7 deadly sins of cuteness

A new title caught my eye on Netflix last night, a 'Netflix exclusive' anime called 'The Seven Deadly Sins.'

I watched an episode to see if I'd like it, and 5 episodes later I concluded I clearly did.

I have a low tolerance for fan-service in anime, which has grown as I have gotten older. (I see you laughing, you know who you are, hush!). So far I'm enjoying the characters and the story, it's not terribly unique but it's also not cookie-cutter, it's like a slightly unusually shaped cookie cutter.

I love the pig, Hawk makes me smile, and his/her presence makes the fan service tolerable. I think what bothers me the most about the fan-service is I used to know someone who drooled over that stuff and it ended up making me feel like I could never measure up to the fantasy of an anime girl. It's hard to compete with a drawing!

I prefer to watch subtitled anime but the voices in this dub are pretty good and that makes it so much easier to knit while watching.

The visuals range from adorable to artfully creepy. It's interesting to note that the Seven Deadly Sins are animated pretty cutesy while the Holy Knights are dark and muted.

I'm looking forward to watching the series and seeing how the story and characters develop. So far my favourite character is Diane. I find Elizabeth too damsel-ly , and Melodias is still a bit mysterious to me. I think I like Diane because she wears her heart on her sleeve, so it's easy to see her motivations.

Maybe this series will re-kindle my dormant love for anime. I was hoping Sailormoon Crystal would do that, but it was a pretty big disappointment.



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I'm only three episodes in and am still weighing if I like it. You wrote a very nice post expressing well what it's like and your feelings. Good job!

If they keep punning, I may keep watching. I like that it's light-hearted but that's also why it's less engaging.

I'm not sure if I love or hate the pig. Sometimes it makes the Anime a little choppy.

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The sixth episode is my favourite so far.