C1K The Lady - Manners!

I had almost forgotten how much I like Spider Robinson's prose. He turns a phrase well and the scene becomes clear in my mind. I even find the weirdness believable and very, very settling.

[spoiler]...if people wanted to walk their werebeagles here it was none of my affair.[/spoiler] was my first audible guffaw. It's a sudden turn like this that creates a unique charm to Robinson's characters.

Even the rambling about control and illusion strikes like something that would happen in every day life, except that I doubt many people realize their control is an illusion. It occurred to me while reading this chapter that whenever I envision a woman with a husky voice, I see Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone and VI Warshawski - which reminds me that I need to read one of those Warshawski books someday soon).

[spoiler]...before I could say "Nng" again.[/spoiler]

Heh... I enjoyed returning to the Callahan world again and look forward to chapter two. I will be eager to see what Archergirl thinks of all this.