Glitter Force Episode 1 : He's Mighty Mighty!

Sparkles and schoolgirl outfits, need I say more? This caught my eye on Netflix and I'm not disappointed so far.

The show starts out with the shortest origin story I've ever seen (Thank you!). Girl has dreams of becoming a magical girl, girl becomes magical girl and fights. Nice and easy!

So far I'm enjoying the animation (so much pink and glitter!!) and the fairy-tale influences.

My favourite line was when the Wolf summoned the giant house ."He's mighty mighty.' If this kind of humour continues I'll be hooked.



Kersus's picture

This is a fun little Anime that feels like a parody of the Magical Girl genre. It's cute, light hearted, and not annoying. In fact, by being a parody, it even makes a little more sense than some of the ones it's making fun of (or paying homage to). It appears to be wholesome family fun.