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I think Afghan..I think Afghan...

I love instant gratification projects, a few hours work (or less) and tada....a finished project. So I'm trying to figure out why I keep working on blankets. They are as far from 'instant' gratification as you can get, they're more of a 'long-suffering' gratification. I officially started blanket today, it's become a bit of an addiction I think.

Shawl we dance?

I really dislike summer, I'm not made for heat. I sweat like a man and have the complexion of a vampire.

However season changes make me want to make things, because I'm the most polygamous yarner ever. I can't stick to even 2 or 3 projects, I usually have 5-6 on the go, sometimes up to 10. Of those, most....some....will get completed? It really depends on my attention span. My blankets have fallen to the wayside because working on a heavy blanket when it's 80 degrees inside is not my idea of fun.

Sock it to me!

One of the things I like about knitting and crocheting is there is so much to learn and I feel there are so many 'firsts' I can experience.

The other day, I came across a sock loom that I had bought a few years ago. It's the Prym Knitting Sock Loom-Large, I've been avoiding it since I bought it because the instructions made sock-making seem difficult. The instructions are in 7 different languages, so it's a bit of a challenge to locate and follow the english instructions. I cast on some dark grey sock yarn (Always use a dark colour when you're trying something new, it's so easy to see! /end sarcasm)

Knitting: Spin me a public!

I always get excited when I see someone crafting in public, it gives me the warm fuzzies. It honestly hasn't happened that often and mostly I've seen it at fibre fests or craft shows. I knit anywhere and everywhere that doesn't seem inappropriate. Usually I'm met with curious glances and the occasional 'My grandma used to knit.' Very rarely another yarn-er will come up to me and we'll get into a discussion about what I'm making, the pattern, the type of yarn, etc.

Animated Movie: Pirate's Passage (It was Arrrrr-right)

This movie was a pleasant surprise. I was looking for a serious movie to watch without having to resort to live-action.

It's a Canadian movie produced by Donald Sutherland (Who is also cast in it). It comes across as a supplement your teacher would use when learning about something. But it's a great movie even outside of the classroom. Kids will enjoy it if they like Pirates and adults will learn a thing or two as well.

Animated Movie: Strange Magic (aka Love Songs Greatest hits)

About the only love song missing from this movie was Frank Sinatra's L.O.V.E.

This movie is 90% musical numbers and I was okay with that. The reviews for the movie aren't great but I really enjoyed it. Of course I love Disney movies and musicals so that's probably part of it.

Anime Review: Yo-kai Watch! Ep. 1

I tried watching the anime having played the game a bit first. I didn't really enjoy the game, it's very repetitive, maybe enjoyable for kids.

I thank Animal Crossing for me recognizing the stag beetles in the opening scene.

I liked the quote: 'You get what you get and you don't get upset', said by the british ghost

Anime Review: Your Lie in April Ep.1 (Spring is a lie in Canada)

This show caught my eye when I was looking for something short to watch to pass the time between going out.

Immediately I was struck with the vivid cheerfulness of the colours, everything is bright and pastel, like a monitor with the brightness cranked up a bit too high.

The story seems very typical so far...

Knitting Pattern: The Hateful Weight! Daisy's Scarf.

This the third and final part of my Hateful Eight series.

This time we're looking at Daisy Domergue's lovely bumpy orangey scarf.

I wasn't able to get a good look at the ends so I'm unsure if it has fringes. It's a nice textured fabric and I decided to go with a Double Moss Stitch to get that look.

C4A: Well well well...

We get our first glimpse at another Well-Keepress this chapter.

I enjoyed their interchanges, especially the one in the arena.

There was a tiny hint of 'not what it seems' about Arlet. I'm not quite sure where it's leading though. I liked Estri's misgivings about relying on technology too much, it does tend to fail when you need it most.


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