Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2015/10/20

We had a what has become popular for us, the meat lover's pizza with the Pepperoni removed and substituted with the meat for Philly Cheese Steaks. Given the latest news about red meat, I may opt for a cheese only pizza for Tomorrow.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime around 5:30PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.

++++ PROLOGUE ++++

Players took excursion in to Hell on the second layer of Dis and were in the Tower of Dis looking to steal the Holy Avenger Sword in the possession of Dispater the Arch-Devil (a.k.a Vorgaal'Lad in HackMaster). For the record I used the Planescape module "Fires of Dis" with a modified plot. I used the old D&D canonical name of Dispater throughout.



Picking up where the session left off the party decided to put one more petal from the Flower of Holes on the floor and jumped in.

They landed in a nine sided chamber with simple furnishings. In front of them was a wooden chair, a long table, a bucket of slop, and a skeletal arm attached to the wall holding a long sword. Apparently this was the sword they had been sent to "steal".

The GM thumped his hoof, like the professor giving a hint as to what may be on Tomorrow's test, with the emphasis on the word, "steal".

What followed was an exercise to determine if there were any traps, which took about a half hour, finding none, the party decided to pick it up anyway. As soon as Elefus grabbed it...

Sploosh, the bucket of slop erupted. The party was facing a well dressed ten foot tall devil, sporting a goatee, stylish sleeveless waistcoat and pants, complete with a cape fluttering without wind, and he was twirling his moustache saying "Caught you! Nyah, ah ahhhhh!" Behind him where nine each of the three most powerful devil types, nine Pit Fiends, nine Ice Fiends, and nine Hell Spawn.

Sufficiently awed, the party decided not to attack.

Without introduction, this was obviously Dispater and he asked "Are you hear to reclaim that dreadful nuisance? It was only a matter of time, but I'm somewhat disappointed. I was expecting an army of Paladins descending on my palace and all I get are a bunch of thrill-seekers

The party, answering in the affirmative, got a deeper reply (what is it about Arch-villians always going on and on?)

"Devils can't touch it without pain and every power down here has been scheming to get it. The thing is more trouble than it's worth!" Continuing "I'll let you have it, all I want is a eyelash from each of you."

The party deliberated for a few moments. Some like Rubbio and Numrendir gave up their eyelashes right away. Others were more waffling.

"Tell you what, I'll even cure you of all the curses you've got while down here in Hell, and provide an escort back to the Prime Material Plane. I'll even settle for a fingernail clipping instead."

Fingernails were soon clipped.

Poof! Another Pit Fiend appeared. "Here this is Kri'ik, he's your escort. Kri'ik take these guys back."

Kri'ik turns to the party and with a familiar voice says "Let's go!" and once again, poof. They were back in their tent in the City of Dis open market. Elefus was standing in the corner of the tent, holding the sword exactly 24 hours after Numrendir's Wish spell that he agreed to specified it should be there.

Kri'ik turns to them and says, "You guys screwed up! You agreed to STEAL the sword and what happens? Dispater GIVES it to you! Our deal is null and void and now I'll have to kill you all!"

Just then Dispater appears. "Dear Kri'ik, such treachery coming from you is unbecoming! I remember were you were just a wee Larvae climbing out of the Pit. I'm so disappointed. You're Devil privileges are hereby revoked and you have no more powers. Begone!"

Kri'ik now defenseless from even the lowest form of devil, disappeared with a scream.

"Tch, tch." said Dispater. "If I want anything done right I have to do it myself. Off you go, back to the Prime Material. Don't come back unless you can bring a decent challenge!"

Hanz and Franz, the masochists "rescued" from previous sessions shouted "Can we stay!?"

Once again, poof. The party was sent out from Hell, minus Hanz and Franz.


GM's Note: It goes without saying, Arch-Devils do not do anything without some nefarious plan. Why Dispater REALLY allowed the party to have the plus 5 Holy Avenger sword is part of his evil plot.


