[Beau's] Lug•Tread Lagered Ale (Ontario, Canada)

5.2% alc./vol. 600ml brown bottle
Ice cold in a glass.

The brown bottle has a farm tractor molded into it adding to the rustic effect of the labeling which encourages you to see it as Organic.

It pours out a thick creamy head that persists as you admire it's amber colour and sweet smell. With heavy carbonation and a light lingering flavour Lug•Tread is an intriguing mix of heavy and crisp that balances the sweet full body of an Ale with the light crispness of a Lager.

This is a refreshing beer that sits comfortably.

Alexander Keith's Original Cider

Keith's Cider

Alexander Keith's Original Cider
473ml Tall Boy Can; 5.5% alc/vol
Served ice cold.

A very strong apple wine scent. almost transparent with just a little pale yellow trying to be seen. Very little head. Smooth with almost no carbonation. It starts sweet and finishes with a carmalizing of the tongue and a touch of bitterness in your throat. The body is fairly heavy but there isn't much flavour. After awhile most everything else fades until all you taste is apple.

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