C2A Not even Self contempt.

This chapter give some more insight into the main character. I had no idea she was so young, I was imagining a woman in her 30's! Also gives some more insight into her background, her daddy issues and issues with love.

I loved the tour Maureen took of the House, it was very thrilling to imagine. Very inner-eye visually appealing.

Lady Sally sounds like a proper lady, she can be kind and gentle but can also kick your butt on a moments notice. I'd love to know her story.

When they were giving Maureen the drug "placebo" I couldn't help but laugh. I wonder how serious her injury really is... or if 'placebo' is actually a drug and not a joke.

If Maureen isn't going to be in Lady Sally's service, it does make me wonder why she brought her there. Maureens Professor seemed to think it was the perfect place for her, but why?

I'm intrigued!