To the GM's relief, the party now found itself in another situation. Having recently purchased a boxed card game of Dr. Who, I decided to "wing it" and have the party pull one of the location cards from the deck. Dispater promised to send them back to the Prime Material plane, he didn't say when nor where.

They picked a card saying "Colchester". (I almost rather they had pulled the Papal Mainframe.)

So the party found itself at the intersection of a paved street with rows of red brick houses with white trim all around.

Down the street they mutually observed what appeared to be a female figure pushing a covered pram.

The party, as a group starts walking towards her.

The figure stops holding something in her hand, touches it a few times, brings it to the side of her head and starts talking while walking at a brisk speed away from the party. She then turns around a corner.

Shortly thereafter, (it could have been any length of time), the party starts hearing this high low noise, getting louder and louder as this white metal box with four wheels with windows and bright flashing lights at the top approaches from up one of the streets and comes to a screeching halt.

A man in dark blue clothing emerges from he right side of the vehicle and shouts something unintelligible.

The party huddles.

Numrendir casts an Invisibility Spell on himself and approaches the man, who keeps repeating the same phrase over and over. Casting a comprehend languages, he translates and gets on his communicator device (won in another adventure) and softly translates to the party:

"He saying: Put down your weapons and lie down on the ground."

Elefus also gets on his communicator device and attempts to call Weasel. No response.

Meanwhile the man stops shouting and starts talking into a device attached to a curly wire in his vehicle.

The next translation from Numrendir sounds more ominous:

"Possible terrorists, request armed response." (Of course this is the U.K. and even the local constabulary, only have weapons as dangerous as a nightstick. He's viewing bearded men in metal armor carrying swords.)

The party attempts to communicate by shouting back at the man. Of course being the language of Blackmoor and the Duchy of Ten, only sound like a foreign language to the man. Numrendir's next translation of the man's radio communication comes back with:

"Perpetrators are speaking in an unknown language, and seem to be making demands. Send a Translator."

This time a larger vehicle displaying large white runes saying "S.W.A.T." with the same lights and noise came barreling down the road and came to a sudden stop. A different group of men rushed out and pointed sticks at the party and repeated the other blue suited man's first phrase.

At this point Elefus remembers his Translator Badge AND Communicator Device (more items acquired from a Techno adventure) and attempts to communicate.

A response comes back over his communicator. "Who is this? Maintain circuit discipline!"

Elefus gives up and casts some sort of spell. (The net effect is some shower of water comes from above.) Over his communicator he now hears the words. "Never mind the terrorists, send U.N.I.T."

Everybody holds their position not daring to make a move when a quickly pulsating "whop, whop, whop" noise comes from overhead and yet another large different airborne vehicle makes a landing in the middle of the street. Out steps a ...

(I had the Players pull a 'Defender' card from the Dr. Who card deck.)

... female, saying "My name is Clara, come with me. You will not be harmed."

To end this summary, the Players board what is obviously a helicopter, except one character who had to be knocked out like Mr. T from the A-Team because he did not want to board such a flying contraption. (I forget which character it was, but I'm sure the Players will remind me Tomorrow and I'll send a correction.)

To end the night we still had time so we Played a session of the new Dr. Who card game.






Count Elefus, Human Male Abbot
Sir Huang - Superior Master Monk of the Stone Tiger Order
Dame Honda - Human Datai Samurai
Numrendir - Human Ensorceler
Slade Wilson - Dwarven Professional (Left behind at the Temple of the Frog.)
Gargoyle - Elefus's sidekick.
Rubbio - Redeemed Thief
Curly - Crazy guy rescued from the maze.
Hanz - Unknown class, petitioner and masochist.
Franz - Unknown class, petitioner and masochist.

Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Champion (Stayed behind in Blackmoor).
Nine Pilgrim Henchmen of various levels. (Left back in Blackmoor with Weasel.)





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