Anime Review: Yo-kai Watch! Ep. 1

I tried watching the anime having played the game a bit first. I didn't really enjoy the game, it's very repetitive, maybe enjoyable for kids.

I thank Animal Crossing for me recognizing the stag beetles in the opening scene.

I liked the quote: 'You get what you get and you don't get upset', said by the british ghost

The Yo-kai are apparently to blame for all human problems and emotions. If that's not a commentary on mankind, I don't know what is. I woke up grumpy this morning, oh those darn Yo-kai! Accountability for my own actions? Pffft, that's what the Yo-kai are for!

Another good quote was: 'Sometimes people fight even when they do love each other.' Said again by our british ghost-servant.

So far the show follows the singular hero idea, Only you can see them and save us!!

There was so many 'meow's' in this episode I felt like I was watching Supertroopers.

I think a line in the ending theme says it all: 'Let's blame the Yo-kai it's all their fault!'