[2015-11-15] 15mm Modern Spy from Rebel Minis

These are the first 15mm minis I've painted. They are certainly the smallest I have tried to date and I look forward to trying the 10mm Napoleonics I have sometimes

These guys came in a pack titled Modern Havoc from Rebel Minis (which I acquired through Noble Knight Games).

On the first one I went beige and black but when I washed it with some midnight blue, it covered up all the detail work as the wash was a little too thick or simply the wrong colour to use. That ended up as you see the blue and black one. It along with the Orange one were finally washed with Minwax Polyshades Tudor Satin 360 as a test. I like the fact that it gives the minis a nice wash for detail and seals at the same time but the result was a little too shiny for me. The image with the blurred black frame shows the minis before the seal. The final one which looks matte, is blue and hemp but the hemp doesn't photograph well and looks a little grey/silver. For that one I used a GW purity seal.

The interesting thing about the varnish (Minwax) is that you basecoat, highlight, seal as opposed to the normal process of basecoat, wash, drybrush, highlight, and seal. Except the shininess, it's covers 2-3 steps at once while filling in any spots you missed. I doubt I'll use it much with fantasy minis, however the Heavy Gear and armoured W40K minis might have it tried on them.

These were fun to paint but I can see I'll need something to magnify them in the future.



Looking good! I'm a bit nervous about going cross-eyed trying to paint the 15mm you gave me.

Kersus's picture

It took some getting used to. You can see the improvement from the blue to the matte to the orange. Now I've also done a porter/labourer and feel comfortable with them. In some ways they're easier.

Now, when we start doing whole armies, the cross-eyed thing may well happen. You'll still love me with Strabismus?