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The title is referencing the recent .

I recently started painting miniatures with . I suspect it's been 10+ years since I tried my hand at this hobby. I never much cared for it and only painted so I could use. For example, I was very excited to acquire years ago and set to painstakingly paint them simply to use them for play. I really didn't care how they were painted, I just wanted them assembled and not overly embarrassing. I certainly have my fair share of old minis from AD&D days (singles, Dark Sun, Battlesystem Gnolls, etc.) and even some Warhammer 40K (from the 1e timeperiod - Genestealers, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Harlequins). In recent years I acquired some 10mm Napoleonics and a few WW2 minis.

Most importantly to me, I've been wanting to get my two Mighty Armies sets painted so I can play! I bought them before sold the rights to .

So, now I finally make space in my basement and set up the table. I never thought that both and I would end up madly in love with this hobby. We've both been working with a zest to not only paint but to also improve our skills.

For some time I have wanted to get back at this, but only to get the armies painted so I could try out a fun game. So what truly initiated this? and I started playing . She's playing four displaced to South-East Varan (Romania on Earth). A Kunoichi, Sohei, Psychogenic Monk, and Geisha make up the party. We played as I always have, graph paper, push pins, and styrofoam, It's compact, easy to use and affordable. I have many distinct bulldog pins to use as characters and it's always been helpful when we needed to see where things were. was used to big playmats and miniatures so in the interest of making the game more fun for her, I invested in some 1" grid paper and minis for her Avatars.

Now back to where we began. A table prepared for painting miniatures on a budget. I pulled out my 10+ year old Citadel paints and various brushes (some blue Citadel and others generic) along with some cheap hobby store Acrylics and even some 80s/90s Enamel paints! While a couple of the paint pots were too far gone, the rest were salvageable (and honestly I like them far better than the new paints from Games Workshop).

We started and it was like a hammer. We loved it. It was time together learning and laughing; such a pleasant surprise. I'm finally painting my miniatures!

I attached the first four and you can see that I lack skills and a steady hand but I'm happy. I've also finished shaving the mold lines and such from the Barbarian army (Mighty Armies) and will start getting the Wild Elves ready for priming next.

Budget..... It could have been cheap but we both dive into things. I ordered the along with stuff from (minis, Privateer paint, Vellejo paint, Army Painter brushes), and . We also snagged some stuff from and . Of course I ordered from . I honestly wouldn't want to add up what I've spent but if things keep going forward, it will be well worth it. I love sharing my hobbies. Everything is social and intimate to me (by which I mean sharing with one or two people).

I consider Nexus to be my FLGS and Meeplemart is a bit of a test - being a gaming shop in Canada (very slightly better shipping price and much faster shipping speed than the USA) with good product but not the best service. Noble Knight is expensive but offers amazing service and is my go to resource for out of print. This was my first go with both Reaper and Splintered Light. SL seems friendly with Rebel Minis with whom I had a good experience in the past. Sequence is nearby and the new ownership shuffle has been good for them but their stock is pretty low in comics and minis.

I have to give a big shout-out to Reaper Minis. Not only did they send what I ordered but the shipping was free and they threw in a Halloween swag bag with candy, two minis, and three pots of paint! They have earned my loyalty!



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You'd never know in the picture of the Bard that he's purple, blue, grey, and more. It's the LED light I had on him I think that blended all the colours as well the instrument is a shiny orange and the shiny just looks like missed paint.