Alexander Keith's Original Cider

Keith's Cider

Alexander Keith's Original Cider
473ml Tall Boy Can; 5.5% alc/vol
Served ice cold.

A very strong apple wine scent. almost transparent with just a little pale yellow trying to be seen. Very little head. Smooth with almost no carbonation. It starts sweet and finishes with a carmalizing of the tongue and a touch of bitterness in your throat. The body is fairly heavy but there isn't much flavour. After awhile most everything else fades until all you taste is apple.

This Cider from Alexander Keith's has a strong smell of apple-wine. While almost completely transparent, there is a tiny shade of the lightest yellow that you might miss. There is very little head and it goes down smooth showing off almost no carbonation. This cider starts sweet and finishes by carmalizing your tongue while leaving a touch of bitterness at the back of your mouth. After the first drink the carmalization of your mouth blocks any bitterness and all you taste is apple. The body is quite heavy however it isn't accompanied by a heavy flavour. Despite the carmelizing thickness in your mouth as you drink, there is no aftertaste.

Too heavy to be refreshing and while there isn't a full flavour to appreciate, you may find the sweetness a little sickening after awhile.