Anime Review: Your Lie in April Ep.1 (Spring is a lie in Canada)

This show caught my eye when I was looking for something short to watch to pass the time between going out.

Immediately I was struck with the vivid cheerfulness of the colours, everything is bright and pastel, like a monitor with the brightness cranked up a bit too high.

The story seems very typical so far, boy meets girl, boy is angsty.

I enjoyed the opening and closing themes, nice bouncy Jpop songs.

It looks predictable but I'm interested in watching more because of the great voice work and the animation style.

My favourite part of this episode is shown below, I chuckled, then snorted, then laughed for a few minutes.

Hopefully April is not a lie!



Kersus's picture

If we find it dubbed, I'll give it a looksee. I wish Netflix apps had that option but nothing beats a trsuty computer connected to the TV, until they block the US Netflix.

I am finding it harder and harder to watch subtitled anime. It's so much easier to watch dubbed! It's too bad the app doesn't allow the dubbed version.

It's a good show so far, not so angsty that the grass can cut itself but also not overly cheery.