegiance to the official Ansharite cult. 

Doctor Who: Series 13 – Premiere Date Confirmed

Blogtor Who - Sat, 10/09/2021 - 18:28

After much speculation and mysterious marketing, the premiere date for the upcoming series of Doctor Who has finally been announced! Over the past few days, we’ve started to see an increase in promotion for the upcoming new series of Doctor Who, all leading to today’s announcement of its release date. Wednesday (6th October) saw a Sontaran ship […]

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Doctor Who Series 13 Promotion Mystery Deepens: Have YOU Seen the Aliens?

Blogtor Who - Sat, 10/09/2021 - 14:26

Disappearing websites, billboard glitches, voicemails for the Doctor, and maybe even the Series 13 premiere date… It’s all getting very mysterious…   Yesterday it was the surprise disappearance of Doctor Who from all its social media channels. The day before that it was the projection of a Sontaran battleship above Liverpool. Today, it’s video billboards […]

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