Seven Deadly Sins Ending Review

I watched all of the series within the span of 3 days, safe to say I binged on it a bit.

In the end it was a mostly light and fluffy popcorny show, I really enjoyed it.

Spoilers ahead!

They randomly threw in some new elements near the end of the series which made it feel like the first season was all just a setup for the second season. I'm thinking particularly of the spell beads and the sin they hadn't found yet. The magic attacks and elements also became more pervasive as the show went on. They don't explain the magic source of the good guys but they reveal the demonic source of the New Generation Holy Knights to an extent.

The demon race itself was never really delved into, all that we know is there were two types, the Red Demons and the Gray Demons. It was revealed the Gray Demons were far more powerful in the last few episodes of the series. The escalation of Hendrickson's power felt like something out of DragonBall. You know the scenario 'Oh no the good guys are almost winning...I better power up....' and then the good guys discover a new source that makes them more powerful and it goes on and on. I'm not really a fan of that dynamic.

The revelation about Elizabeth being an Apostle of the Goddesses was startling and unexpected. It did feel like she discovered her power in the nick of time, how lucky! It explained the awkward placement of her hair over one eye, which drove me crazy every episode. Even in the end I wasn't attached to Elizabeth, the character didn't really have any depth.

Diane is still my favourite character, girl is big, powerful, curvy and strong. I was put-off by Gowther at first but then grew to like him alot. His clinical assessments added some humour.

I wasn't impressed with Ban, his character had some potential when he was introduced but it felt like he remained one dimensional throughout the series.

I wanted to see more of Merlin! I loved her outfit and character design, sexy mama! Hopefully she makes more of an appearance in season two.

Melodias was a fun character, and there's still alot of mystery surrounding his origins, the ending left me wanting more.

I was a bit confused about the story regarding Gilthunder and Margaret. It seems like they suddenly reveal that he's a good guy and they were being held captive by a bird and a bug? I was confused about the scene where Melodias 'frees' them and I watched it over a few times to try to understand what happened. I confess I still don't fully grasp what was going on.

My favourite side storyline was about King, I enjoyed everything to do with the fairy kingdom. I also felt genuine sorrow for him when he had to repeatedly kill his best friend, that was a brilliant story arc and it couldn't have ended any better. King was really the only one to experience a deep heart-wrenching loss in the battles.

I didn't like that it had a mostly disney ending. All the bad guys gone and the good guys are all fine. It would've been fitting if they had left Veronica and Hawk dead. Sacrifices are usually tragic but can make the heroes stronger, when there's no real fallout from a battle, it takes away from the heart of the series.

End of Spoilers!

I really enjoyed the series and I can't wait for season two, here's hoping the series only goes a few seasons, I don't usually watch series once they get past 75 episodes, it becomes too much.

The music was well done for all the themes. I loved the first ending theme and seeing the part where Diane would dance always made me smile. The second opening was quite good and I find it still stuck in my head. The pain and the pleasure all come together, there is no reason why.



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I would echo much of what you've said.

I never really liked Elizabeth or Ban. Ban was your typical Anime tough guy who looks more feminine than masculine. His only real power being regeneration.

The Disney ending was something I could have skipped. As you say, without actual loss, there's nothing to rally around. It keeps the other characters from developing further.

I also didn't seem to ever understand the power levels and there seemed to be no real rhyme or reason except that's what was wanted for the story at a given time. I kick their butt, now I get my butt kicked. There were only a few good battles.

Elizabeth's climax seemed like a deus ex machina and I wasn't sure I understood why the one sister wasn't healed.

I did like the Tavern concept, and Diane is absolutely my favourite although Merlin has potential.

The entire series balanced fluff with dark in an interesting way. It was rarely too silly and often just entertaining.