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Yarns Knot? Not me!

One thing I've never understood as a knitter is fiber snottery. I don't understand it so thoroughly that I had to make up my own word!

I love a good ball of purple super saver acrylic as much as I love a skein of soft blue baby llama.

Feeling like a Basket-case

I noticed the section beside my couch was getting taken over by yarn projects and tools. I have a small basket there right now but it was overflowing with many things, including a blue blanket WIP, making it look as if it was crying blue fibre-y tears.

I found a pattern on ravelry for a Rectangular Basket , I figured it was a sort of poetic justice if I used yarn that was causing part of the mess to make a basket to organize the mess.

I worked on this basket for a good 4 hours, using up all my grey yarn. (50 shades of grey basket?)

Knitting Pattern: The Knitful Eight:Bob's Scarf

This is part two of my Hateful Eight series.

This time we're looking at Bob The Mexicans lovely ribbed scarf.

I used Redheart Super Value yarn in Grey Ragg, it was the closest colourway I could find in my stash that matched Bob's scarf.

It's a squishy, cozy, ribbed scarf that goes on forever!

W.I.P's and Carpal Tunnel

I've had ALOT of extra time on my hands lately, so I've spent most of it knitting and crocheting.

As a result my hands have been going numb and tingly when I go to bed at night. That means it was a goooood days work!

C3A: *Rocks back and forth*

The first big action scene in this chapter left me feeling queasy. I was glad they only implied the violence mostly but it left me a bit speechless .

The title of the chapter should've been an indication of what was to come.

It seemed like both Estri and Dellin were broken a bit in this chapter. The interaction between the two for the rest of the chapter was a total 180 of how it was originally.

Dellin is now arrogant and demanding, while Estri is humble and needy.

C2A: Sweet Chaldra of Mine.

This chapter gave us some deeper insight into the culture of Astria. I enjoyed learning more about the Well and the role of the women associated with the well.

There were some interesting scenes where we get to see Estri's skills at work.

There's underlying politics in everything, I find myself getting lost in the meaning 'below' the meaning.

Still unsure about the Chaldra, is it a chastity belt? Is it just a chain they wear to dictate their social status? Is it an indication of destiny?

Knitting Pattern: The Hateful knit!

I haven't seen The Hateful Eight yet but I did see enough screenshots to notice the awesome knitwear on the characters.

This is a start of a multi-part series from the Hateful Eight I'm hoping.

This pattern is for Samuel L Jackson's character Major Marquis Warren, he wears a long manly scarf that wraps around so many times!

I wasn't really sure what to call this scarf pattern....The Hateful Knit...The Scarf-ful Eight...The Handknit weight?

Crochet Pattern: Do cowls stay awake all night?

I've been hunkered down this week, enjoying the snow and lots of knitting and crocheting.

I had a ball of Loops and Threads Impeccable, in a pretty pastel multi colourway. It is a soft yarn that goes thick and thin, making it really interesting visually.

I wanted to make something loose and airy yet still soft and warm, so I grabbed a crochet hook and had a go.

I came out with a lovely, loose and soft cowl that looks like superkid icecream!

It's 3 o'clock, do you know where your fiber is?

This past week I've started/worked on a pair of mittens, a blanket, 2 hats, and 3 cowls.

What do I have from all that work?
1 hat and 2 cowls.

I think Knitting/Crocheting is the only craft that you can spend hours on and end up with nothing at the end. This phenomenon isn't from extremely slow stitching, but from my tendency to rip things out when they aren't perfect.

C1A: There's no high-loveseat?

I finally started reading High Couch of Silistra again, deciding to re-read chapter one so I could re-acquaint myself with the story and characters.

We immediately meet Estri, an extremely high-class courtesan/geisha type figure.

I'm enjoying the language so far, the linguistics of it seem very elvish to me. The words are flowy, Estri..Silistra..Astria. It's very sensual.


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