Fairy Tail First impressions

Since I enjoyed The Seven Deadly Sins so much I thought I'd try watching another anime series. I chose Fairy Tail and watched two episodes of it.

It's goofy and fun so far, with child-like animation styles and lots of humour. The main girl Lucy is on a quest to find a specific wizard guild and join it, and she manages to find someone from that guild rather quickly, how lucky! The guy she meets, Natsu, is animated well and I immediately liked him. Lucy is irritating thus far, but I tend to dislike the side-kick girls. Natsu has a flying cat named Happy who says 'Aye' alot, he must have pirate heritage.

I'm not attached to the series yet, but I'm willing to give it till at least episode 5. If it doesnt grab me by then, I'll likely drop it.

I feel like my love for anime was re-kindled and I'm hoping to keep it going, only with dubbed series though, I have alot of things I need to knit!



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I think I get Fairy Tail confused with Slayers.